Can You Rent Golf Clubs? Find Out Here!

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If you’re a golf enthusiast, you know the importance of having the right equipment. However, not everyone who enjoys playing golf owns a set of clubs. Maybe you’re traveling or trying out a new course and don’t want to bring your clubs along. In these situations, renting golf clubs can be the perfect solution.

The good news is that many golf courses and pro shops offer rental services for players in need of equipment. Whether you’re looking for a full set of clubs or just a putter, there are plenty of options available.

In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about renting golf clubs. From where to find them to what to expect when renting, we’ve got you covered. So if you’re wondering whether you can rent golf clubs, keep reading to learn more!

Where Can You Rent Golf Clubs?

Golf Courses

If you’re planning to play a round of golf at a course that’s unfamiliar to you, it’s worth checking if they have rental clubs available. Most courses offer this service, and it can be a great option for those who don’t want to lug their own clubs around on a trip or need to replace lost or damaged equipment.

You’ll typically find rental sets available in varying levels of quality, from basic beginner sets to more advanced models for seasoned pros. Costs vary depending on the course and quality of gear offered, but you can expect to pay between $25-$75 per set.

“It’s always a good idea to carry extra tees, balls, and gloves just in case, but renting clubs can take some of the hassle out of traveling with your golf gear.” -Vince Cellini, golf writer

Pro Shops

In addition to golf courses, pro shops at standalone driving ranges and country clubs may also rent clubs to customers. Generally, these places will charge similar prices to those found on golf course rentals, although the selection may be more limited.

The advantage of renting from a pro shop is that you’re likely to get access to higher-quality clubs than you would at most courses. Many outlets specialize in name brands like Titleist and Callaway, so you’ll have a chance to try out top-of-the-line equipment without having to commit to buying it upfront.

If you’re unsure about where to start, staff in these stores are often knowledgeable about the different types of clubs available and can make recommendations based on your level of experience and playing style.

“Renting clubs from a pro-shop can be a good way to test out various types of clubs before investing in your own set. You’ll get a feel for what you like, and can make an informed decision before making an expensive purchase.” -Todd Stahl, golf pro

Online Rental Services

If you’re looking to rent golf clubs but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home or are traveling out of state, online rental services may be the solution for you.

Websites such as offer sets starting at around $30 per day, along with low weekly rates that can save you money if you need more than one day’s rental.

The advantage of using these sites is their wide variety of options; since they don’t rely on physical locations to maintain inventory, they often have a greater selection of clubs available than most course pro shops or retail stores. They also typically have user-friendly reservation systems that allow you to select the type of club you want, your preferred pickup and return dates, and even special requests like left-handed clubs.

“Renting from an online service offers convenience and flexibility, especially if you’re not sure when you’ll be needing your clubs or browsing through different brands.” -John Tillery, golf instructor

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Golf Clubs?

If you’re planning on playing a round of golf but don’t have your own equipment, renting clubs could be the way to go. But how much does it cost to rent golf clubs? Let’s take a look at some average prices.

Hourly Rates

In general, hourly rates for rental golf clubs are not common because most people would like to play at least a full game or multiple games. However, some driving ranges might offer hourly rentals for their patrons who just wants to practice on their facility. An average rate for an hourly rental may run between $5 and $10 per hour.

Day Rates

The majority of courses will offer day rates when it comes to renting golf clubs. These generally range from around $25 to $65 per day, depending on the quality of the clubs being rented. For example, many public courses rent sets that include irons, woods, and a putter, and they usually offer men’s and women’s left- and right-handed options and different shaft flexes. At resorts and high-end private clubs, deluxe sets can be costing as much as $85 per day.

According to, which delivers quality set of golf clubs directly to customers’ hotel rooms, there clubs rental starts from about $39/71 up to $89/173 a single day, depends on demand period and number of days rented. This site offers delivery charges straight to customer accommodation doorsteps as well as free cancelation in some cases.

Multi-Day Rates

Rentals of golf club for more than a single day often come with discounts, so if you plan on playing multiple rounds during your trip, multi-day rates could be beneficial. Many rental shop and courses will offer multi-day rates, with the discounts depending on the length of the rental. At some popular golf destinations like Myrtle Beach might going up to $20 per extra day and may take 25% less than an actual price for those renting sets that more than two days.

According to, if you plan ahead by booking tee times in advance, it can save considerable amount as most golf course websites today offer club rentals online while also provides discount pricing where customers can enjoy a promotional savings up to 15 percent off their entire order which includes clubs rental fees too.

The Bottom Line

“Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” -Arnold Palmer

Data suggests that daily rates hover in the ballpark of $30-$70 on average but keep in mind that this only includes standard equipment options. Premium or luxury set could raise the prices considerably. A weekly rental through ranges from $120 to upwards of $360 depending on seasonings and demand. It is worth checking out reliable third-party vendors who deliver quality clubs, considerd hotel delivery services, and have good user policies for better benefits when considering purchasing rental sets for long-term use.”

Whether renting-sets are your best option depends on several factors such as location, time of year, how often you play, and budget. With enough research and knowledge about what’s available both locally and beyond, finding affordable and quality rental sets shouldn’t be a difficult task. Happy playing!

What Types of Golf Clubs are Available for Rent?

If you’re planning on playing a round of golf but don’t have your own set of clubs, you might be wondering: can you rent golf clubs? The answer is yes! Most golf courses and pro shops offer rental clubs for players who need them. Here’s a breakdown of the types of golf clubs that are commonly available for rent:


The driver is typically the longest club in a player’s bag and is used to hit tee shots from the tee box. Rental drivers come in different lofts and flexes to accommodate different swing speeds and preferences.

“The key to hitting my long drives is timing.” -Bubba Watson

Bubba Watson, known for his booming drives, stresses the importance of timing when it comes to hitting long shots off the tee. While you may not be able to match his yardage with a rental club, you can still enjoy the satisfaction of launching a ball down the fairway.


Fairway woods are designed to hit shots from the fairway or rough and are generally shorter in length than drivers. They can also be rented in various lofts and flexes depending on the player’s needs.

“You’ve just got to trust your instincts and keep swinging.” -Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson, one of the all-time greats of the sport, emphasizes the importance of trusting yourself when it comes to making successful shots on the course. Whether you’re using a rental fairway wood or a club from your own collection, confidence is key.


Irons are used for shots that require more accuracy than distance. They typically range in number from 3-9, with lower numbers providing more distance and higher numbers offering more control. Rental irons are also available in various sizes and flexes.

“Golf is a game of inches, details, angles, and the laws of physics.” -Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau, known for his analytical approach to golf, understands that success on the course can come down to small details. Whether you’re using rental clubs or your own set, paying attention to these details (such as club selection) can make a big difference in your overall performance.

If you don’t have your own set of clubs, renting them is an affordable and convenient option. Drivers, woods, and irons are all commonly available for rent at most golf courses and pro shops. While they may not be custom-fitted to your swing like a personalized set of clubs, rental options still provide players with the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf without having to invest in their own equipment.

Do You Need to Book in Advance to Rent Golf Clubs?

If you’re planning a golf vacation or just looking to play for the day, one question that may come to mind is whether or not you need to book in advance to rent golf clubs. The answer to this question largely depends on several factors.


The first factor to consider when deciding whether or not you need to book in advance to rent golf clubs is availability. If you’re playing at a course with an onsite pro shop that offers club rentals, then it’s likely they will have clubs available for renting on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if you’re playing at a smaller course without a pro shop or are traveling during peak season, it’s best to call ahead and reserve your clubs to ensure availability.

“Booking in advance can help guarantee that clubs are available,” said Corey Ross, founder of “Particularly in major markets, some courses tend to run out of rental sets for walk-up traffic.”

Peak Season

If you’re traveling during peak season, which is typically from May through September, it’s highly recommended that you book in advance to rent golf clubs. During peak season, many popular resorts and courses get booked up quickly, often months in advance. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to secure your reservation early.

Special Events

If you’re planning on traveling for a special event, such as a tournament or corporate retreat, it’s also advisable to book in advance to rent golf clubs. These events attract larger crowds than usual, making it difficult to snag rental clubs on short notice. Plus, by reserving in advance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your clubs are secured and ready for your event.

Peak Times

Another factor to consider is peak times. If you’re planning on playing during a popular time of day, such as early morning or late afternoon, it’s smart to book in advance to guarantee availability. Many courses have limited rental sets available, and they can go quickly during busy times.

While it may not be necessary to book in advance to rent golf clubs in all cases, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and secure your reservation ahead of time. You’ll avoid disappointment and ensure that your golf outing is stress-free and enjoyable.

What Should You Bring When Renting Golf Clubs?

Proof of ID

If you’re planning on renting golf clubs, it’s important that you bring a form of identification with you. Most rental places will require some sort of government-issued ID card such as a driver’s license or passport. This is to verify your identity and ensure that the person making the rental transaction is actually you. In addition to this, some golf courses may also require an additional piece of identification like a credit card.

“Identity theft happens because too much personal information has been put in one place online.” -Frank Abagnale

Payment Method

Another essential item to bring when renting golf clubs is payment. Be sure to check ahead of time what form of payment is accepted at the rental location. Some places only accept cash payments while others may take credit cards but not debit cards. It’s always best practice to call beforehand to confirm which payment methods are accepted. Also, keep in mind that if you’re using a credit card to pay, most places require that the name on the card matches the name on your identification card.

“Money often costs too much.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Golf Balls

While the rental company will provide you with golf clubs for your round of golf, they typically do not include golf balls. It’s always best to bring your own golf balls so you can play with the ones you’re comfortable using. If you forget to pack golf balls in your bag, no need to worry! You can purchase new or used balls from the pro shop or vending machine at most golf courses.

Additionally, if your rental package includes tees, it’s still appropriate to bring extra just in case anything happens to them during play. Although tees are cheap and easy to replace, you don’t want to be caught without any during an important putt.

“The most important shot in golf is the next one.” -Ben Hogan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rent golf clubs at most golf courses?

Yes, most golf courses have rental clubs available for golfers who do not have their own set.

What is the average cost to rent golf clubs?

The cost to rent golf clubs varies depending on the golf course and the type of clubs. On average, it can cost between $25 to $50 per round.

What types of golf clubs are typically available to rent?

Most golf courses offer a variety of rental clubs, including drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. Some courses may also have specialty clubs available, such as left-handed clubs or ladies’ clubs.

Do you need to reserve rental golf clubs in advance?

It is recommended to reserve rental clubs in advance to ensure availability. Some courses may have a limited number of rental sets available, especially during peak golf season.

Are rental golf clubs typically in good condition and well-maintained?

Most golf courses take pride in their rental clubs and keep them in good condition. However, it is always a good idea to inspect the clubs before renting them to ensure they are in good working order.

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