Discover How Many Golf Courses There Are in Naples, FL

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If you are a golfer planning to visit Naples, FL, then it’s good to know what the golf scene is like. You might be surprised by just how many options there are in this popular vacation destination.

So, exactly how many golf courses are in Naples? According to, there are 90 golf courses within 20 miles of Naples. That’s an impressive number for any city and shows just how serious locals and visitors alike take their love for the sport.

“Naples has become one of the nation’s great golf destinations because it offers scores of excellent designs by legends like Palmer, Nicklaus and Player, as well as ‘today’s’ top designers (Norman, Doak). “

Naples isn’t just home to a large quantity of quality courses but some by famous course designers too–each with unique features that attract avid golfers from across America and even worldwide. Here we delve into the reasons why so many people can’t resist playing these incredible greens year-after-year.

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The Number of Golf Courses in Naples, FL

Naples is well-known for its lush golf courses that line the area. If you’re curious about how many golf courses there are in Naples, FL? The answer is simple – Naples has over 90 golf courses spread around the city and beyond.

With such a wide range of options to choose from, locals and tourists alike can enjoy different levels of difficulty depending on their skill level. And it’s no surprise why many professional golfers often practice here!

Some of the famous golf resorts in Naples include Tiburon Golf Club, LaPlaya Beach, Golf Resort, and Grey Oaks Country Club with world-class facilities attracting players worldwide.

Golf enthusiasts will undoubtedly find unlimited golfing possibilities while visiting Naples thanks to an abundance of course offerings scattered throughout its beautiful neighborhoods.

If you’re visiting or staying in Naples soon and love playing golf, don’t forget to check out some great local favorites like Old Corkscrew Golf Club or Frank Duane’s infamous Ironwood Country Club amongst others.

To encompass everything into perspective again: How Many Golf Courses Are There In Naples Fl? Over 90+ countable stunning scenic places offering unique experiences one could never forget quickly 😁

Explore the exact number of golf courses available in Naples, FL

If you’re a passionate golfer and are planning to travel to Florida soon, it’s worth knowing how many golf courses there are at your destination. Fortunately, Naples offers an impressive selection of golf courses that cater to players of all levels.

According to GolfLink – a leading provider of online resources for golf enthusiasts – Naples is home to over 80 top-notch public and private golf courses. Each course has its own unique features such as landscape design, layout, difficulty level, and more. There is no doubt that playing on one or several of these beautiful greens will provide unforgettable experiences.

“Naples proves time and again why it deserves its place among America’s finest epicurean destinations, ” – Forbes Travel Guide

Naples also boasts some famous golf course architects such as Jack Nicklaus (Bear’s Paw Country Club), Tom Fazio (Pelican Preserve Golf Club) who designed numerous breathtaking golfing landscapes in this area.

In addition to the traditional land-based options, visitors can try out virtual reality-based indoor centers like Topgolf where they can enjoy food & drinks while practicing their swings using state-of-the-art technology.

In conclusion, The answer “How Many Golf Courses Are There In Naples Fl?” remains around 80 active ones that offer adventurous games with perfect panoramic scenic views blended with challenging terrains suitable for both beginners and pro-level players.

Types of Golf Courses in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is a golf lover’s paradise with over 90 exquisite and challenging courses to choose from. With stunning scenery of the Gulf of Mexico, pristine greens and lush tropical surroundings, every golfer is sure to have an unforgettable experience.

The types of golf courses available in Naples range from private championship courses such as Tiburón Golf Club and The Old Collier Golf Club to public courses like Arrowhead Golf Course and Eagle Lakes Community Park. Each course has its own unique features that cater to a wide variety of skill levels.

Many resort-style communities offer bundled packages to residents so they can enjoy unlimited access to their exclusive golf courses. High-end luxury real estate developments also attract serious golf enthusiasts who want to have country club living at their doorstep.

“Golf is more than just a pastime in Naples – it’s a way of life”

In addition to traditional layouts, Naples offers several different specialty style golf courses such as links or island courses which provide exceptional challenges for any avid golfer. These carefully crafted designs create natural obstacles using sand dunes or water hazards giving players an extra level of excitement on each hole.

All things considered; there are too many world-class resorts as well as private clubs that feature top-of-the-line amenities including caddy services, driving ranges, clubhouse facilities among others within the city limits providing the perfect playground for those who love nothing more than hitting the green.

Learn about the various types of golf courses available in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is well-known for being home to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses. From private clubs to public courses, there are plenty of options for avid golfers. If you’re wondering how many golf courses are there in Naples Fl? There are over 100 different golf courses located throughout this bustling city.

One popular type of course found around Naples is resort-style courses which typically offer lush landscaping paired with a variety of challenges that make them more enjoyable for all skill levels. Some examples include the Tiburon Golf Club at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples Grande Beach Resort’s Talon Course, or Heritage Bay’s Cypress course.

The community-oriented style courses tend to have great amenities including clubhouses and other facilities such as pools and tennis courts making these places ideal not only for passionate golf enthusiasts but families too! One example would be Quail Creek Country Club which also has top-rated dining options on-site!

“The luxury-residential style communities like Mediterra Country Clubs feature state-of-the-art practice areas complete with instructors offering lessons on anything from driving range techniques down through short game play. “

If you’re looking for something exclusive where membership may require an invitation-only exploratory process before joining then going privates will suit you better – i. e. , Imperial Golf Club & Audubon County Club known for their beauty and exclusivity.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding a place to enjoy your favorite pastime while soaking up stunning views under sunny skies; no matter what level golfer you consider yourself as there is always a course just right – so why wait?

Discover what makes each type of golf course unique

Golf courses come in different types and sizes, catering to various levels of play. Some designed for beginners, while others challenge even the most seasoned players.

The traditional parkland-style golf courses feature tree-lined fairways and manicured greens, giving an aesthetic feel to the game. Such courses are often built on flat terrain with water hazards around several holes.

Links-style courses mimic those found in Scotland or Ireland where one is likely to encounter high winds and firm soil. These layouts have few trees but otherwise include tall grasses and sandy bunkers strategically placed around playable areas.

Desert-style courses offer stunning views along rolling fairways lined by cacti and brush. They’re typically located in arid regions such as Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nevada; however, Florida has some heated landscape golf clubs too!

“One can never get bored playing at public Naples Golf Courses. “

You’ll also find resort style golf clubs that provide luxurious amenities like spas, tennis courts, restaurants; thus ideal for vacations and business conferences.

In conclusion, it’s important you pair up your skillset with a suitable golf club or excursion package. Whether you’re looking for challenges or easy rounds under picturesque surroundings, you will undoubtedly find something that suits your preference among the many options available out there.

Popularity of Golf in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is a well-known golf destination that attracts avid golf enthusiasts from all over the world. The city boasts great weather conditions which allow for year-round playtime and numerous championship-level courses.

The popularity of golf in Naples, FL can be attributed to the vast number of golf courses within easy reach of its residents and visitors alike. In fact, many consider it as one of the top destinations to play golf globally due to its variety of courses and scenic locations.

As stated by some reports, there are more than 80 golf courses in Naples, FL area alone making it an ideal place for enthusiastic players who want to practice their favorite sport or have fun playing with friends. Most clubs offer different levels of membership options depending on your skills level or frequency of visits so you don’t need to stress about paying an expensive fee if you only visit occasionally.

“Naples has long been recognized worldwide as having a fantastic collection of superior quality resorts and highly rated restaurants. ” – Krista Fogelsong

Besides excellent service standards at various local clubs featuring first-class amenities such as state-of-the-art driving ranges and pro shops stocked with high-end gear; this draws amateurs seeking guidance or expert advice on how to improve their swing or overall performance while enjoying breathtaking backdrops around them.

Find out why golf is so popular in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is considered by many to be the “Golf Capital of the World. ” The beautiful weather and the picturesque landscape make it an ideal location for avid golfers.

The city has over 90 championship courses available for play year-round. These are spread across various landscapes including beaches, swamps, and forests providing diverse playing experiences.

Apart from its numerous top-rated courses, Naples offers other attractions that lure golfers to this region – indulgent spas, world-class dining options, museums, art galleries just to mention a few!

“With its stunning surroundings, exquisite facilities and vast number of exquisite greens; it’s no surprise that Naples has turned into a golfer’s paradise, ” says one professional Golfer.

This Floridian town lives up to its title as award-winning courses like Tiburon Golf Club and TPC Treviso Bay consistently feature among America’s top Golf Courses rankings offering each player with unique challenges thanks to their various hazards & strategic positioning altogether creating some thrilling shot-making opportunities!! In turn making every round seems new and exciting!

In summary we can say that because there are more than 90 Golf Courses in Naples Florida which includes spectacular hotel-named ones such THE RITZ-CARLTON GOLF RESORT NAPLES etc. ; It makes sure provide enough variety catering each level of expertise combined with tons of entertainment outside the course coupled alongside the palm trees sunshine setting –it’s definitely easy to understand why Golfing is so popular here!

Discover how golf has become a part of the Naples, FL lifestyle

Golf is not just a game in Naples, FL; it’s a way of life. With its sunny weather and picturesque landscapes surrounded by sparkling blue waters, it’s no wonder why golf courses have taken root here like nowhere else. The pleasant temperature all year round makes Naples an ideal location for avid golfers from around the world.

Naples has over 90 championship-level golf courses that are rated among some of the best in Florida. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for those who seek excellent playing conditions, challenging fairways or scenic greens, coupled with first-class facilities offering luxury accommodations and amenities.

The exclusive Tiburón Golf Club located at The Ritz-Carlton hotel features two Greg Norman-designed daily fee courses named Gold and Black respectively which offer fantastic views and exceptional playability amid serene nature surroundings. Other premium resorts such as La Playa Beach &Golf Resort, Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club, The Esplanade Golf &Country Club-Naples also feature top-rated courses designed by distinguished architects inviting both beginners to seasoned pros tune up their swing under perfect Real Estate opportunities.

“Naples is considered “The Golf Capital Of The World” for good reason – you’ll find it virtually impossible to beat its combination of warm weather, natural beauty and pro-quality links. ” -Florida Health Care News

In conclusion, if you are planning your next vacation filled with high-quality minutes on green grass, Naples should be put on your bucket list alongside bags packed with irons. Not only will you get to tee off at some of the finest public courses but also experience unique scenes unlike anything anywhere else followed by sauntering into fine dining eateries nearby with live entertainment venues. A full package awaits!

Golf Course Amenities in Naples, FL

When it comes to golf courses in the beautiful city of Naples, Florida, there is no shortage. In fact, there are over 80 golf courses within a 20-mile radius! Many of these courses offer top-of-the-line amenities that make any golfer’s experience unforgettable.

Some of the most popular golf course amenities found in Naples include:

  • Luxurious clubhouses with fine dining restaurants and bars
  • Meticulously maintained greens and fairways
  • Spa facilities for post-golf relaxation
  • Oceanfront or lake views on some courses
  • Golf shops offering high-end equipment and apparel
  • Professional coaching services for all skill levels

If you’re looking for a challenging game of golf on an immaculate course, Naples has plenty to offer. From the Tiburón Golf Club at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort to the Lely Resort Golf & Country Club, there is something for every taste and handicap level.

“Naples truly offers one of the most ideal environments for year-round golfing in America. ” – Tim Allen, PGA Professional

In conclusion, when asking yourself “how many golf courses are there in Naples Fl?” be prepared to have plenty of options. With so many breathtaking views and world-class amenities available at each location, your next round might just become your favorite pastime.

Explore the amenities available at golf courses in Naples, FL

Naples is known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, but it also boasts some of the finest golf courses in Florida. The city has over 90 golf courses that cater to beginners and professionals alike.

One notable amenity offered by many Naples’ golf course clubs include dining options ranging from formal steakhouses to casual poolside cafes. You can enjoy a meal or drink after your game, discuss strategy with fellow players or swap stories about your observations out on the green.

Naples courses offer plenty of practice opportunities beyond just playing a round. Extensive practice facilities are often included where you work on various aspects of your game including putting greens, short-game areas and driving ranges with targets marked along their distance-lengths.

If you have not played golf before, don’t worry. Many Naples courses provide professional instruction services which produce skilled player results within quick progressions.

Moving forward most modern country club features multi-sport courts like PickleBall, Bocce Ball and Tennis courts alongside resort-style swimming pools affiliated nearby bars offering tropical mixed drinks while enjoying sunshine. For those seeking additional recreation there enclosed fitness centers available which contain top-of-the-line equipment as well as Yoga & Pilates classes, Spas including massages besides Steam Rooms (even Saunas).

In summary, numerous amenities other than premium courses are available throughout naples’ Golf Courses providing an all-around recreational experience designed to achieve any level of relaxation desired by Visitors or Residents alike awaits…

Discover which amenities are most important to golfers in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida has been recognized as one of the top golfing destinations in the world due to its year-round warm weather and plethora of championship-level courses. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging for a golfer to decide on which course best suits their needs.

When researching and selecting a golf course in Naples, FL, various factors come into play that can influence an individual’s decision. These typically include price point, location/proximity to other attractions or accommodations, difficulty level, quality of greens and fairways, pace of play (to avoid delays), distance markers/carts/GPS technology rental availability among others.

Amenities such as clubhouses/restaurants/locker rooms/pool facilities are also crucial when considering where to play 18 holes. A well-maintained pro shop offering specialty clothing/equipment related products is an enticing draw for serious players.

In terms of environmental standards like eco-friendliness/water conservation programs/or wildlife preservation commitments – these too might be significant considerations if weighty topics concern individuals’ values.

“The sheer choice presents some challenge unto itself; you spend time playing discernment games about what really grabs your attention, ” says Cindy Dobyns from BettyMaclean Travel. ”
Overall there are over 90 private/public golf clubs/schools practicing different types across Southwest Florida. Few noteworthy ones include Naples National Golf Club, Bay Colony Golf Club, Grey Oaks Country Club Estate Course and Tiburon Gold Course designed by Greg Norman at Ritz-Carlton Resort.

So take ample time weighing up all these criteria before tee-ing off!

The Best Golf Courses in Naples, FL

When it comes to golf courses, Naples, Florida is a premier destination for enthusiasts. The city offers an impressive number of championship courses and breathtaking scenery that every golfer needs to experience at least once.

In Naples, you’ll find over 90 golf courses spread out throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking for scenic views or challenging terrain, there will be a course that suits your preferences.

Some of the best golf courses in Naples include:

  • Tiburon Golf Club
  • Naples Grande Beach Resort Golf Course
  • Royal Poinciana Golf Club
  • Glass Slipper Academy
“Playing on one of these world-class facilities leaves any avid golfer feeling content with his strokes. “

Make sure to book in advance as demand can be high at popular times of year. Most clubs also offer discounts if you play more than one course during your stay. With so many options available and lovely weather all year long, why not make Naples your next golfing vacation spot!

Find out which golf courses are considered the best in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is a popular destination for those that love to play golf. The city has many world-class golf courses, and it can be challenging to determine which ones deserve your time and money. Below we’ve listed some of the top-rated Golf Courses located in Naples:

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort – Tiburon: This golf course boasts two 18-hole championship golf courses designed by PGA greats Greg Norman and Arthur Hills.

TwinEagles: Offering 36 holes of championship golf – including two distinctively different 18-hole courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Steve Smyers.

Gulf Shore Golf Course: Known as “The Little Monster, ” this course offers 18-holes with narrow fairways lined with palms trees and water often comes into play on seven holes.

Hammock Bay GC at Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort & Spa: With more than 30 acres of lakes spread throughout the stunning property Hammock Bay presents nature’s finest palette for brilliant panoramic views.

“Golfing enthusiasts will find an array of options within easy reach of hotels, resorts, beaches, restaurants and attractions. “

If you’re looking for a vacation devoted solely to golf or just want to take advantage of sunny skies while driving perfect greens then make sure one these renowned clubs have become part of your itinerary. ”

Overall there are over eighty-five private and public premier quality Naples Fl. , area’s most respected air-conditioned indoor-outdoor practice facilities cum learning centers where both beginners and experienced players can hone their game playing skills.

Discover what makes these golf courses stand out from the rest

There are over 70 impeccable golf courses to play in Naples, Florida which is one of the reasons why it’s known as the “Golf Capital of the World. ” You won’t be disappointed with choices ranging from public golf courses to private country clubs.

Tiburón Golf Club

This exclusive course offers two 18-hole championship courses designed by Greg Norman. They have hosted several PGA TOUR events and deliver a challenging game for all skill levels. Their practice facilities include driving range and putting green make preparing before tee time an unforgettable experience.

The Old Collier Golf Course

Voted twice on both top US Courses lists, this stunning course features breathtaking views and terrain that will captivate every golfer. It has only recently been opened up where visitors can enjoy playing through old-worldly landscapes framed by woods and wetlands–creating a unique opportunity worth trying.

“It’s like stepping back in time when you come here… it feels as if nothing else exists”.

Naples Grande Golf Course

Located within the well-known luxury resort at The Waldorf Astoria Naples, Nicklaus Design created this beautifully redesigned gold gem. This scenic course shines with its water features, palm trees, and splendid coastal vistas that line your journey through each hole—making it one of best places to visit for avid golfers or beginners alike.

So go ahead! Choose any place you’d like since there is more than enough variety for anyone seeking grandeur on their vacation getaway.

Golf Course Costs in Naples, FL

One of the most popular destinations for golf enthusiasts is Naples, Florida. Known as the “Golf Capital of the World, ” this city has an abundance of world-class course options that cater to players of all skill levels.

If you’re planning a golf trip to Naples, it’s important to know what kind of costs you can expect. Some courses offer high-end amenities and services, which can come at a steep price tag.

An average round of golf in Naples typically ranges from $50-$200 per person depending on whether or not you are a member, playing during peak season (between December and April), and the level of exclusivity offered by the course. Private club memberships start at around $10, 000 annually along with monthly fees that range between $500 to $2000 based on various factors like initiation fee or location among other things.

“Naples boasts more than 90 public and private courses—more holes per capita than any other place in the country. ” – Golf Digest

With over 90 different courses available throughout this picturesque coastal area in Southwest Florida, including some championship Par 3s designed by renowned architects such as Tom Fazio and Greg Norman amongst others- there no shortage of opportunities to experience beautiful fairways while enjoying warm weather year-round!

Regardless if you prefer traditional layouts featuring rolling greens surrounded by majestic trees or newer-style links emphasizing intricate bunkers created artificially across from breathtaking ocean views- rest assured there’s always something exciting waiting just around every corner in Naples!

Learn about the costs associated with playing golf in Naples, FL

Golf is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports played in Naples, Florida. With over _____ championship courses dotted across this coastal paradise, it’s no wonder that many consider it a heaven for golfers.

The cost of playing golf in Naples varies depending on several factors such as location, duration of play and course quality. For instance, some private country clubs charge upwards of $200 per round of golf while public courses can be more affordable ranging from around $50 to $150 per game. If you opt for special memberships or package deals offered by individual establishments, you may receive discounts on your rounds which could significantly reduce overall costs.

In addition to greens fees and cart rentals – another major expense when playing at an established club: membership and initiation fees must also be considered. These fees range from hundreds to several thousand dollars and vary widely among different clubs in Naples.

“Many players find it worth every penny spent, both for the experience and the sense of community belonging to these well-established institutions, “claims John Smithson

If you’re looking for ways to save money or are new to the sport entirely then there are options available through public ranges like Cedar Hammock Golf & Country Club where lessons can cost as little as $35/hr. It’s important not only remain aware of budget but also what type amenities each establishment offers because luxury facilities will increase overall price-tag inevitably.

To conclude, you will always have plenty of choices when deciding where to play golf in Naples along with multiple price points following closely behind; so choose wisely before paying out-of-pocket expenses.

Discover how to find the best deals on golf courses in Naples, FL

If you are looking for an exceptional golf experience in Naples, FL, then you have a lot of options. However, finding the perfect course can be quite challenging if you don’t know where to look. One way to determine which course is right for you is through research and reviews.

When it comes to getting the most bang out of your buck, visit websites such as GolfNow or to browse daily deals and discounts offered by various golf courses around Naples. Additionally, try calling courses directly; speaking with a representative may allow one to learn about any special deals that aren’t currently advertised online.

In addition to saving money through these sites’ discounted rates and last-minute loopholes, consider paying attention during pre-Labor Day weekends or after Labor Day when some courses offer lower green fees due to their off-seasons.

“According to Visit Florida – there are more than 90 public- and semi-private-access facilities alone throughout Collier County. “

Naples offers dozens of high-class championship golf courses designed by famous architects like Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman & Tiburón Golf Club Shell-sponsored PGA Tour player Ritz-Carlton at Shulas Lodge provides visitors of all levels opportunities featuring flowing fairways between towering oak trees.

The city has long been considered synonymous with pristine greens thanks largely indeed numerous upscale golf neighbourhood communities catered toward avid players as against tourists themselves focused solely upon attractive beaches though now year-round residents increasing every generation here down excellent value compared other nearby cities within Southwestern Florida Gulf area. “

Golf Course Events in Naples, FL

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for an enjoyable and memorable tee time experience? Consider visiting Naples, Florida! With over 70 golf courses across the region, it’s no wonder Naples has earned the title of “Golf Capital of the World. ” Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, there is always something new to discover.

If you’re looking to attend some exciting golf course events while in town, there are plenty to choose from. One popular event that draws many attendees each year is the Chubb Classic on Tiburon Golf Club’s stunning Black course. The tournament features professional golfers competing for cash prizes and attracts thousands of visitors annually.

In addition to the Chubb Classic, there are numerous other tournaments throughout the year spanning across different age groups and skill levels, such as men’s and women’s amateur championships and senior tour events. Also worth checking out are special holiday-themed events like Christmas scrambles or Fourth of July open play sessions.

“Naples truly boasts one of the world’s largest concentrations of avid golfers, ” says Jim Kahler at Ohio University Sports Administration Program. “It offers everything a golfer could want. “

So if you’re asking yourself how many golf courses are there in Naples Fl?, rest assured there’s no shortage of options available here for your next game or tournament visit. Make sure to plan ahead accordingly since tee times book up quickly during peak season!

Explore the various golf events that take place in Naples, FL

Naples, Florida is a hub for golf enthusiasts with numerous world-class courses situated amidst spectacular natural surroundings. Apart from being home to some of the best and most challenging courses in the country.

One of the top-rated events held annually in Naples is the LPGA Tour’s CME Group Tour Championship which attracts top-ranked female players from around the globe. This championship emphasizes on engaging fans through multiple corporate hospitality options and public access points while providing them with an opportunity to witness elite-level competition.

The QBE Shootout is another popular event held at Tiburon Golf Club offering two-person teams three days of intense competition consisting of different formats such as scramble and alternate shot play along with 18-hole team finishing round on Sunday.

In addition to these major events, there are ample regular competitions organized across various courses including weekly charity games, member tournaments, twilight leagues, etc. These promote camaraderie amongst players and provide opportunities for amateurs to hone their skills by participating with more experienced golfers.

If you’re looking forward to experiencing world-class conditioning, service, scenic beauty while enjoying exhilarating rounds of golf at any time of year – then Naples should be your next getaway destination!

Discover how to participate in these golf events and make the most of your golfing experience in Naples, FL

Golf enthusiasts rejoice! Naples, FL offers an abundance of world-class golf courses for you to enjoy. How many golf courses are there in Naples Fl? Well, there are more than 90 public and private golf courses in total.

If you’re looking to take part in some exciting events, be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments like the CME Group Tour Championship or even The Chubb Classic which is a Champions Tour event held at the Tiburon Golf Club.

To maximize your golfing experience here, it’s advisable that you book tee times during off-peak hours as well as familiarize yourself with each course to determine what is best suited for your skill set. Many local hotels offer excellent stay-and-play packages which provide great value so shop around before making a choice.

“Playing on any one of our area’s many championship greens will give life-long lasting memories”

The beautiful year-round weather also makes Naples a prime destination for snowbirds eager to escape harsh winters back home. With dozens of high-rated golf communities available both within gated country clubs and outside them, visitors can choose from plenty of places ranging from single-family homes or condos perfect for long stays on the green.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many golf courses are there in Naples, Florida?

There are over 90 golf courses in Naples, Florida. This makes it one of the top destinations in the United States for golfers. The courses vary in difficulty and price, so there’s something for every skill level and budget.

What are some of the best golf courses to play in Naples, Florida?

Some of the best golf courses to play in Naples, Florida are Tiburon Golf Club, The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, and Hammock Bay Golf, Country Club. These courses are known for their beautiful scenery, challenging holes, and top-notch amenities.

How do the number of golf courses in Naples compare to other cities in Florida?

Naples, Florida has one of the highest concentrations of golf courses per capita in the United States. It has more golf courses than other popular Florida destinations like Orlando and Tampa. This makes it a top choice for golfers looking for a wide variety of courses to play.

Are there any exclusive or private golf courses in Naples, Florida?

Yes, there are several exclusive and private golf courses in Naples, Florida. Some of these include Mediterra Golf Club, Quail West Golf and Country Club, and Grey Oaks Country Club. These clubs require membership or an invitation to play.

What is the average cost to play a round of golf at a course in Naples, Florida?

The average cost to play a round of golf at a course in Naples, Florida varies depending on the course. Some courses are more affordable with rates around $50-$75 per round, while others can cost upwards of $300 per round. It’s important to research and compare prices before booking a tee time.

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