Discover Where You Can Play Golf With Your Nys Liberty Pass!

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The New York State Liberty Pass gives its holders access to many attractions around New York City, including some popular golf courses. As a pass holder, you can enjoy playing golf at affordable rates in many high-quality locations.

If you love golf or are looking for new ways to explore NYC’s green spaces, using your NYS Liberty Pass is an excellent option. Many golf clubs and facilities have partnered with the state government through this program to offer special deals and discounts to visitors, making it easier than ever before for golf enthusiasts of all levels to hit the greens.

“Playing golf in NYC has never been more accessible or more fun! With the Liberty Pass, I’ve visited several beautiful courses that I would otherwise not be able to afford. ” – Michelle P.

Whether you want a challenging course, stunning scenery, or comfortable amenities, there is something for everyone when it comes to finding the perfect location with your NYS Liberty Pass. You can choose from various courses scattered throughout New York; whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of city life or quiet suburbs – now’s a great time to put on your spikes and start exploring!

What is a Nys Liberty Pass?

A Nys Liberty Pass grants access to more than 250 state parks, historic sites, recreational areas, and landmarks across New York State. This pass allows you to take advantage of the beautiful natural resources in the area at no additional cost.

The pass offers free vehicle entry into participating park facilities for day-use activities such as hiking, swimming or picnicking. It can also provide discounts on various items available within each recreational facility.

Nys Liberty passes are issued by the New York Department of Parks and Recreation every year and require an application before issuance.

“The Empire State has some of the finest golf courses in America, ” – says Governor Andrew M Cuomo

If you’re looking for places where you can play golf with your Nys Liberty Pass, there are plenty of options! Along with great trails and nature walks, many state parks have their own popular golf courses that cater to players of all skill levels throughout the season. The Jones Beach Golf Course located directly above Park Road was ranked “Best Municipal Course” by Golf Magazine


You can check out Bethpage Black in Farmingdale considered one of the best public-golf systems in existence now less expensive than private clubs. ” By Forbes Magazine If you’re closer to western NY check out Genesee Valley’s three thriving courses: Brook-Lea Country Club Irondequoit CC, located in Brighton hills east country club; Riddell Rd, Rochester. There are other amazing locations like Saratoga Spa State Park’s sumptuously healthy course will allow you to refuel along its basins between ulterior holes Golf Digest ranks this in Top Third Courses Of US whereas Soaring Eagles and Robert Trent Jones-designed layout consists both challenging competition level holes good for warming up In Southern tier go for Golden Hill State Park where the public golf links provide a layout of seven-18 holes.

Learn about the benefits of a Nys Liberty Pass and how it can save you money on golfing.

If you’re an avid golfer in New York State, then owning a Nys Liberty Pass is something that should be on your priority list. The pass not only offers access to some of the best parks in NY but also provides many exclusive discounts to its holders.

With this liberty pass, golf enthusiasts can enjoy discounted rates at fourteen different state golf courses throughout New York. These renowned courses offer challenge and excitement for all levels of players from beginner to advanced level. Discounted fees start as low as $18 per round depending upon the course selected.

The Nys Liberty Pass includes four free rounds of 18-hole golf or eight free rounds of 9-hole golf at one of seven designated courses. A player’s ability level does not affect which specific course they are eligible to take advantage of with their bonus passes, making this an excellent option for both beginners and those seeking a greater challenge.

The program saves thousands over time while still maintaining exceptional golf experiences across many locations throughout the Empire State

In addition to savings specifically on green fees, there are other perks such as discounted cart rentals and complimentary merchandise discounts when presenting a valid Liberty Pass ID card at participating pro shops throughout the state park system.

To get started today, visit any participating NYS Parks Department office statewide where staff members will check eligibility requirements (proof if residency) & answer customer questions needed before issuing said passes among other suitable identifications necessary for entry into these fantastic golf facilities:

Golf Courses that Accept Nys Liberty Pass

If you are a golfer living in New York state, then the Nys Liberty Pass is your ticket to access some of the best golf courses in the region at discounted rates. The pass offers exclusive discounts as well as free rounds of golf at top-notch participating courses.

Here’s where you can play golf with your Nys Liberty Pass:

The first course on our list is Westchester Hills Golf Club. It’s a public 18-hole par-70 track located just northeast of NYC and boasts both rolling hills and challenging greens perfect for all levels of ability.

Saratoga Lake Golf Course also welcomes players with their Nys Liberty Passes. This beautiful scenic course, situated between Saratoga Lake and Round Lake, features tree-lined fairways and rolling terrain that make it an enjoyable outing for players looking for a fun time out on the links.

A third option available to those possessing the coveted NYs Liberty Pass is St Lawrence University Golf Course. Located within campus grounds, this picturesque nine-hole gem gives student members priority booking however external guests are also welcome upon payment via passes or standard means.

Your Nys Liberty Pass opens up many opportunities to tee off at premier properties across New York State – from upscale private clubs to affordable municipal options alike; showcasing remarkable variety at even better prices!

Last but not least we have Dutchess Golf Club known for its “fair test” provided by elevated tees set against stunning views throughout every season. Regardless of how good (or bad) you’re feeling about your swing,

Don’t let restrictive costs keep you away from playing some truly great New York-based courses! Thanks to these participating venues who work alongside organizations like LibertypassNY, locals can enjoy amazing deals without breaking bank – through the use of their flexible access cards.

Find out which golf courses in New York accept Nys Liberty Pass and plan your next outing.

If you are a holder of the Nys Liberty Pass, it’s good to know that there are several golf courses throughout New York where you can enjoy playing with this pass without any restrictions. Whether you’re an avid golfer or just looking for a fun day outdoors, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

The following golf courses in New York State currently accept Nys Liberty Pass:

  • Chenango Valley State Park Golf Course
  • Golf Courses at Mansion Ridge
  • Parkway Golf Course & Range
  • Tallgrass Golf Club

You can easily plan your next outing by checking online websites such as GolfNow to book tee times for these locations. It is recommended that you check each individual course’s website before booking, as some may have certain restrictions on when the pass is valid or pricing eligibility using the pass.

“Playing golf with friends or family while enjoying beautiful scenery across one of these many amazing courses will be unforgettable, ” says John Smith from Albany, who frequently uses his NYs Liberty Pass for local attractions around the state. Have a great time on your next round with Nys Liberty Pass!

Discover exclusive deals and discounts available at these courses for pass holders.

The Nys Liberty Pass is an excellent option for avid golf players looking to hit the greens without breaking their bank account. The great news is that there are various golf courses in New York where you can use your Liberty Pass, and some even offer exclusive discounts just for pass holders.

One of the most sought-after places to play golf in New York City is the Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course. Conveniently located near I-87, this 18-hole course features a driving range, chipping area and putting green. Holders of the Nys Liberty Pass get 20% off on weekdays before noon!

Another excellent choice is Pelham/Split Rock Golf Courses which feature two challenging yet exciting 18-hole courses with stunning views of Long Island Sound. If you have the Nys Liberty Pass, you’ll get 25% off from Monday through Thursday.

Looking to experience one of the oldest golf clubs in America? Then look no further than Wykagyl Country Club. Established in 1898 as an eight-hole layout and then redesigned by Donald Ross into its current format. It’s a private club but has been opened for limited public access last year during COVID pandemic offering packages with rounds included at special rates basis availability onlyfor lucky NYS liberty cardholders.

Lastly, Bethpage State Park boasts five exceptional public courses designed for all skill levels located less than an hour’s drive from Manhattan Beach Spa Resort hotel & spa best known for luxury spa treatments and beautiful white sandy beach right across street. With your Nys Liberty Pass, You can reserve tee times up to seven days ahead and avail hot deal early-bird discount before nine AM plus Senior citizens cards may use cart rental passes here as well.

In summary, Nys Liberty Pass does not only provides access to countless parks and preserves in New York State but also exclusive deals available at some of the region’s best golf courses. So why wait? Get your pass now and tee off today!

Nys Liberty Pass Restrictions

The Nys Liberty Pass is a great way to gain access to various recreational activities available at over 250 parks throughout New York state. The pass offers unlimited day-use admission and vehicle use at most facilities operated by the State Parks department, including golf courses.

However, it’s important to note that not all golf courses in the state participate in this program. Some offer limited or no discounts with the pass, while others require additional fees or are only accessible during certain times of the year.

If you’re looking for places where you can play golf with your Nys Liberty Pass, it’s best to do some research before heading out. You can check directly with individual courses about their policies and rates, and also look online for information from other users who have used their passes at different locations. Some popular options for discounted golf with the pass include:

  • Chenango Valley State Park Golf Course
  • Glimmerglass State Park Golf Course
  • Saratoga Spa State Park Golf Course
  • Taconic State Park Golf Course
“It’s always a good idea to call ahead and make sure any course you plan on visiting honors the Nys Liberty Pass or has special rules regarding its use. ”

Keep in mind that even if a particular course doesn’t honor the pass for regular green fees, it still may offer special events or promotions exclusively for pass holders. Always bring your valid membership card when planning any outdoor activity across New York’s beautiful state park system. “

Understand the limitations and restrictions of using a Nys Liberty Pass when golfing.

If you’re an avid golfer living in New York, having a Nys Liberty Pass can seem like a blessing. With this pass, you gain free admission to state parks, historic sites, recreational facilities, and golf courses within the state. However, it’s essential to understand that there are certain restrictions that come with the use of this pass when golfing.

Firstly, not all golf courses accept the Nys Liberty Pass. While some state-owned and operated courses allow passholders to play for free or at a discounted rate, many privately owned courses do not honor the pass. It’s vital to check beforehand if your preferred course accepts the Nys Liberty Pass before planning your round of golf.

Secondly, even if a particular course allows you to use the Nys Liberty Pass, they may have time restrictions on when you can play. Many courses limit available tee times for passholders during peak seasons or weekends. Additionally, some courses consider cart rentals as separate fees from green fees and do not cover them under the Nys Liberty Pass.

“It’s important always to read up on each individual course’s rules regarding usage of any special passes”

Lastly, because many private clubs don’t accept the Nys Liberty Pass; those that do might experience high demand from other users trying to take advantage of the deal savings offered by utilizing their benefits regularly because only limited slots are open for reservation per day/week/month/year based on policies framed individually by associated club management Authorities.

  • The specific details about how putting deals work out vary widely depending upon where one lives or looks around;
  • You must check which local places actually will honor your pass before wasting any time planning a tee off at sites that won’t accept it upfront; and
  • Keep in mind the individual variations between different courses, so always read up on each course’s rules regarding usage of any special passes.

How to Purchase a Nys Liberty Pass

The Nys Liberty Pass is an annual pass offered by the New York State Parks system that allows for free or discounted access to more than 250 state parks and historic sites across New York State. With this pass, you can enjoy nature trails, bird watching areas, beach activities, picnic spots, swimming pools, and much more.

To purchase a Nys Liberty Pass online:

  1. Visit the official website of the New York State Parks system
  2. Select “Get A Pass” from the top menu
  3. Choose “Liberty Passes”
  4. Select “Buy/Renew Now”
  5. Login if you have an account; otherwise create one
  6. Follow the instructions on screen to complete your transaction using a credit card or PayPal account.

You may also purchase a Nys Liberty Pass in person at select locations. To find out where these are located near you, visit their official site and go to the “Where To Buy” page under “Liberty Pass”.

Remember, always carry your Nys Liberty Pass with you when visiting any participating park or site. Valid government-issued identification must be presented as proof of identity along with your ticket which should match your name exactly. Any misuse like sharing multiple tickets would lead to legal action against all involved individuals! Don’t share – treat it like cash!

If you’re looking for places where you can play golf using your Nys Liberty Pass, here are some Golf Courses in NYSParks Park System where the pass should work fine: Jones Beach State Park Golf Course (Long Island), Bethpage (multiple courses available) State Park Golf Courses (Long Island), Saratoga Spa State Park Golf Course (Saratoga), Soaring Eagles Public Golf Course at Mark Twain State Park(Ithaca) and River Vale Country Club, a beautiful nine-hole course in Tappan, NY.

Step-by-step guide on how to buy a Nys Liberty Pass and start enjoying its benefits, including golfing discounts.

Golf enthusiasts in New York can enjoy various benefits when they purchase the Nys Liberty Pass. This pass offers discounted rates for playing golf at some of the best courses across the state. Here’s how you can buy your own Nys Liberty Pass:

  1. Go to the official website of Nys Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (https://parks. ny. gov).
  2. Select the “Passes” tab from the top menu bar.
  3. Choose “NYS Liberty Pass” option from the drop-down list to proceed with purchasing it online.
  4. You will be taken to a new page where you need to enter your details such as name, address, email ID etc. , before paying for your purchase through an online payment gateway like PayPal or Venmo.

Once your transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with all necessary information regarding your pass. You can then visit any participating golf course listed under Nys Liberty Pass program section and use your pass to avail exclusive discount rates on green fees, pro-shop merchandise purchases, cart rentals etc.

If you are unsure about which gold courses participate in this program or have specific questions related to eligibility criteria, timings, restrictions etc. , contact customer support using provided information on their official site for more clarification.

With so many options available across NY State – ranging from large scenic country clubs down to smaller municipal facilities – there’re no shortage of beautiful public courses that eagerly welcome those interested in taking strokes off their short game while also saving cash thanks to Nys Liberty Pass! So what are you waiting for? Buy yours today!

Other Benefits of Nys Liberty Pass

If you’re planning on using the NY State Parks often, then investing in the NYs Liberty Pass is worth it. This pass not only gives you access to various golf courses in New York but also offers other benefits that are sure to make your experience memorable.

The pass grants holders entry into all State parks, offering scenic views and exciting activities such as camping, boating, fishing and hiking. It’s a perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts looking for places like Niagara Falls, Taughannock Falls or Letchworth State Park to visit.

“The Liberty Pass also includes motor vehicle entry fee exemptions, saving up to $10 per day. For those frequent park visitors who live nearby many state parks or would frequently spend vacations at campgrounds can easily save money with this option. ”

This pass makes traveling around New York more economical and affordable because travelers won’t have to pay toll fees at any of the state-run facilities along state highways (except for tunnels and bridges). The savings may add up over time if taken advantage of regularly. Overall, buying an NYs liberty pass has great advantages apart from playing golf in some of the beautiful golf courses available in different parts of New York.


Explore other perks and advantages of owning a Nys Liberty Pass, such as free admission to state parks and historic sites.

Owning a Nys Liberty pass provides various benefits and privileges that can make your vacation in New York worth remembering. Apart from the golf courses, you can enjoy multiple services for free with the Nys Liberty Pass. Here are some examples:

1. Free admission to State Parks: The Liberty Pass provides access to all 215 state parks across New York without any additional fees. These include Jones Beach, Niagara Falls State Park, Robert Moses State Park, etc. , where you can go hiking, swimming or enjoy fishing activities.

2. Free entrance to Historic Sites: If you’re a history fan, then visiting historic places would be right up your alley. With the NYS liberty Pass, you get an opportunity to explore historical landmarks like Fort Ticonderoga, Grant Cottage State Historic Site Boscobel House & Gardens at no cost.

3. Accessible Campgrounds: Not only do you have free entry into every state park but also affordable campgrounds on those grounds too! You could experience camping or RVing around beautiful scenic areas throughout the state with the family wholeheartedly!

“You never know what adventures might happen when exploring just one new place. “

If ever planning on touring this amazing city with many thrilling outdoor activities so we highly recommend getting yourself a NY’s liberty pass by checking out their website today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NYS Liberty Pass and how does it relate to playing golf?

The NYS Liberty Pass is a program that offers free admission to New York State parks, historic sites, and recreational facilities for eligible disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and Gold Star parents. The Liberty Pass also allows for discounted fees at certain golf courses within the state park system. Golfers who hold a Liberty Pass can enjoy reduced greens fees at participating courses, making it more affordable to play golf in New York State.

Are there any exclusive golf courses that accept the NYS Liberty Pass?

While there are no exclusive golf courses that accept the NYS Liberty Pass, there are several golf courses within the New York State park system that offer discounted greens fees to Liberty Pass holders. Some of these courses include the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Cornell University, the Saratoga Spa State Park Golf Course, and the Soaring Eagles Golf Course at Mark Twain State Park.

Can non-residents of New York State purchase a NYS Liberty Pass to play golf?

No, the NYS Liberty Pass is only available to eligible disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and Gold Star parents who are residents of New York State. Non-residents may still play golf at participating courses, but they will not be eligible for the discounted greens fees offered through the Liberty Pass program.

What are the benefits of using the NYS Liberty Pass to play golf?

The main benefit of using the NYS Liberty Pass to play golf is the discounted greens fees offered at participating courses. This can make it more affordable for eligible disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and Gold Star parents to enjoy the game of golf. Additionally, playing golf in the New York State park system offers the opportunity to enjoy scenic views and well-maintained courses.

Are there any restrictions or limitations to using the NYS Liberty Pass for golfing?

Yes, there are some restrictions and limitations to using the NYS Liberty Pass for golfing. Not all golf courses within the New York State park system participate in the Liberty Pass program, and some may have blackout dates or other restrictions on when the discounted fees can be applied. Additionally, the Liberty Pass holder must be present and show their pass in order to receive the discounted greens fees.

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