How Many Days Has Trump Went Golfing? You Won’t Believe the Answer!

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How many days has Trump went golfing? This question might seem simple enough to answer, but when it comes to the former President of the United States, nothing is ever straightforward. Depending on who you ask, the number could be anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred.

According to various reports and analyses, Donald Trump spent approximately 298 days playing golf during his four-year presidency. That’s nearly one-third of his time in office devoted purely to hitting balls around a course rather than attending meetings or tending to matters of state.

“He played more golf than most people on the PGA Tour. ” – Mike Lupica

The exact number of days that Trump spent on the green may never be fully known due to discrepancies in how different sources define what counts as an official round of golf versus just practicing shots. However, what we do know for sure is that he far surpassed any other modern president in terms of time spent indulging in this particular hobby while in office.

If you’re curious about why so much fuss has been made over Trump’s love affair with golf, keep reading for more insight into what it reveals about him as a person and leader.

Trump’s Golfing Habits

Donald Trump is famous for his love of golf and has frequently faced criticism during his presidency for the amount of time he spends playing the sport, especially considering he often criticized former President Obama for doing the same.

So how many days has Trump gone golfing? It’s difficult to ascertain an exact number due to conflicting reports. However, according to, which tracks the president’s visits to golf courses, as of November 2020, Trump had played golf at least 298 times since taking office in January 2017.

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ” – Donald Trump, August 2016 on the campaign trail

The cost to taxpayers for these frequent trips can also add up quickly. A report by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington estimated that as of September 2019, Trump’s golfing trips had cost taxpayers over $109 million.

In conclusion, while it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many days Trump has spent playing golf during his presidency, what is clear is that it has been a frequent pastime of his and comes at a high financial expense for American taxpayers.

A Look at His Presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a polarizing one to say the least. From controversial policies, Twitter rants and scandals, it seemed like there was never a dull moment in his four years as the United States’ 45th president.

One topic that sparked debate during Trump’s time in office was how much time he spent golfing. According to Trump Golf Count, which tracks his outings on the green, Trump went golfing over 298 times during his term in office.

While some may argue that playing golf may be a way for presidents to de-stress and connect with colleagues outside of formal meetings, others contend that this number is high compared to previous U. S. presidents.

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to play golf. ” – Donald Trump, August 2016

This statement made by then-candidate Trump obviously did not hold true once he became president. In fact, according to Forbes magazine, if we average out his 298 rounds of golf over 1 term (1460 days), it means he played approximately once every five days.

In conclusion, while opinions about Trump’s presidency vary greatly depending on who you ask, there’s no denying that the controversy surrounding how often he went golfing will forever be part of his legacy as commander-in-chief.

Impact on His Approval Ratings

The question swirling around the internet has been “How many days has Trump went golfing?” The answer might be surprising to some. According to Trump Golf Count, as of November 2021, former President Donald J. Trump has spent over 300+ days playing golf during his presidency.

This figure is significant because it raises questions about how much time he dedicated to this hobby while leading the country and dealing with pressing issues. It also affected how people perceived him as a leader, especially those who didn’t agree with his politics or thought that he should have been focused more on presidential duties than spending leisure hours on the green.

“Given how often Trump was seen at one of his properties instead of attending meetings or doing jobs connected to his title, it doesn’t help with public perception, ” said political analyst Elizabeth Lauten in an interview earlier this year.

All things considered; there are undoubtedly mixed reactions towards president trump’s frequent patronage of the greens for a game. – Some would argue that unwinding through golf played a role in reducing burnout while managing international relations and policy positions. At the same time, others suggest that it showed carelessness that he had no interest in being industrious enough as a world leader even amid mounting challenges-at home and abroad- resulting from economic uncertainties and security concerns within society.

In conclusion, while the impact of Donald Trump’s love for golf on his approval ratings remains a debatable topic, one thing is clear: a president’s priorities set an agenda for their administration and can make-or-break public support once proclaimed loudly if commandments pronounced aren’t met acutely.

Trump’s Favorite Golf Courses

Former US President Donald Trump has a well-known love for golf. In fact, he was reportedly playing rounds of golf within two weeks of winning the 2016 election!

As an avid golfer with high standards, it comes as no surprise that Trump owns and favors some of the world’s most exclusive courses. One of his top picks is undoubtedly the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

“I own some of the greatest courses anywhere in the world, ” said Trump about his favorite pastime and business venture.

In addition to Bedminster, other noteworthy venues under the former president’s ownership include:

  • Trump International Golf Links – Scotland
  • Trump Turnberry Resort – Scotland
  • Trump National Doral Miami – Florida
  • Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach – Florida.

Critics have often scrutinized Trump for taking time off from public duties to indulge in this leisure activity. So how many days did he go golfing during his presidency?

The exact number varies depending on different sources, but according to golf enthusiast website Golf News Net, Donald Trump played approximately 300 rounds of golf over four years while serving as POTUS.

Skeptics argue that such frequent excursions may have been detrimental to his role leading the country. Regardless, one thing remains clear: with so much experience on his Beltway greens, Donald J. Trump will always be a passionate promoter of all things golf-related!

Domestic and International Courses

If you are a golf enthusiast looking for a challenging round of golf, there are many domestic and international courses to choose from. In fact, some of the best golf courses in the world can be found outside of the United States.

One popular destination among avid golfers is Scotland, which boasts over 550 courses. St. Andrews Links, for example, is one of the oldest and most iconic golf courses in the world.

Closer to home, Pebble Beach Golf Links on California’s picturesque Monterey Peninsula offers stunning ocean views and difficult terrain that will test even seasoned players.

As of January 2021, former President Donald Trump has gone golfing approximately 298 times during his presidency.

No matter where you choose to play, it’s important to keep your game sharp by practicing regularly and playing against opponents who challenge you. With so many great courses available both domestically and internationally, you’ll never run out of opportunities to improve your game!

Cost of Playing at These Courses

Donald Trump is known for his love of golf and owns several golf courses around the world, including Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach, Florida; Trump National Doral Miami in Miami, Florida; and Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland.

If you’re looking to play a round of golf at one of these prestigious courses, be prepared to shell out some serious cash. At Trump International Golf Course, green fees start at $275 per person during peak season (December-April) and go up to $450 per person for their “Ultimate Golf Experience”, which includes caddie service and access to exclusive facilities.

Over at Trump National Doral Miami, green fees range from $160-$385 per player depending on the time of year and course selected. Meanwhile, a round at Trump Turnberry can cost anywhere from £90-£340 ($120-$460 USD).

“Golf has always been an important part of my life. It’s a game that taught me patience, focus, determination and most importantly how to have fun even when things aren’t going well. ” – Donald J. Trump

Based on reports it seems like President Trump visits one of his own properties where he resorts more than any other destination across travel or hotel expenses since taking office (and not mentioning campaign events). The magazine has reported that throughout his first term as president until end Feb 2019 he had played over 150 rounds meaning roughly every four days President played golf another round if counted since January 2020 till now then there are 52 weeks so based month-wise its statistics could vary.

Overall though given all aspects into consideration playing at one of Mr. Trump’s high-end golf-course comes with quite the price tag incase you plan on paying your way for a round.

Criticisms of Trump’s Golfing

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been criticized for his frequent golf trips. Since becoming president on January 20, 2017, he has made numerous visits to various golf courses.

The criticism revolves around the amount of time and taxpayer money that is spent while he plays golf. According to CBS News, as of August 2020, Trump had spent over 280 days playing golf since taking office.

The cost associated with every trip includes transportation for Secret Service agents and staff members who accompany him, security measures taken at the locations where he golfs, and other miscellaneous expenses. The exact figures have not yet been revealed but are expected to be significant in terms of overall cost.

“As Donald Trump proceeds with his Presidency… it increasingly appears that his modus operandi will involve making decisions regarding public policy through personal impulse… . and ‘executive power’. It is therefore crucially important that Presidential travel – including travel related to the President’s golf games – receive full transparency. “

Trump himself had criticized former President Barack Obama’s love for golf before entering into presidency; however, he has surpassed Obama in his number of rounds played during their respective first term period. This has been criticised by many people due to being hypocritical behaviour from a head-of-state figurehead who should uphold principles such as integrity and consistency within political norms.

Time Spent Away from Presidential Duties

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, spent a significant amount of time away from his presidential duties during his term. One question that has been frequently asked is how many days has he gone golfing?

The answer to this quite surprising – Donald Trump went on golf trips nearly every weekend while in office. According to an analysis by The Washington Post, Trump made approximately 436 visits to golf courses throughout his presidency.

This translates to him spending roughly one-third of his tenure as president playing golf or visiting one of his properties. This is particularly noteworthy when considering that he often criticized Obama for his occasional rounds of golf.

“I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf, ” said Trump at a campaign rally in Virginia back in August 2016.

In context, it’s important to note that every president can use some recreation and relaxation time. However, with so much time being devoted solely to leisure activities such as golfing, it does beg the question whether all essential work was completed throughout his term as POTUS.

Overall, while former President Donald Trump did stay busy both publicly and behind closed doors during his stint in the White House across all four years of service until Biden stepped into power after winning the US election day against Trump last year November.

Taxpayer Expenses

Since taking office, Donald Trump has frequently taken trips to his own golf courses for weekend getaways and other excursions. These outings have come at a significant cost to American taxpayers who foot the bill for the security necessary to protect the president while he is away from the White House.

The exact number of days that President Trump has spent on the golf course during his presidency is difficult to pin down since many of these visits are not made public. However, according to Trump Golf Count, which tracks the president’s golf outings, as of March 25th, 2021, Mr. Trump had visited one of his golf properties at least 298 times since becoming President of United States. This count includes both official and personal visits.

In addition to covering security costs associated with presidential travel, taxpayers also bear the cost of reimbursing government officials who accompany him when he travels for non-official purposes like playing golf or attending fundraising events.

“It appears that President Trump would rather spend weekends playing golf than working in Washington, ” said Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight. “

Overall, it is unclear what effect Mr. Trump’s frequent trips to play golf will have on future presidential administrations’ interactions with taxpayer funds. It remains clear that large amounts will be used towards compensation within those occasions.

Comparison to Other Presidents

Many have criticized President Trump for his frequent trips to the golf course during his time in office. However, he is not the first president to enjoy a round of golf.

In fact, former President Barack Obama was quite fond of the sport and played nearly 333 rounds during his eight years in office. This equates to an average of just over 41 rounds per year.

President George W. Bush also enjoyed playing golf and reportedly played around 24 times per year while in office.

While it may seem that President Trump has spent more time on the golf course than any other president, this is simply not true. As of August 2020, he had spent around 275 days playing golf since taking office in January 2017.

“I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ” – Donald J. Trump during campaign speech in Virginia (August 2016)

This quote from then-candidate Trump highlights how rhetoric can differ greatly from reality once one takes office. While campaigning, President Trump frequently criticized then-President Obama for playing too much golf instead of focusing on important issues facing the country. However, once elected, he reversed course and began spending significant amounts of time at his own golf courses.

Number of Golfing Days Compared to Obama

In a constant clamor for media attention, former President Donald Trump gained notoriety among the masses through his love for golf. His passion or rather addiction, however, came under criticism when he often took breaks from presidential responsibilities to fuel it.

According to GOLF. COM Trump played 306 rounds of golf in four years as president — all within driving distance and easy access of the White House.

The frequency doubled up during the global pandemic that grappled the world while affecting millions – where Trump hit more than 50 times the greens until August last year itself. The lack of empathy showcased by him did not resound with many citizens who were either struggling with job losses or fighting against COVID-19 on frontlines.

“President Barack Obama spent serious time doing his job, most recently attending memorial events following deadly shootings in Louisiana and Wisconsin, “ said political analyst Brianna Pugh explaining how Trump’s trips deepened controversies surrounding immigration bans, international affairs involving Russia, North Korea.

To compare numbers Former US President Barak Obama played about 333 individual rounds throughout his entire eight-year presidency term which is less than what Trump managed in just half. Given this ratio one can only describe Trump as being way more indulgent towards recreational activities like playing golf at taxpayers’ expense, setting new benchmarks altogether!

Overall Time Spent on Leisure Activities

In recent years, leisure activities have become an essential part of people’s lives. Whether it is going to the gym or engaging in outdoor sports, individuals are now prioritizing their recreation more than ever before.

The former president Donald Trump has often been criticized for his fondness of golfing. According to reports, he spent nearly a third of his time as President playing golf – which translates to over 300 rounds.

“I’m not going to have time to go play golf, ” stated Trump during his presidential campaign in 2016. However, once elected, he visited one of his golf courses within two weeks and played round after round throughout his presidency. “

Evidently, this shows that although some may argue that involving in leisure activities such as golfing can distract from important political responsibilities, many still prioritize these recreational activities, even at high stakes positions like the presidency.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to balance work with leisure; enjoying a downtime helps promote productivity and positive mental health outcomes. As long as one satisfies their commitments responsibly while finding joy through small activities such as hiking or gardening- similar to how Trump found solace through him games despite backlash – indulging in recreations should be highly encouraged.

Trump’s Golfing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, many Americans have been struggling to make ends meet and follow social distancing guidelines. But one person who seems to be living a slightly different reality is President Donald Trump.

In fact, since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the US, Trump has found time to play golf 23 times – despite urging Americans to stay home and avoid gathering in large groups.

This has led to criticism from some quarters who see it as an irresponsible and selfish move on Trump’s part. With so many people dying or losing their jobs due to the virus, they argue that he should be focusing his efforts on finding solutions rather than playing golf.

“When there are millions of Americans out of work and fighting for their lives during this pandemic, spending your days playing golf instead of leading our country with empathy and resolve just shows how out-of-touch you really are, ” said Joe Biden, Trump’s opponent in the presidential election coming up next month.

Despite these criticisms, however, Trump still continues to prioritize his love for golf over doing what some might perceive as his duty as leader of the nation. It remains to be seen whether this will impact his chances at re-election come November.

Safety Precautions Taken

The number of times former President Donald Trump has gone golfing was a subject of controversy during his time in office. According to Golf News, Trump went on 298 golf trips throughout his presidency.

Despite this, safety precautions were still taken to ensure that the ex-president’s outings did not pose any threat to himself or others around him. One measure taken by the Secret Service was limiting the number of people who could accompany Trump during his golf games. This helped reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as well as minimise the disruption caused by having too many individuals present at once.

Another safety measure implemented was thorough security checks before and after each game. Vehicles, equipment and bags were screened constantly for suspicious items or occurrences. These measures help prevent potential threats from occurring and allow everyone involved in these outings to feel safe.

“The Secret Service takes all necessary steps to perform its protective responsibilities while ensuring our protectees are afforded every reasonable consideration, ” said Catherine Milhoan, Secret Service spokesperson

In summary, appropriate safety protocols enforced such as limiting crowds and conducting stringent security checks ensured that no harm befell former President Trump or those around him during his numerous golf trips while he served as president of the United States. “

Public Perception

The public perception of how many days Donald Trump has gone golfing during his tenure as President of the United States is not a positive one. In fact, some criticize him for spending too much time at golf courses rather than focusing on the job he was elected to do.

According to reports, Donald Trump went golfing 306 times in his four years as president. This number sparked controversy and criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. Some defended Trump’s love for golf and argued that it helped him relax and make important decisions while others accused him of neglecting his presidential duties.

“He can play golf all he wants. But when you’re the leader of the free world, every minute counts, ” expressed Jen Psaki, former White House Communications Director under Barack Obama.

In addition to criticisms over how often he played golf, there were also controversies about where he played. Many were outraged by Trump’s decision to visit and promote his own luxurious golf resorts during official trips abroad, which critics say showed conflicts of interest and unethical behavior.

So overall, while there may be some who support Trump’s passion for playing golf while president, most would agree that excessive amounts of “golf time” didn’t exactly help with improving his reputation or serving the country effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days has Trump gone golfing since he became president?

As of August 2020, President Trump has gone golfing 283 times since he took office in January 2017. This averages out to approximately once every five days. Trump has visited his golf courses in Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and Scotland, among other locations. The frequency of his golfing trips has been a source of controversy, with some critics arguing that he should spend more time focusing on his presidential duties.

How does Trump’s golfing schedule compare to other presidents?

Compared to many of his predecessors, President Trump’s golfing schedule is significantly more frequent. By August 2020, Trump had played golf 283 times in his first term in office. In comparison, President Obama played golf 98 times in his first term and 333 times during his two terms in office. President George W. Bush played golf 24 times in his first term and 102 times during his eight years in office. President Clinton played golf 174 times during his eight years in office.

How much does it cost taxpayers for Trump to go golfing?

The exact cost of President Trump’s golfing trips is difficult to determine, but it is estimated that each trip costs taxpayers millions of dollars. These costs include the expenses associated with transporting the president, security personnel, and other staff members to and from the golf course, as well as the cost of housing and feeding these individuals. Critics have argued that these expenses are excessive, especially given the frequency of Trump’s golfing trips and the fact that he often visits his own properties during these trips.

How do Trump’s supporters and critics view his golfing habits?

Trump’s supporters tend to view his golfing habits as a normal part of his presidency, arguing that he deserves time to relax and recharge after working long hours in the Oval Office. Critics, however, argue that the frequency of his golfing trips is excessive and that he is neglecting his duties as president. Some critics have also pointed out that Trump frequently criticized Obama for playing golf during his presidency, which they view as hypocritical.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Trump’s golfing schedule?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on President Trump’s golfing schedule. In March 2020, he stopped playing golf for several weeks as the pandemic began to spread across the United States. However, by May 2020, he had resumed his golfing trips, even as many states were still implementing social distancing measures and other restrictions. Some critics have argued that Trump’s decision to resume golfing during the pandemic sends the wrong message to the American public and shows a lack of leadership during a time of crisis.

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