How Much Has Trump’s Golf Games Cost? You Won’t Believe the Price Tag!

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Donald Trump’s love for golf is well known, and before he became President of the United States, he was a frequent golfer. During his time as president, it was no surprise that Trump continued to hit the greens. However, what may come as a shock are the costs associated with these games.

The Washington Post reported that by August 2019, Trump’s golf trips had cost taxpayers $110 million. This staggering amount covers things like Air Force One flights, Secret Service protection, and accommodations for staff and security personnel.

“It’s politically symbolic because the perception is that he’s not working… It legitimizes criticism that he isn’t working hard, ” said Trump biographer Gwenda Blair in an interview with The New York Times.

Despite his critics’ opinions on how often Trump should play golf while holding office at high expenses to taxpayers, there is no doubt that the former president loved spending time on the course. But just how much did those outings cost? Keep reading to find out.

The Trump Golf Empire

Since his inauguration in 2017, President Donald J. Trump has spent a considerable amount of time playing golf at his private courses across the United States. However, this luxurious pastime comes with a hefty price tag.

According to reports from Trump Golf Count, an organization that tracks the number of times Trump has visited his golf clubs and resorts as president, he has played approximately 296 rounds of golf since taking office. This equates to roughly $145 million in taxpayer money spent on both security costs for the president’s visits and accommodations for accompanying staff.

Additionally, Trump himself reportedly charges over $1 million per year for membership fees at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where he spends many weekends during the winter season playing golf and hosting events.

“I love golf; I think it’s one of the greats, ” Trump said in an interview with CNBC in 2015. “But I don’t have much time for playing because I’m running against a lot of people who want to become president. “

In comparison, former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were frequently criticized by Republicans for their own rounds of golf while in office, but estimates show they each cost taxpayers only around $10 million throughout their entire presidencies.

Overall, it appears President Trump’s frequent outings to his own properties are costing American taxpayers substantially more than any other modern US leader’s golf games before him.

From Courses to Clubs, His Golfing Business Ventures Explained

When it comes to golf courses and clubs in the United States, Donald Trump has certainly left his mark. Since taking over his father’s real estate business, he has built or acquired more than a dozen course properties across the country.

In addition to owning these properties, Trump has also commissioned golf course design work from several of the sport’s most respected architects. This includes Tom Fazio, whose redesign of Pine Hill Country Club was profiled by Golf Digest in 2015.

Trump’s interest in golf extends beyond just property ownership and development as well. He is a frequent player himself, with an estimated handicap that ranges anywhere from 3 to 9 depending on who you ask.

“I’m not a big fan of President Obama, ” said Trump during a campaign rally earlier this year. “But one thing I will say: he plays a lot better golf than I do. “

All of this begs the question: how much money has Trump spent on his love for the game? The answer is difficult to pin down exactly given the variety of business ventures involved here – but suffice it to say that we’re likely talking about hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars.

The Cost of Security

As President, Donald Trump has raised concerns over the cost and security implications of his frequent visits to golf courses owned by his family’s business. The issue pertains to how much taxpayers are paying for Trump’s protection at these locations.

In 2018 alone, it was reported that Trump’s golf trips have cost American taxpayers millions of dollars in security fees. According to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), covering four trips taken in early 2017, expenses totaled around $13. 6 million.

This includes costs for U. S. Secret Service agents who accompany the president on his travels, as well as other travel-related expenses incurred due to heightened security measures required when visiting frequently targeted places like Mar-a-Lago or Turnberry Golf Course.

“The problem with this isn’t just one trip – it’s every trip, ” said Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that monitors government spending. “Each time he goes out there it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. “

While some supporters argue that presidential vacation time is essential for maintaining mental sharpness and physical fitness during high-pressure roles- others point out that taxpayer money shouldn’t be paying for the exclusive entertainment choice of an individual – especially not without transparency into exactly what that money pays for.

Regardless of personal views on whether the golf outings serve any practical purpose or not-it can’t be ignored that having multiple residences comes at a hefty price tag at times including increased administration costs such as; secret service detail when residing in different states, staff overtime pay & operational costs potentially included with flying additional staffers/members.

How Much Taxpayers Have Spent on Protecting Trump While He Plays Golf

President Donald Trump is known for his frequent golf trips, with estimates suggesting that he has visited golf courses more than 300 times during his presidency. But how much have these visits cost taxpayers?

The answer is not clear-cut as the exact figures are protected by privacy laws. However, experts estimate that each trip to Mar-a-Lago, the President’s Florida resort where he often plays golf, costs taxpayers about $3. 4 million.

This figure takes into account the expenses of Air Force One flights, Secret Service protection, and other associated costs. It does not include additional expenses incurred by local governments for traffic control and increased law enforcement presence.

“Each time the president travels to one of their properties it imposes enormous strains on state and local security resources, ” said Noah Bookbinder, executive director at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

In addition to Mar-a-Lago, Trump also frequently visits his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. The costs associated with these trips are likely similar to those of Mar-a-Lago but could be higher due to the residential nature of Bedminster.

All combined, Trump’s golf games may have already cost taxpayers millions of dollars throughout his presidency.

The Number of Games Played

As we all know, Donald Trump is a well-known golf enthusiast and has played numerous games during his tenure as the President.

In fact, according to Golf News Net, since taking office on January 20, 2017, he has reportedly visited golf courses over 300 times and played an estimated total of around 200 rounds. That’s quite a lot!

This raises the question – how much have Trump’s golf games cost taxpayers?

“Trump’s frequent jaunts to his various properties have been met with criticism due to the high cost of security measures that need to be put in place each time he travels. “

In January 2020 alone, news reports suggested that President Trump spent approximately $1. 1 million on three separate trips to Mar-a-Lago Resort where he plays most of his golf games. This included costs for Secret Service protection, travel expenses for White House staff and other associated expenses related to the presidential trip, such as fuel for Air Force One.

Although exact figures are not known since they are kept confidential by the government agencies involved, it’s safe to say that President Trump’s love for playing golf comes at a considerable financial burden on U. S. taxpayers.

In conclusion, while there may be some benefits when world leaders connect through sports like golfing or any kind of game day activity might bond you more closely together; the true extent of those costs remains unknown and can only be speculated upon given all available evidence today!

A Breakdown of How Often Trump Has Played Golf as President

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is known for his love of golf. During his presidency, he frequently took trips to visit his various golf resorts across the country in order to play a round or two.

In total, Trump played golf at least 300 times during his four-year term as president. This accounts for roughly one-fifth of all the days he spent in office.

The cost of these frequent outings has been a topic of much debate and controversy. Reports estimate that each trip to Mar-a-Lago, one of Trump’s favorite golf clubs located in Florida, cost taxpayers around $3 million due to expenses such as transportation and security measures.

“When travel is necessitated by the president’s unique position, it should be limited, ” said Walter Shaub, former director of the US Office of Government Ethics. “But it appears this president feels no responsibility to curb spending. “

While there were certainly other factors that contributed to Trump’s high level of spending during his tenure as president, including events like rallies and visits abroad, many Americans remain concerned about how much their tax dollars went towards funding his personal activities and hobbies.

The Cost of Membership

When it comes to golf, many enthusiasts aspire to play at some of the world’s most prestigious courses. However, not everyone can afford the cost of membership fees or green fees for these exclusive clubs.

In recent news, there has been plenty of speculation surrounding the cost of former US President Donald Trump’s golf games during his time in office. According to reports by CNN, Trump’s frequent trips and personal use of Air Force One racked up a $142 million bill for travel alone – with much of this being attributed to his passion for playing golf.

But what about the costs associated with joining a club like one owned by Trump? Membership fees fluctuate depending on location, amenities, and exclusivity but they can easily reach six figures per year. For example, at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, initiation fees start at $200, 000 plus an annual fee of $14, 000.

“I’m going to be working for you, ” said Trump during a speech in August 2016 when he was running for president. “I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ” However, as we now know from various sources such as NPR and Washington Post reportage—Trump visited his own golf properties more than 400 times over four years. ”

Whether you’re a fan or critic of sporting activities like golf involving exorbitant prices compared neighboring sports facilities will always lead to discussions about the accumulation of individual spending habits leading constant economy debates around them.

How Much It Costs to Play at Trump-Owned Golf Courses

As a passionate golfer and businessman, Donald Trump owns several golf courses around the world. These golf courses are known for their luxurious facilities, high-end amenities, and beautiful landscapes. However, playing at any of these golf courses comes with a hefty price tag.

The cost of playing at one of the many prestigious Trump-owned golf courses varies depending on location and time of year. But generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere between $150-400 per round for 18 holes of golf.

If you’re looking for an extra-special experience, some Trump-owned properties offer VIP packages that include private caddies, exclusive access to certain areas on the course, and even helicopter transportation from nearby airports. Naturally, these experiences come with an even higher cost – often exceeding thousands of dollars per day.

“I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ” – Donald Trump

Ultimately, only those willing to shell out big bucks or receive special invitations from Mr. Trump himself get the chance to tee off on one of his renowned courses. But if you can afford it or manage to snag an invitation, be prepared for an unforgettable experience in the world of luxury golfing.

The Environmental Impact

Trump’s golf games have caused a significant environmental impact both locally and globally. The courses require extensive maintenance, fertilization and pesticide use which in turn lead to soil and water pollution.

Besides polluting the environment, Trump’s constant travel for his golf needs has resulted in an increase of greenhouse gas emissions as he uses vehicles or airplanes that cause air pollution. His choice to frequently frequent places such as Scotland has also drawn criticism from environmentalists, who argue that despite the ecological significance of these sites they continue to be further damaged by increased tourist footprints and carbon emissions due to travelers flocking there year after year.

“Nature itself is under threat with so many developments going on [due] to tourism, ” said Prof James Curran of Edinburgh University, before highlighting how Scotland had some of the lowest areas of land left untouched compared to other countries in Europe.

All this puts a burden on local residents’ shoulders since national taxpayers take care of most golf course preservation costs out-of-pocket – something several citizens around Mar-a-Lago (the luxurious Palm Beach resort owned by President Trump) protested against when it was discovered that annual treatments were costing $334k each time but still being paid mostly through public funding.

In addition, this cost does not even cover repairing hurricane damages that cause beach erosion near Mar-A-Largo either: “We’ve lost half our beach, ” says former Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis, “The money we’ve spent at Mar-A-Lago could have restored our beaches!”

Indeed it seems all too clear what kind of influence $339m worth investments over years-in-the-making renovations might wield upon election outcomes – regardless of any fallout headed towards Earth in the process.

How Trump’s Golf Courses Have Affected Local Ecosystems

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States and a well-known golfer, has various golf courses worldwide that are widely visited by tourists. However, these golf courses have caused some concerns in relation to their impact on local ecosystems.

In Scotland, where Trump owns two major golf courses, he built them despite protests from locals who worried about the disturbance it would create for birds’ natural habitats. As a result, areas within 500 meters of his Scottish properties were identified as possessing high conservation importance.

In addition, according to data provided by The New York Times, trees on more than 400 acres throughout five of Mr. Trump’s six golf courses in Florida have been eradicated or severely trimmed since 2014—substantially exceeding what would typically be recommended even under rules put forward by powerful business and real estate lobbying groups like Floridians Unite for Our Rights advocates.

“Pesticides used on the greens can leach into groundwater sources such as streams through drainage channels if not applied properly, ” says David Vogel a professor at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

The chemicals used to care for large expanses of grass have reportedly already had serious negative impacts on animal populations. Water samples obtained near Riviera Beach’s only country club found elevated levels of zinc, phosphorous and nitrogen in small fish-eating waterbirds known as chicks – all linked with possible direct effects connected to pesticides utilized nearby


In conclusion, while owning businesses is important for boosting an economy locally and globally regardless of its environmental drawbacks but contemplating whether potentially catastrophic environmental destruction should warrant economic gain must also happen especially when there are ecologically-friendly ways alternatives available.

The Presidential Precedent

Presidents of the United States are known for taking vacations and getting away from the White House, with golfing being a popular pastime. However, President Trump’s frequent trips to his own golf courses has been met with controversy surrounding the cost.

According to multiple sources, including CBS News and USA Today, in his first year as president Trump logged 91 days at one of his golf properties. This equates to roughly one out of every four days he spent in office.

In addition, Politico reported that each trip to Mar-a-Lago costs an estimated $3 million dollars in taxpayer money. Considering he made seven weekend trips there within his first 100 days in office alone, it quickly adds up.

“It is unprecedented for a president to have so many conflicts-of-interests issues and contact with lobbyists or executives who may be looking for favors. “

This statement by Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), highlights not only the financial concerns but also potential ethical dilemmas surrounding mixing business interests with presidential duties.

Overall, while Presidents enjoying recreational activities such as golf is nothing new, the frequency and associated expenses of President Trump’s trips raises questions about both spending habits and possible conflicts-of-interest.

How Previous Presidents Have Handled Golfing While in Office

Previous U. S. presidents have had varying approaches when it comes to golfing while in office.

George W. Bush was an avid golfer, but he stopped playing for some time after the start of the Iraq War out of respect for fallen soldiers and their families.

Barack Obama loved golf as well and often played on weekends or during vacations with close friends and staff members. However, he received criticism from Republicans who felt that his frequent outings were inappropriate given the nation’s economic situation at the time.

Bill Clinton also enjoyed playing golf, often teeing off with celebrities and political figures. He reportedly used golf as a way to network and make deals with those he played alongside, including foreign leaders like Boris Yeltsin.

“I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander-in-chief playing golf… And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal, ” said Barack Obama about George W. Bush’s decision to halt his golfing temporarily during the Iraq War.

In contrast, Donald Trump has made headlines for frequently visiting one of his many golf courses while holding office – leaving some wondering how much these trips are costing taxpayers each year.

The costs associated with President Trump’s visits to his own properties remain unclear, however reports suggest they could be upwards of $100 million since becoming president.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money has Trump spent on golfing during his presidency?

According to the website, as of August 2020, President Trump has spent over $134 million on golf trips during his presidency. This includes trips to his own golf courses as well as other golf resorts.

What is the estimated cost of security for Trump’s golf outings?

The estimated cost of security for Trump’s golf outings is around $1. 1 million per trip, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office. This includes the cost of transportation, lodging, and other expenses for Secret Service agents who accompany the president.

How does Trump’s golfing expenses compare to those of previous presidents?

Trump’s golfing expenses are significantly higher than those of previous presidents. For example, President Obama’s golfing expenses were estimated to be around $114 million during his two terms in office, while President Trump has already spent over $134 million on golf trips in just over three years.

What is the breakdown of expenses for Trump’s golf trips (e. g. transportation, lodging, etc. )?

While exact breakdowns are not always available, it is known that transportation costs for Trump’s golf trips are significant. This includes the cost of Air Force One, as well as the cost of other planes and helicopters used to transport the president and his staff. Additionally, there are costs associated with lodging, food, and security for the president and his entourage.

Has Trump’s golfing impacted the federal budget? If so, how?

Yes, Trump’s golfing has had an impact on the federal budget. The cost of transportation, security, and other expenses associated with his golf trips are paid for by taxpayers. Additionally, there are concerns that the president’s frequent absences from the White House could impact his ability to perform his duties as president effectively.

What is the public opinion on Trump’s frequent golf outings and their cost?

Public opinion on Trump’s golf outings is mixed. Some people believe that as president, he is entitled to take breaks and pursue leisure activities like golfing. Others are concerned about the cost of these trips, particularly given Trump’s frequent visits to his own golf courses. There are also concerns that the president’s frequent golfing may be a distraction from his duties in the White House.

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