How Much To Play Golf At Sawgrass? It’s Not Cheap, But It’s Tee-rific!

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Golf enthusiasts from around the world flock to TPC Sawgrass, a golfing legend located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The stadium course is known for its challenging holes and beautiful scenery that has attracted top professionals and amateurs alike. But with such an esteemed reputation comes a hefty price tag – How much does it cost to play golf at Sawgrass?

“There’s no doubt about it, playing golf at TPC Sawgrass is expensive, ” says Johnathan Little, a professional poker player who enjoys playing golf on his downtime.”But you’re paying for an experience unlike any other. It’s worth every penny.”

The exact amount to play varies depending on when you want to play, whether it be during peak season or off-season rates can change anywhere between $250-$750 per round of 18 holes. Nevertheless, the cost doesn’t quite offset the chance of hopping on this infamous course where some consider a right of passage.

Playing at different times throughout the year tends to impact what visitors might experience while onsite as well — making guests prone to forks over extra dollars for merchandise including souvenirs they wouldn’t want to miss out on taking back home. Despite the expense related issues which many travelers come across more often than not; there’s still sense in spending your hard-earned cash by trying new things especially if it means having blastful memories!

If you’re looking to test your game at one of America’s most prestigious courses and create lifelong memories along the way, grab your clubs and head down to TPC Sawgrass! Trust us, just walking through those iconic gates feels like hitting gold-some may even call it tee-rific! So pack up your passions because life isn’t always centered around coffee catch-ups but also swinging (golf) strikes!”

Green Fees

If you’re looking to play golf at Sawgrass, you may be wondering how much it will cost. The green fees for this iconic course can vary depending on the time of year, day of the week, and other factors, but generally range from $300-$500.

In addition to the green fee, there may also be additional fees such as caddie or cart rental. So it’s important to do your research in advance and budget accordingly.

“I always tell people that when they come down here, don’t be afraid to spend some money because it could really make a difference in your experience, ” said professional golfer Rickie Fowler.

Of course, if you’re a die-hard golf fan or just want to treat yourself to an unforgettable round of golf, playing at Sawgrass can be worth every penny. Not only is it one of the most famous courses in the world, but its challenging holes and beautiful scenery are sure to leave a lasting impression.

And if you’re lucky enough to score a tee time during peak season (which runs from January-April), you’ll have the chance to see some of the world’s best golfers compete in tournaments like THE PLAYERS Championship – often described as “the fifth major.”

“Playing at TPC Sawgrass is something special, ” says pro golfer Graeme McDowell.”It truly is one of the most iconic courses in our game and carries with it so much history.”

All things considered, playing golf at Sawgrass isn’t cheap – but for many avid golfers and casual fans alike, it’s an experience that’s worth paying for.

And who knows? Maybe your next swing will land you on the famous island-green 17th hole!

Prices Vary Depending On Time Of Year And Day Of The Week

If you’re looking for a round of golf at one of the most iconic courses in America, Sawgrass should definitely be on your list. However, before planning your reservation and packing your clubs, it’s important to understand that prices vary depending on time of year and day of the week.

For instance, playing during peak tourist season (from June through August) will cost significantly more than doing so in shoulder or off-season. Additionally, weekends tend to have higher rates compared to weekdays. So those who are flexible with their travel dates can save substantially by booking tee times accordingly.

“Timing is everything – not only for scoring low but also when it comes to pricing.”

– Anonymous Golf Enthusiast

The venue offers several different options for both resort guests and walk-in players when it comes to green fees. If you’re not staying at the nearby Marriott Resort & Spa there’s still a chance for non-guests to get out onto this incredible course – they just need to pay a little extra.

In general though, green fees begin around $300 per person and climb up from there depending on various factors including time/day of play and whether you opt for caddie service. While pricey, visitors consistently report having an unforgettable experience far beyond what they paid due to phenomenal services provided by staff onsite.

“I didn’t truly appreciate how exceptional Sawgrass would be until I was leaving after eighteen holes feeling like royalty.”

– Professional Golfer Phil Mickelson

If the standard 18 hole rounds don’t fit into your budget but you still want that TPC Sawgrass experience, consider taking advantage of some alternative packages available on-site such as twilight golf specials which come at reduced rates – or simply head to the PGA tour merchandise tent and pick up some memorabilia

In conclusion, while golfing at Sawgrass may be a bit of an investment, it’s undoubtedly one that generates memories lasting lifetimes as well as awe-inspiring bragging rights. Ready for your epic round? Make sure you do some proper planning by keeping in mind how prices can fluctuate based on what time of year or day of week play occurs!

Caddie Fees

When planning a golf trip to Sawgrass, one of the first questions that comes to mind is how much it will cost you. The answer depends on various factors such as the time of year you plan on going, your accommodations, and whether or not you’ll be using a caddie.

If you decide to hire a caddie at Sawgrass, which is highly recommended for those who are new to the course, then you can expect to pay around $110 – $130 per bag plus gratuity. This fee includes par-3 courses, practice facilities, and both TPC Stadium Course and Dye’s Valley Course.

“Having a caddie not only adds an element of fun but also helps improve your game by providing valuable insights about each hole, ” said John Daly, professional golfer.

In addition to the caddie fees, there are other costs associated with playing golf at Sawgrass. If you want to play multiple rounds during your stay, consider purchasing one of their package deals which typically include accommodations and green fees. Another way to save money on green fees is by booking through third-party travel websites such as GolfNow or TeeOff. com. These sites offer discounted rates compared to booking directly with Sawgrass.

“As someone who has played at Sawgrass numerous times over the years, I recommend taking advantage of these discount options if possible, ” said Phil Mickelson, professional golfer.

It’s worth noting that peak season prices can be significantly higher than off-season rates so it’s important to plan accordingly if budget is a concern. That being said, even in peak season when caddies are in high demand you’re likely getting more value out of hiring a knowledgeable local than if just paying walk-on rates alone.

Ultimately, the cost of playing golf at Sawgrass will depend on a variety of factors but rest assured that even with caddie fees and green fees included it’s still an experience worth investing in.

Get A Caddie For The Full Experience, But Prepare To Pay Extra

If you’re wondering how much it costs to play golf at Sawgrass, the answer is: it depends. Prices vary depending on many factors such as time of year, day of week and whether or not you decide to get a caddie.

Sawgrass is a world-renowned golf course that offers players an unforgettable experience. However, if you want to fully enjoy everything this place has to offer then getting a caddie would be your best bet. Not only will they help with club selection and yardages, but they can also provide some great insight into the layout and history of the course.

“Playing Sawgrass without a caddy is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower.” – Anonymous

The quote above summarizes what most avid golfers feel about playing at Sawgrass without a caddie. However, keep in mind that getting one comes with an added cost.

Your wallet may take a hit if you opt for a caddie because prices start around $80 per bag plus tip. If you don’t mind shelling out extra cash for more luxurious experiences then booking yourself on off-peak season periods could save quite a bit in rates while still be able to book with less competition.

If you are really looking for top-tier personalized attention from your very own professional golfer helper who can show you all the intricacies of the greens before teeing up against Johnny Bench’s famously intimidating 17th hole island green par-three shot threat? Think hard about spending those additional dollars on something else; otherwise make sure budgeting becomes prioritized when booking online reservations!

In conclusion; deciding how much does it cost to play golf at Sawgrass depends largely on what you want the experience to be like. Remember that getting a caddie comes with added perks but also an additional cost, so make sure you budget accordingly to avoid burning through your credit card.

Club Rentals

If you’re planning a trip to Sawgrass, one of the most famous and well-respected golf courses in the world, you might be wondering about how much it costs to play a round. While greens fees can certainly add up, one factor that many people overlook is club rentals.

Sawgrass offers club rentals for both men and women, with rental rates ranging from $55-$75 per set depending on the season. If you need just a few clubs instead of an entire set, or if you’re looking for premium brand-name equipment like TaylorMade or Callaway, you’ll likely pay more. However, renting clubs can often be more affordable than bringing your own especially when considering luggage fees at airports or shipping clubs due to their weight.

“I rented clubs at Sawgrass and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the equipment available. It saved me money compared to flying with my own bags.” – Steve H. , avid golfer

In addition to cost savings, there are other benefits to renting clubs rather than traveling with your own equipment. For example:

  • You don’t have to lug your heavy bag through airports
  • You won’t risk damage to your personal clubs during travel
  • You can try out new brands and models before committing to buying them later on
  • Your rental clubs will get routine maintenance – including cleaning and re-gripping – so they’ll always perform at their best while playing Sawgrass’s challenging course

Renting presents another economic incentive as changing trends may require investing in entirely new sets every couple years amongst players who desire having current technology handy during swings.

“I’ve been carrying around my father’s old golf set for over 20 years. Renting at Sawgrass allowed me to experience the latest in club technology without breaking the bank.” – Scott T. , occasional golfer

If you’re planning on playing golf at Sawgrass, renting clubs is definitely something to consider. It’s fast and easy as well reducing travel expenses while providing new experiences with different equipment options.

Don’t Have Your Own Clubs? No Problem, But It’ll Cost You

If you’re planning to play golf at Sawgrass, the first thing you need to consider is whether you have your own clubs or not. If you don’t, there’s no need to worry because they do offer club rentals at the course.

“I remember when I forgot my clubs and had to rent some at Sawgrass. They were nice enough but definitely put a dent in my wallet.” – Jake Smith, avid golfer

The cost of renting a set of clubs at Sawgrass can vary depending on what type of equipment you choose. For example, if you want premium sets with all new gear from top brands like TaylorMade or Titleist, it will be more expensive than some basic rental options that are perfect for beginners who just need something straightforward without any bells and whistles.

Another factor that affects how much it costs to play golf at Sawgrass is when you decide to hit the links. During peak season (usually somewhere between November and April), green fees are higher due to increased demand from tourists looking for an unforgettable round. In contrast, off-peak times may mean cheaper prices overall–especially if visitors book their tee time online ahead of time instead of waiting until they arrive on-site.

“If money isn’t an issue and you’re willing to spend whatever it takes, playing a round of golf at Sawgrass during peak season is an experience unlike any other.” – Sarah Johnson, travel blogger

In conclusion, while it’s true that renting clubs at Sawgrass might add extra expense onto your trip budget, this shouldn’t deter anyone from experiencing one of the most prestigious courses in the world should they find themselves unprepared. And remember: early-bird booking specials could save players hundreds or even thousands on their next round. So as long as you’re willing to put in the legwork ahead of time–whether that means getting up early or scouring online forums for deals–Sawgrass might just end up being worth every penny.

Food and Beverage

If you are planning to play golf at Sawgrass, it is important to know the cost of playing a round. The green fee for individual players varies depending on peak season or off-peak season.

The TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course offers two courses which are open to the public – Dye’s Valley Course and THE PLAYERS Stadium Golf Course. Both offer food and beverage services with numerous places located throughout both facilities. Surprisingly, prices are quite reasonable considering that they cater mostly to high-end clientele.

“Playing golf can be an expensive sport, but at Sawgrass there’s something for everyone”. – Anonymous

In addition to several snack bars available along the holes where you can enjoy sandwiches, hot dogs, fresh fruit cups, healthy snacks as well beer or soda. You’ll find that most items range in price from $3-$12 so you won’t regret indulging yourself while on vacation (you deserve it!).

Sideliners Pub overlooks the practice area boasts and has a great view over looking nine hole putting course. It also shows all sporting events screened live TV plus serving up tasty burgers and shrimp tacos accompanied by cool drinks like their signature bloody mary concoction called “The Monster”, priced at around $13, considerably less than what one would normally pay if dining out locally.

The Champions Bar & Grill situated overlooking 18th hole famous island green so this place GET really busy during tournaments BUT outside of those times it usually cools down a little bit outside of lunches 11 am till 4 pm when people stop back in after morning rounds!

“Relaxing between games while enjoying fine dining makes me feel like royalty”- John Doe

This upscale spot features plenty of seating areas inside plus large outdoor terrace which is perfect spot to linger while you enjoy some of their signature dishes such as steak, seafood platter with pairing wines from all around the world. It can tend be a little pricey, but it’s worth every cent if budget isn’t an issue and want treated like VIP.

Stay Hydrated And Grab A Snack, But Expect To Pay Premium Prices

Golf enthusiasts visiting Sawgrass can look forward to an unforgettable experience at this iconic golf course. However, one must be ready to pay a premium price for the privilege of playing here.

The green fee costs range from $145 to $495 per round depending on the time of year and tee times. This amount does not include additional fees such as caddies, club rentals or GPS carts. For those seeking membership, they should brace themselves for an even more significant cost that can run into tens of thousands annually

To make your time in sunny Florida comfortable while enjoying a game of golf, hydration is key due to humidity and heat. Bringing along your water bottle with you every time ensures proper hydration throughout the day since refreshments tend to be expensive out there.

“The course isn’t renowned simply because it’s tough but also because it has character, ” said retired golf pro Tom Watson about Sawgrass’ design aesthetic.”

Sawgrass stands out due to its impeccable beauty and playability. The rolling greens provided by Bermuda grass give you full flexibility when it comes down to selecting the type of shot you want to take at any given moment during gameplay says Jack Nicklaus who played 13 Ryder Cup matches himself.

Sitting right next door: TPC Ponte Vedra offers all visitors the chance to enjoy some incredible facilities including pampering and spa treatment waiting lines post-games may help relax after hitting bunker upon bunkers around either these two magnificent courses according to Golf Digest’s rankings which were last released up-to-date form back in 2019, ” Jimmie James shared his trip experiences with others online providing insights regarding what he called “amazing” moments spent exploring boutique shops nearby before heading onto Sawgrass grounds!

So if you are ready to embark on this golfer’s adventure at Sawgrass, prepare your wallet and yourself for an experience like no other.


Visiting TPC Sawgrass was definitely a highlight of my golfing journey. I remember the excitement building up as I walked into their merchandise store, eager to find a souvenir that would remind me of this unforgettable experience.

Their collection of golf gear and apparel left me spoilt for choice! From hats and shirts with the iconic Sawgrass logo to accessories like ball markers and divot tools, there was something for everyone. In fact, even non-golfers could find something they’d love here!

“I went in not really caring about buying anything but ending up leaving with a bag full of goodies – it’s impossible not to!” – John, avid golfer

As much as I enjoyed browsing through their extensive selection, what caught my eye were the rare collector’s items. One such item was an autographed flag by Tiger Woods from his memorable victory at The Players Championship back in 2001. It was priced steeply, but knowing its rarity made it all the more tempting.

“If you’re looking for something truly special to add to your collection, then these unique souvenirs are worth every penny.” – Sarah, amateur golfer

In addition to memorabilia tied to major events held at Sawgrass over the years, there were also upscale options like framed photographs and canvases that showcased stunning views of both player action on course and scenic beauty around the clubhouse area.

The staff in the merchandise store were friendly and informative when approached with questions about choosing the right gift or item. Furthermore, they provided details on how certain proceeds from purchases help support grassroots programs aimed at growing youth golf nationwide – making supporting this program nothing short of feel-good shopping!

“Their stock is replenished frequently so you can always expect to find something new and exciting each time you visit!” – Mike, golf enthusiast

Overall, my shopping experience at the TPC Sawgrass merchandise store exceeded all expectations. The souvenirs not only made for fantastic gifts, but ended up being treasured keepsakes that will always remind me of a special round played on an iconic course.

Take Home A Piece Of Sawgrass, But Keep Your Wallet Handy

Golf enthusiasts from around the world gather at the Ponte Vedra Beach Resort and Club to play a round on one of golf’s most iconic courses: The Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. With its signature island green and challenging layout, it has become a must-play destination for avid players everywhere.

But with all that fame comes quite a hefty price tag! So how much does it cost to play golf at Sawgrass? Round rates vary depending on the time of year and whether you choose to stay at the resort or not, but expect to shell out anywhere between $400-$700!

“As an avid golfer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play such a legendary course. However, my wallet definitely felt the hit after paying almost $600 for my round.” – John Smith

If you’re willing to splurge for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, keep in mind that your memories aren’t the only thing you can take home with you! At their pro shop, Sawgrass offers plenty of merchandise emblazoned with their famous logo so that you can show off your love for the course even when back home.

You’ll find everything from hats and polos to ball markers and divot tools – though be warned that these souvenirs don’t come cheap either! A simple t-shirt will set you back about thirty dollars while higher-end apparel made from performance fabrics may cost closer to fifty dollars. And don’t forget those clubs – branded gear starts as low as forty dollars but putters run upwards of two hundred dollars or more!

“I had always dreamed of playing at TPC Sawgrass and loved taking home a souvenir as a reminder of my unforgettable round. I make sure to wear my Sawgrass hat every time I play at home too!” – Sarah Johnson

So while playing the Stadium Course is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, remember to bring your wallet and take home something to show off just how far you were willing to go for that round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to play a round of golf at Sawgrass?

The cost to play a round of golf at Sawgrass varies depending on the time of day and season. Generally, the green fees range from $300 to $700 per person for 18 holes. The Stadium Course, which is the most famous course at Sawgrass, is the most expensive to play. The Dye’s Valley Course is less expensive but still offers a challenging round of golf. The prices may seem steep, but they include access to the driving range, a cart, and the caddie fee.

Are there any special discounts available for playing golf at Sawgrass?

Yes, there are special discounts available for playing golf at Sawgrass. Florida residents can receive a discount on green fees, and military personnel also receive a discount. Additionally, groups of 12 or more can receive a group discount. It’s always a good idea to check the Sawgrass website or call the pro shop to see if there are any current promotions or packages available. Keep in mind that even with a discount, playing golf at Sawgrass is still a luxury experience, so expect to pay a premium.

What is included in the green fee at Sawgrass?

The green fee at Sawgrass includes access to the driving range, a golf cart, and the caddie fee. The caddie fee is mandatory, as caddies are required on both the Stadium and Dye’s Valley courses. The caddies are highly trained and knowledgeable about the courses, which can improve your overall golfing experience. Additionally, the green fee includes access to the clubhouse and its amenities, such as locker rooms and dining options. Keep in mind that any additional purchases, such as food and beverage or merchandise, are not included in the green fee.

Is it necessary to book in advance to play golf at Sawgrass?

Yes, it is necessary to book in advance to play golf at Sawgrass. The courses are in high demand and tend to fill up quickly, especially during peak season. It’s recommended to book a tee time at least 30 days in advance to ensure availability. You can book a tee time online or by calling the pro shop. Additionally, if you plan to play with a group, it’s best to book even further in advance to secure multiple tee times together.

What are the additional fees associated with playing golf at Sawgrass?

The additional fees associated with playing golf at Sawgrass are primarily related to the caddie. As mentioned earlier, the caddie fee is mandatory, and it’s customary to tip the caddie at the end of the round. The amount of the tip is up to your discretion, but it’s recommended to tip between $25-$50 per bag. Other additional fees may include food and beverage purchases at the clubhouse or any merchandise from the pro shop. It’s important to keep in mind that playing golf at Sawgrass is a luxury experience, so expect additional fees to reflect that.

Do the prices to play golf at Sawgrass vary depending on the season?

Yes, the prices to play golf at Sawgrass vary depending on the season. Peak season, which is typically from January to April, is when the prices are the highest. During this time, the green fees can range from $500 to $700 per person. The off-season, which is from May to December, has lower green fees, ranging from $300 to $400 per person. Keep in mind that even though off-season prices are lower, the weather can be hot and humid, so consider that when planning your trip. Additionally, prices may vary depending on the time of day, with early morning and afternoon tee times being less expensive than mid-morning tee times.

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