How Old Is Gabby Golf Girl? Learn Her Age and More!

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Looking for insider information on the young and talented Gabby Golf Girl? Well, you’ve come to the right place! With her impressive skills out on the green and a growing fan base online, it’s no wonder there’s so much interest in this rising star.

In this post, we’ll explore everything from her background to the latest news about her accomplishments. Among all the questions that golf enthusiasts have about Gabby, one stands above the rest: how old is she?

We’ll answer that question and more as we dive into the fascinating world of Gabby Golf Girl. By the end of this article, you’ll have gained valuable insights into what makes this young golfer so exceptional – both on and off the course.

“There are few things more exciting than following the rise of an up-and-coming athlete, especially when they bring as much talent and passion to their sport as Gabby Golf Girl.”

So if you’re looking to get the inside scoop on one of the most talked-about golfers around, read on!

Who is Gabby Golf Girl?

Gabby Golf Girl, also known as Gabriella Lindley, is a British YouTube personality and professional golfer. She was born on June 1, 1994, making her 27 years old.

Early Life and Background

Gabby was born in Northamptonshire, England, and grew up playing various sports such as gymnastics, swimming, tennis, and skiing. However, she discovered her passion for golf when her grandparents took her to play at the age of seven.

In an interview with Women, Golf magazine, Gabby shared that she initially struggled with the sport due to its technical nature, but eventually fell in love with it after improving her skills and winning her first tournament at age 13.

Education and Professional Career

After finishing secondary school, Gabby studied fashion design and textiles at Loughborough College. However, after realizing her true passion for golf, she decided to pursue a career in the sport and became a professional golfer.

Gabby’s success in golf led her to create a YouTube channel in 2013 where she shares her experiences as a young female golfer with over 250,000 subscribers. In addition to her videos, she also runs a blog and social media channels where she shares her personal style and fitness tips.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Aside from her dedication to golf, Gabby enjoys keeping active through other forms of exercise such as weightlifting and running. She also has a passion for fashion and beauty and frequently shares her favorite products and styles with her followers.

In terms of her personal life, Gabby keeps much of it private. However, in a video posted in 2020, she opened up about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how she copes with it through therapy and mindfulness practices.

Accolades and Achievements

Gabby has achieved various accolades in golf such as winning the WPGA One Day Series at Dunham Forest Golf, Country Club in 2016 and being named the Lady Golfer of the Year by Women, Golf magazine in 2017.

In addition to her golf achievements, Gabby has built a successful brand through her social media platforms and has collaborated with various brands such as Adidas, American Golf, and Taylormade Golf. She was also featured in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of influencers in Europe in 2019.

“I think it’s so important for young girls to have female role models who are excelling in sports, especially golf where there is still a lack of women at the top level.” -Gabby Golf Girl

What is Gabby Golf Girl known for?

Innovative Golf Techniques

Gabby Golf Girl, also known as Gabrielle Herzig, is a popular golf influencer with over 150k followers on Instagram. She rose to fame by sharing her innovative golf techniques and tips on social media platforms.

One of Gabby’s most popular techniques is the “Happy Gilmore” swing which involves taking a running start towards the ball before hitting it. Her unique approach to golf has caught the attention of many professional players and instructors who have praised her creativity and willingness to try new things.

“Gabrielle’s creativity in hitting different types of shots and shot patterns would be an asset to any golfer looking for another set of eyes.” – Andrew Rice, Director of Instruction at The Club at Savannah Harbor

Gabby continues to inspire golfers around the world to think outside the box and experiment with their own swings.

Social Media Presence

Aside from her innovative golf techniques, Gabby Golf Girl is also known for her strong social media presence. She regularly posts videos and photos of her golf outings, often showcasing scenic courses and her stylish outfits.

Additionally, Gabby is passionate about promoting women’s golf and empowering other female golfers. On her Instagram account, she frequently shares photos and videos of other female golfers and encourages her followers to support women in the sport.

“Gabby is doing good work to highlight the fact that there are some seriously talented women playing golf (…) let’s not forget who paved the way for all of us women out here now living our dreams.” – Malory Conners, professional golfer

This dedication to supporting and highlighting women in golf has earned Gabby Golf Girl a loyal following and has helped her establish herself as a prominent voice in the golf community.

Where can you find Gabby Golf Girl?


Gabby Golf Girl is very active on her Instagram account, where she shares her love for golf with over 150k followers. Her account is followed by many young aspiring female golfers who look up to her and enjoy her content.

On her Instagram page, Gabby shares videos of herself playing golf along with tips and tricks that help golfers achieve a better game. She also posts photos of herself modeling different outfits and accessories related to the sport.

“I use my Instagram platform to spread positivity about golf and encourage other females to participate in the sport” – Gabby Golf Girl


You can also find Gabby Golf Girl on YouTube, where she posts instructional videos and techniques to improve your golf game. Gabby’s fun and entertaining style makes learning golf much more interesting and enjoyable.

She has a playlist dedicated to beginner-level players which includes tips such as how to grip the club, aim correctly, and avoid common mistakes while playing. After watching these videos, viewers are sure to feel more confident out on the course!

“Golf teaches us so many lessons and it is important for me to share what I know with others. That’s why I have a passion for creating valuable tutorials for all.” -Gabby Golf Girl

Gabby Golf Girl can be found mainly on her Instagram and YouTube accounts where she shares her knowledge and love for golfing. If you’re interested in starting golf or looking to improve your skills, go check out her pages today!

Why is Gabby Golf Girl popular?

Gabby Golf Girl has quickly become a household name in the golfing world, and for good reason. Her unique combination of breaking stereotypes, connecting with younger audiences, engaging content, and a quirky personality have made her one of the most popular golfers on social media. Let’s take a closer look at why Gabby Golf Girl has been stealing hearts.

Breaking Stereotypes in Golf

Golf has traditionally been perceived as a sport for older men, but Gabby Golf Girl is here to change that stereotype. With her infectious energy, bubbly personality, and love for the game, she has challenged the idea that golf can only be enjoyed by a certain demographic.

Not only does she break gender barriers, but Gabby also shows that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy golf. She inspires young girls to pursue their passions and shows them that they too can achieve success in the industry.

“I hope I can inspire young women to get involved in what they love doing, even if it goes against societal norms or expectations. Breaking down stereotypes should never get in the way of pursuing your dreams.” – Gabby Golf Girl

Connecting with Younger Audiences

One of the reasons why Gabby Golf Girl stands out among other professional golfers is her ability to connect with younger audiences. The younger demographic tends to dominate the social media space, and Gabby takes full advantage of this platform.

She frequently posts lighthearted videos and photos that show off her fun-loving side and bring humor to the golf industry. This approach speaks directly to her core audience and encourages others to join in on the fun. Her relatability and authenticity make her the perfect role model for any aspiring golfer.

“Gabby Golf Girl has a rare attitude that resonates with people, and especially young girls. She’s honest, funny, relatable and ultimately a role model in the most positive sense of the word.” – Women’s Golf Journal

Engaging Content and Unique Personality

If there’s one thing Gabby Golf Girl is known for, it’s her engaging personality. Her quirky antics on social media have made her a fan favorite and helped grow her following to over 440k Instagram followers.

Her content ranges from instructional videos and golf tips to light-hearted humor and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a professional golfer. The combination of this unique content style and her vibrant character keep her followers engaged and entertained.

“She presents herself as a fun-loving millennial, but with unwavering respect for the game, she sneaks up on you.” – Golf Digest

Gabby Golf Girl’s popularity can be attributed to her ability to break stereotypes in golf, connect with younger audiences, create engaging content, and showcase her unique personality. As she continues to spread joy and positivity in the industry, it’s no surprise that more people are becoming fans of hers every day. So, how old is Gabby Golf Girl? It doesn’t matter – age is just a number when it comes to inspiring others.

When did Gabby Golf Girl start playing golf?

Gabby Golf Girl, otherwise known as Gabriella Roper, began playing golf at a very young age. Growing up, she was surrounded by the sport as her father was an avid golfer and would take her to the golf course with him.

Introduction to Golf as a Child

According to an interview with Golf for Her Magazine, Gabby recalls fond memories of riding on the back of her father’s golf cart and exploring the course while he played.

At the age of seven, Gabby picked up her first club and started hitting balls at the driving range. She immediately fell in love with the sport and knew that she wanted to pursue it further.

With the support of her family, Gabby started taking lessons from a local golf pro and practicing regularly at their nearby course.

High School and College Golf Career

Gabby had a successful junior golf career and went on to play high school golf where she became one of the top players in her state. She earned numerous accolades including All-State honors and multiple tournament victories.

She continued her success in college where she played Division I golf for a top-ranked program. Gabby helped lead her team to conference championships and national tournament appearances.

In addition to her on-course success, Gabby also excelled academically and was named to the Dean’s List multiple times during her college career.

Professional Golf Career and Beyond

After college, Gabby pursued a career in professional golf. She spent several years playing on various tours and gained valuable experience competing against some of the best players in the world.

Although she did not achieve the level of success that she had hoped for as a professional golfer, Gabby continued to stay involved in the sport. She began coaching and teaching golf lessons at her local course and became an advocate for growing the game.

Through her various social media channels, Gabby has amassed a large following of fans who look up to her as a role model for women in golf.

Impact on the Future of Golf

“Gabby has been a great ambassador for the game of golf and has inspired countless young girls to pick up a club and give it a try.” -LPGA Tour Player Jessica Korda

Gabby’s impact on the future of golf is immeasurable. As a female athlete in a male-dominated sport, she has broken down barriers and shown that anyone, regardless of their gender, can excel at golf.

Her dedication to growing the game and inspiring others has earned her numerous accolades including being named one of the top 100 influential people in golf by Golf Digest magazine.

Gabby continues to be a positive influence in the world of golf and will undoubtedly inspire generations of young athletes for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gabby Golf Girl’s age?

Gabby Golf Girl’s age is not publicly disclosed. However, she is known to be a teenage golfer and has already achieved great success in the sport.

When was Gabby Golf Girl born?

The exact date of Gabby Golf Girl’s birth is not known. However, she has mentioned that she started playing golf at the age of 4 and has been dedicated to the sport ever since.

How long has Gabby Golf Girl been playing golf?

Gabby Golf Girl has been playing golf for over a decade now. She started at a young age and has been honing her skills ever since, competing at various levels and winning numerous accolades.

What is the age range of Gabby Golf Girl’s competition?

Gabby Golf Girl competes in various golf tournaments across different age groups. The age range of her competitors can vary from young children to seasoned professionals, depending on the tournament and level of competition.

Does Gabby Golf Girl’s age affect her performance on the golf course?

Gabby Golf Girl’s age does not seem to affect her performance on the golf course. She has showcased remarkable skills and talent, winning tournaments and setting records, despite being a young golfer. Her dedication and hard work are the key factors behind her success.

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