How To Clean Rust Off Old Golf Clubs? [Updated!]

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Golf is a sport which never goes out of fashion. Played by the rich and famous, this game gives you a way to enjoy a beautiful day on the links with friends and family. If you’re passionate about golf and want to keep your game in good condition, then this article is for you. We’ll teach you about some old habits and bad practices that you should discontinue, in order to keep that shiny new spark in your game.

Keep Your Clubs Dry

It’s important to maintain a good level of hydration in your body, especially while playing golf. You should drink at least eight glasses of water per day, to stay healthy and happy on the course. This is why it’s essential to keep your clubs dry when storing them, in case you do end up getting wet during a game. This is easily avoidable, but could also happen if you play in heavy downpours. Never intentionally go indoors on a rainy day, so that you can’t practice on the green, which could result in you missing a shot, or worse, getting the shot all wrong. If you must go indoors, then pick an indoor venue which has the advantage of being dry. If your school or university has a golf team, then why not join it? Not only will this give you the opportunity to practice on a regular basis, but it will also expose you to new people, and hopefully, new ideas.

Protect Your Clubs From Wet Weather

As we’ve established, your clubs should be stored dry and in a cool spot. If this means keeping them in the garage, then so be it. However, even if you have the best garage storage system, it’s still wet and cold outside, and that makes for a very damp environment. Another bad habit to get into is going from the parking lot to the first tee, in heavy rain or high humidity. Walking or riding in a car which is wet and cold, is not good for your health. It may also affect the grip on your clubs, making it harder for you to control the ball. Whenever possible, play on dry, and preferably, hot days. This will give you the best chance of controlling your golf ball, and therefore, increasing your score.

Carry Spares

The same rules of protection and hydration apply to your golf equipment, as they do to your body. If you take regular golf breaks during your game, then you’ll notice that your game will drop a little. For this reason, it’s important to carry a set of clubs with you, just in case you break a club on the course. In some cases, it could be cheaper to buy a new set of clubs, than it is to fix or replace the broken one. This is why you need to carry spares. Your insurance may also cover the cost of a set of clubs, in case you have an accident or mishap on the course. The rule in golf is, if you break a club, then you need to replace it immediately. It’s also important to look after your golf equipment, and make sure it’s clean and dry, as we’ve discussed.

Check For Damage

When you get home from a round of golf, the first thing you should do is check for damage. Look at the ground, in front of and around the ball, for marks which could be signs of animal or insect activity. Also, make sure your bag is intact, and ask the caddy or bag carrier to walk you back to your car. These simple actions will help you to determine if your clubs were actually damaged during the game, or if some poor old golfer had a heart attack while trying to take a shot.

Wash Down Your Clubs

Even if you take all the right care of your clubs and keep them clean and dry, there’s always a chance they could get soiled during a game. After every shot, it’s important to wash down your clubs, to remove any possible debris from the face of the club struck. Some golfers like to use a brush on the club face, after each round, in order to make sure it’s clean and ready for the next time. After the brush is cleaned, it’s important to dry off the club face thoroughly, by wiping it with a towel or clean cloth. It’s also good practice to wash your hands after each shot, in case you accidentally touch the face of a club during your swing. This is why it’s important to keep your clubs clean, and if you must play in a messy environment, then wear gloves, or use a splash guard on the club face, to keep it clean. After playing in this manner, you’ll notice an improvement in your game, and in the looks of your clubs too.

Golf is a difficult game to master, and the key to improving your score is by keeping all these important tips in mind. With regular practice, and a little bit of luck, you’re sure to make the right moves, and improve your game quickly. Congratulations! Now that you’re aware of the basics of keeping your golf clubs in good condition, it’s time for you to enjoy your game, and make those around you jealous. Just remember, if any of these tips prove to be difficult, then it’s probably best to seek help from a professional, who can advise you on the best way to go about it. Good luck out there!

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