How To Clean Your Golf Club? [Fact Checked!]

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Cleanliness is one of the most critical elements to keeping your golf club in good condition. Whether you play golf frequently or it’s just a few times a month, it’s important to ensure that your equipment is in top-notcher condition. Follow these helpful tips to keep your golf club fresh and free of any funk or mustiness that makes the game less enjoyable.

Wash It Regularly

Golf clubs need to be washed regularly to remove excess dirt and oil that gets built up during use. This washing process should be done professionally by a pro cleaner if you want to ensure that your equipment maintains its original condition. You can do this manually with a soap and water wash or fully automate the process with an electric or manual car wash. There are pros and cons to both options, so you need to determine what you’ll use the most of when deciding what kind of wash setup you need.

Air It Out When Necessary

In addition to washing your golf clubs regularly, you should also make sure that they are aired out when necessary. This is especially important if you store them outside without any ventilation or if you play in a place with high humidity, since both of these factors contribute to the growth of bacteria and fungus. Some golfers think that leaving their clubs out for several weeks at a time is acceptable, but this is definitely not the case – especially if you play in a place with high humidity, where mold and mildew are waiting to make their home. When storing your clubs in a place with high humidity, it’s a good idea to store them in a climate-controlled environment, such as a heated attic or garage.

Store It In Sunlight

The best way to keep your golf club in good condition is to store it in sunlight. Direct sunlight is best, but a few hours of indirect sunlight should do the trick. Make sure that your golf clubs are stored in a cool and clean place away from any heat or moisture, and place them in a bag or container to preserve their original shape and flexibility.

Many golfers think that storing their clubs in a dark corner is enough to keep them in good condition, but this is far from true. While it’s important to keep your clubs clean, it’s also important to store them in a place where they can get some direct sunlight. This will help improve their appearance and make them last longer than you’d expect. A little bit of cleaning maintenance goes a long way – it’s all about the little things. Remember to store a clean, dry towel next to your clubs so that they can be kept in good condition.

Use Detergents And Cleaners Appropriately

It’s important to use the proper detergents and cleaners for your golf club. Many people use cheap, nasty things that are advertised as “golfer’s cleaner” or “golfer’s shampoo”, but these are usually just shampoo and detergents designed for dishwashing – they are not meant for use in cleaning your golf clubs. Using the wrong detergents and cleaners could actually do more harm than good, so make sure that you use the right ones for the surface you are cleaning. It’s also a good idea to check out the ingredients before using any cleaning product, especially if you are not sure what they are or whether or not they are safe for use around water or on the golf course.

Wash The Greens Regularly

When washing your greens, make sure that they are cleaned both from the bottom up and the top down. This is important because you don’t want to miss any of the dirt or debris that’s laying on the surface when you’re rinsing off the water, and it’s also a good idea to thoroughly wet the surface before putting on the soap. After washing your greens, leave them to air dry completely before putting them away or storing them.

Do Not Overuse Polish

Avoid using polish as often as possible on your golf clubs. Most golfers will tell you that a good, solid clean is all that’s really necessary to keep their clubs looking great. A little bit of polish here and there can make your clubs pop, but overuse of polish can cause scratches and dulling of the metal and plastic surfaces. A regular brushing or wiping down with a cloth will make your clubs look brand new again.

This is because overuse of polish tends to attract dirt and oil, which over time will cause the surface of your golf clubs to become dull and lackluster. Rather than wanting to keep their clubs looking new, most golfers just want to make sure that their clubs look like they did the day they were brand new. This ensures that they will continue to play well and be enjoyed by the golfers who use them.

Keeping your golf club clean is a lot simpler than you’d think it is. Following these helpful tips will ensure that your equipment lasts longer than you’d expect and looks as good as new. Make sure to store your clubs in a place where they can get lots of direct sunlight and air out whenever possible – this will help improve their lifespan and the enjoyment you get out of playing golf.

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