How To Determine The Correct Size Golf Clubs? [Solved!]

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Golf is a sport that has become extremely popular in recent years. Many professional golfers make their living solely from playing the sport, and in some places, it is even considered to be an official sport. One would assume that since golf is an outdoor sport, that the equipment used would be suitable for the great outdoors. However, due to the nature of the sport, this is not always the case. Because golf is a game that can be played anywhere, golfers have to be extremely careful about the equipment they use. As a result, golfers have to carefully consider the size of their clubs when selecting their equipment. Knowing how to determine the correct club size is essential for playing the game to its full potential.

Golf Clubs And The Size That Works Best

When it comes to golf, larger is generally better. This applies to both the size of the club head and the length of the shaft. When choosing a golf club, the first thing that most golfers will consider is the size of the club head. The size of the head generally refers to the weight of the club, which in turn determines how strong the club is. The heavier the club head, the stronger it will be. While this may be true in general, there are exceptions to this rule. Certainty of this is nothing more than an illusion produced by the simplicity of the math behind this rule. The size of the club head does not determine how strong the club is, rather it determines how easy it is for the golfer to hit the ball solidly. There is a precise mathematical relationship between the circumference of the ball, the height of the tee and the weight of the club head, as determined by the golfer. To illustrate this, take the case of a 6-foot tall golfer hitting a ball that is a size 12 golf ball. In this case, the head size would be a 15 inch and the shaft would be a 6 inch. This is far from ideal, as a 16 inch head would be more suitable for this particular golfer. So in general, smaller is better when it comes to golf club heads.

Avoid Big Clubs

Just like with most other sports, the bigger the better when it comes to golf. This is generally true for the length of the shaft, as well. When selecting a golf club, most golfers will consider the length of the shaft and the general shape of the club head. The longer the shaft and the wider the club head, the stronger the club. For example, a Wilson-brand golf club with a length of 40 inches and a width of 19.8 inches would be an excellent choice. When selecting a golf club, be sure to avoid anything of excessive size, as this will increase the difficulty of the game. This is one of the main reasons why smaller is generally better when it comes to golf.

Shaft Size Vs. Club Head Size

As previously stated, bigger is usually better when selecting a golf club. This is primarily true when selecting a golf club head, however, this is not always the case when selecting the shaft. The size of the shaft dictates how the club head is attached to the shaft. The smaller the shaft, the less material there is between the ball and the club head when impacted by the ball. This in turn makes the ball travel further before it stops. This is why shorter shafts are usually better for driving the ball solidly. On the other hand, longer shafts are preferred when attempting to hit the ball farther. When selecting a golf club, be sure to consider the size of the shaft in relation to the club head. Shortening the shaft can dramatically improve the club’s overall performance.

So there you have it. Now that you are well-versed in how to choose the correct size of a golf club, you can get out there and enjoy the sport to its fullest potential. Just remember the golden rule – bigger is usually better when selecting a golf club!

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