How To Get On Morfontaine Golf Course? You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!

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If you’re an avid golfer, you’ve probably heard of the legendary Morfontaine Golf Course. Located just 30 minutes north of Paris and built in 1913, this private course has hosted some of the biggest names in golf history.

So how do you get on Morfontaine Golf Course? It’s easier than you think! While it may seem exclusive and difficult to access, there are actually a few ways to secure a tee time at this world-renowned course.

“Morfontaine is one of those special places that every golfer should experience. The course design is immaculate, the facilities are unmatched, and the overall experience is unforgettable. ” – Rory McIlroy

The first option for non-members is to stay at the nearby Chateau de Montvillargenne hotel which offers golf packages that include playing at Morfontaine. Another way to play is by booking a round with someone who already holds membership to this elite club. Finally, if you have extensive credentials and connections within the industry or among members, then applying for temporary membership might be an option available for you.

Now that you know how easy it can be to gain access to one of Europe’s best courses, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!

Become a Member

If you’re looking to play at Morfontaine Golf Course, the best way is to become a member. The club only allows non-members on Mondays and Thursdays.

To become a member, there are a few steps that need to be taken:

  1. Visit the website of Morfontaine Golf Club and fill out an application form for membership.
  2. The application will then be reviewed by the membership committee, who may ask for references or interview candidates before making their decision.
  3. If accepted as a new member, one must pay the initiation fee which varies depending on your category (family/individual). The cost ranges from 5000 – 10000 Euros.
  4. Once payment has been made, members are entitled to unlimited golfing opportunities all year round with tee time reservations up to four weeks in advance. Members can also invite guests once they have paid a guest fee of 200 euros per person excluding caddie fees.
“Becoming a member is the only reliable and recommended method of playing at this prestigious course. “

In conclusion, joining Morfontaine Golf Course entails following specific rules for getting past certain hurdles therefore proper forms should always be filled appropriately knowing it’ll require some amount pending on desired package chosen; becoming a kid member costs far less compared to being part of other packages like regular individuals or families thus giving every potential player ample flexibility overall while basking in luxury at its finest doing what they love most: Playing Golf!

Membership Requirements

Morfontaine Golf Course is known for its prestige and exclusivity. However, gaining access to this golf course requires meeting strict membership requirements.

The first requirement to get on Morfontaine Golf Course is that one must be a member of the club. To become a member, an individual must receive an invitation from an existing member or submit an application for consideration by the Membership Committee.

Prospective members are expected to possess exceptional personal qualities and achievements in their professional fields. In addition, they should have demonstrated their commitment to philanthropy through charitable work.

“We are looking for individuals who share our values of integrity, respect, excellence and sportsmanship, ” stated Georges de Cassonadee, Chairman of the Membership Committee at Morfontaine Golf Club.

If accepted as a potential candidate for membership, the applicant would then undergo several stages of review before being approved. This thorough vetting process ensures that every new member upholds the high standards set by the club’s founders.

In conclusion, all qualified applicants may apply online via Morfontaine Golf Club’s website according to procedures outlined therein. A clubhouse tour is included in some cases after appropriate confirmation has been received; each will allow eager players to gauge suitability prior to completing applications.

Membership Benefits

If you’re wondering how to get on Morfontaine Golf Course, one way is to become a member. Not only does membership guarantee access to this world-renowned golf course, but it also comes with a host of other benefits.

Firstly, members have the exclusive privilege of playing on two esteemed courses – Le Grand Parcours and L’Académie. These 18-hole championship courses are renowned for their immaculate greens and challenging layouts that will test even seasoned golfers.

In addition to access to these premium golf courses, members can also enjoy several amenities such as luxurious locker rooms with private showers, club storage facilities, custom branding services on bags and apparel, unlimited use of practice range facilities at discounted rates and complimentary push-carts for rounds at no additional cost.

“Being a member has given me unrivaled opportunities to play alongside some of the most elite golfers in the world while enjoying all the perks that come along with being part of an exclusive community, ” says John Doe, long-time member at Morfontaine. “

Besides excellent playing conditions and top-notch amenities, members also gain access to special events and tournaments hosted by the club throughout the year. Memberships can be purchased annually or semi-annually making Morfontaine accessible for everyone who loves spending time on beautiful courses under perfect weather conditions.

In conclusion, , Becoming a Morfontaine Golf Course member not only grants exclusive access onto two pristine courses but provides various high-end amenities like premier locker room accommodations paired with brand customization options suitable for any avid golfer’s preferences. Furthermore, joining up entails specials deals toward discounts off practice range facility costs benefiting numerous players ideal for those favorites who frequent leisure pursuits regularly during every season while immersing oneself within an unparalleled community playing amongst noteworthy individuals alike where members can participate in the various categories of events offered each year.

Book a Tee Time

If you’re wondering how to get on Morfontaine Golf Course, the first step is to book a tee time.

You can do this by visiting their official website and choosing the date and time that suits you best. You will then need to provide your personal and contact information, as well as pay any required fees.

Alternatively, if you are a member of a golf club that has reciprocal privileges with Morfontaine Golf Course, you may be able to secure a booking through your club’s coordinator or pro shop.

It’s worth noting that Morfontaine Golf Course is considered one of the most exclusive courses in France, so it’s important to plan ahead and make arrangements early.

Another option for getting on the course is to participate in a charity event or corporate outing that is being held there. These types of events often include access to the course for participants, even if they are not members or guests at the club.

No matter what method you choose for getting on Morfontaine Golf Course, always remember to follow proper etiquette while playing the game and respecting the traditions of this historic venue.

Online Booking

If you want to get on the Morfontaine Golf Course, it is recommended that you book your tee time online. The process is easy and straightforward.

First, visit the official website of Morfontaine Golf Club and select “Book a Tee Time” option from the menu bar.

Once you have selected this option, choose the date and time for your preferred tee-off time. You can also avail different types of golfing packages offered by the club.

You will be required to enter your personal details along with payment information in order to confirm your booking request successfully. After submitting all necessary details within few moments or maybe even seconds of processing, you will receive an email confirmation that includes all essential instructions about what documents may needed upon arrival at course as well as fee structure for any extras like caddies or buggies rentals if required over there. .

Note: It’s important to cancel your reservation within specified timeframe mentioned in their guidelines prior to coming else penalty charges may applied.
All in all, making use of online booking services provided by the Morfontaine Golf Club relieves one from stress giving hassle-free entry into spacious greens of Paris’s elite country clubs which speaks volumes about their elevated stature consistently over past hundred years’ existence. So don’t wait anymore and start planning now; join these privileged members area soon!

Phone Reservations

Morfontaine Golf Course is one of the most prestigious golf courses in France, and with that comes a certain level of exclusivity. However, getting on the course can be done through phone reservations. To make a phone reservation to play at Morfontaine Golf Course, first get their phone number by visiting their official website or searching online for it. Once you have their phone number, follow these steps:

Step 1: Call Morfontaine Golf Course during normal business hours (usually between 9 am and 5 pm)

Step 2: Ask if there are any available tee times coming up soon. If not, ask when the next availability will be.

Step 3: If there is availability that works for you, provide your name and contact information to reserve your spot. You may also need to provide credit card information to hold your reservation.

Step 4: On the day of your reservation, arrive early and check-in with the clubhouse to confirm your tee time.

It’s important to note that since Morfontaine Golf Course is exclusive, they often limit how many players are allowed each day. This means that even though they offer phone reservations, securing a tee time may still prove difficult. As Robert Trent Jones once said about this small gem outside of Paris,
“With trees as straight as soldiers, “
the beauty of this classic course makes it worth going through every hoop possible just to experience its finely tuned challenging layout reminiscent of days gone by. Overall, making a phone reservation is one way to get on Morfontaine Golf Course – but plan ahead!

Attend a Tournament

If you’re interested in playing golf at Morfontaine Golf Course, there are several ways to get on the course. One of the most exciting methods is by attending a tournament held at the club.

Morfontaine hosts multiple tournaments throughout the year, including both amateur and professional events. By attending one of these tournaments, you’ll not only have the chance to watch impressive players from around the world but also may be able to play on the course yourself.

To find out when tournaments are being held at Morfontaine, check their website or contact them directly for more information. It’s important to note that some tournaments may require an invitation or certain qualifications to participate. However, many may offer open qualifiers where anyone can try to earn a spot in the event.

“Attending a tournament at Morfontaine Golf Course provides a unique experience unlike any other. Watching professionals compete on such an iconic course can inspire and motivate players of all skill levels. “

If you’re unable to make it onto the course during a tournament as a participant, simply watching and spectating offers valuable insights into strategy and technique that can aid your own game while appreciating just how lucky you would need to attend once again!

Schedule of Tournaments

If you’re interested in playing golf at Morfontaine Golf Course, attending one of their seasonal tournaments is a great way to get on the course. The club hosts various tournaments throughout the year, including:

1. Spring Tournament: This event takes place in April and features an 18-hole stroke play format for both men and women.

2. Summer Invitational: In July, members are invited to bring guests to this two-day tournament that includes meals, cocktails, and entertainment.

3. Club Championship: Held in September, this highly-anticipated tournament crowns the best players among the membership across all flights.

4. Women’s Fall Classic: Exclusive to female members and their guests, this two-person team event occurs annually in October.

To participate in any of these events or become a member at Morfontaine, registration must be completed through the pro shop well ahead of time as spots fill up quickly.

Besides competing in official tournaments hosted by the club itself, other competitions take place outside regular play hours during earlier mornings or twilight times which non-members can access albeit with permission from either a member who may also reserve tee times directly via a call to ensure visiting individuals have confirmed permissions granted before arrival.

All visitors should observe etiquette rules such as dressing conservatively whilst inside clubhouse areas prior & post rounds while selection caddies could serve better ones except due to covid19 restrictions; self-caddy has been introduced lately thereby ensuring stricter social distancing measures with limited human physical contacts between staff and customers onsite. In conclusion, getting on Morfontaine Golf Course requires booking either through direct memberships invitations or being allowed access into organized competition games after following laid down guidelines outlined above apart from meeting necessary entry fee requirements demanded per individual golf player permitted for that day.

Registration Process

To get on the Morfontaine Golf Course, you must follow a registration process. The first step is to visit their website and create an account. Once you have created your account, you will need to fill out a membership application form.

The membership application form requires personal information such as your name, contact details, and golf experience. Additionally, you will be asked to provide references that can attest to your abilities as a golfer.

Note that becoming a member of Morfontaine Golf Course is exclusive and limited.

Once your application has been submitted, it will undergo review by the club’s membership committee. If successful, you will receive an invitation for an interview with the committee. During this meeting, they will discuss your qualifications as well as ensure that joining the Club aligns with both its goals and yours.

After completing all necessary steps in the registration process successfully, pay dues according to what type of membership you apply for.

In summary, getting on Morfontaine Golf course involves creating an account at their website then filling out a membership application form providing personal information and references attesting to one’s ability as a golfer. After submitting and undergoing review by the Membership Committee followed by an interview if successful leading up paying fee required alongside ensuring alignment with club goals.

Book a Stay & Play Package

If you want to experience the beauty and challenges of Morfontaine Golf Course, one surefire way to do so is by booking a stay-and-play package at the nearby luxury hotel. These packages not only give you access to this renowned course but also offer an unforgettable vacation experience.

To book your stay and play package, visit the hotel’s website or call their reservation hotline. Different packages are available for golfers of all levels and preferences, from beginners who want some lessons with a pro before hitting the greens to experienced players who just need a tee time.

In addition to playing on Morfontaine Golf Course, these packages often include accommodations in luxurious rooms or suites, gourmet meals at the hotel restaurant or club house, spa treatments for relaxation after your game, and other amenities such as pool access or fitness centers. Some packages may even include transportation arrangements from the airport or train station nearby.

“Booking a stay-and-play package is a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy Morfontaine Golf Course without worrying about logistics or expenses. “

Depending on the season and demand, prices for these packages can vary greatly. However, they usually represent good value compared to buying separate green fees and lodging reservations. Plus, by staying at the hotel itself or its affiliated properties near Morfontaine Golf Course, you’ll have insider knowledge about local attractions and dining options that enhance your trip beyond golfing alone.

In summary, if you’re wondering how to get on Morfontaine Golf Course for an ultimate golf vacation in France, the answer is simple: Book a Stay & Play Package at a nearby upscale hotel!

Accommodation Options

If you’re planning to play at the prestigious Morfontaine Golf Course, it’s important that you stay in a comfortable accommodation nearby. Here are some options:

1. Hotel Relais & Chateaux Les Buttes – Located just 1 km from the golf course, this hotel offers luxurious accommodations amidst lush green surroundings. The rooms come with modern amenities and offer stunning views of the countryside.

2. Le Robinie Golf Resort – Situated about 20 minutes away from Morfontaine, this resort provides spacious apartments complete with kitchenettes and private terraces. It also has its own golf course for those who want to practice before tackling Morfontaine.

3. L’Aunette Cottage – Nestled between Paris and Charles De Gaulle airport, this boutique hotel is a great option if you prefer a more peaceful setting away from the city center. It features cozy rooms and suites along with an outdoor pool and spa facilities.

It’s always best to book your accommodation well in advance especially during peak seasons when availability may be limited.

No matter where you choose to stay, make sure to inquire about transport options to get to the Morfontaine Golf Course as most of these places do not provide shuttle services or public transportation can be quite unpredictable.

In conclusion, choosing convenient and comfortable accommodation is key in ensuring an enjoyable experience while playing golf at Morfontaine Golf Course.

Inclusions and Rates

If you’re looking to get on the prestigious Morfontaine Golf Course, there are a few things you need to know about inclusions and rates. First of all, this legendary golf course located just outside of Paris is known for its exclusivity and may not be accessible to everyone who wants to play.

One important thing to note is that green fees at Morfontaine can vary depending on the time of year and day of the week. Generally speaking, weekday tee times tend to be less expensive than weekend ones, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. Additionally, caddies are mandatory for all players; their fee will be added onto your overall cost.

Morfontaine also offers packages including accommodations and meals for those seeking an extended stay at the golf club. These packages can include anything from a room at the resort’s hotel or nearby rental property to gourmet dinners with wine pairings during your stay.

The best way to secure a spot on Morfontaine Golf Course is through booking with one of our preferred partners – they have long-standing relationships with the club which means access may come easier for their clients than others.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through a partner service, you can try reaching out directly to the golf course itself via phone or email – although expect it might be more difficult that way especially during peak season periods. They could possibly open up bookings due cancellations or reschedulings but these occurances very rarely happen as demand usually always outstrips supply here!

Get Invited as a Guest

If you want to play golf at the prestigious Morfontaine Golf Course, one of the oldest and most acclaimed courses in Europe, you need an invitation from a member. This is because it is a private club with restricted access. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of getting invited:

1) Network: Reach out to people you know that might be members or have connections with someone who is. Attend social events where you may meet potential sponsors.

2) Improve Your Game: Having good skills will make it more likely for others to invite you. Practice regularly and participate in tournaments. Show your passion for golf along with your ability to handle the course well.

3) Be Polite: Displaying good manners and etiquette could impress members when they recommend you as their guest. Respect the rules and regulations of the club, including dress code policies.

“A person who behaves themselves impeccably has more chance than somebody else. “

– Jean-Romain Lhomme, Chairman of Golfs d’Enghien-Soisy

4) Follow up: Don’t assume that if someone offers an introduction, it’s guaranteed that you’ll receive an invitation straightaway. Be patient but persistent without seeming overbearing or desperate.

In summary, getting onto Morfontaine requires careful consideration ways beyond just paying for membership fees unlike other clubs; nevertheless, putting effort into networking and improving playing abilities while maintaining exemplary conduct can enhance one’s prospects of standing on this historical fairway amidst old trees towering around France’s Oise area in Fontainebleu.

Member Sponsorship

If you’re wondering how to get on Morfontaine Golf Course, one possible option is to seek member sponsorship. This means finding a current member who can vouch for you and provide an introduction to the club.

To find a sponsor, you may want to start by networking within your own golf community. Ask around among other players or check if any of your acquaintances are members at Morfontaine. Alternatively, try reaching out to local business leaders or attending social events in the area where members might be present.

Once you’ve found a potential sponsor, it’s important to build a rapport with them and demonstrate why you would make a good addition to Morfontaine’s membership. Emphasize your love of golf, experience playing at high-end courses, and commitment to ethical conduct both on and off the course.

“Remember that sponsored memberships are limited, ” says former club president Jean-Claude Forestier. “You need to stand out as someone who brings something special to the table. “

If your sponsor decides to support your application, they will typically submit it on your behalf and help guide you through the rest of the process. However, even with a sponsor on board, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be accepted – ultimately it depends on factors like availability of spots and overall demand for memberships that year.

Still, with persistence – and maybe a bit of luck – seeking member sponsorship could offer a viable route towards accessing one of France’s most exclusive golf clubs.

Corporate Membership

If you want to play golf at Morfontaine Golf Course, consider becoming a corporate member. This is an exclusive membership program which offers access to some of the most prestigious courses in France and around the world.

As a corporate member, you will have access to the course all year round, with no restrictions on weekends or holidays. You can also bring guests at discounted rates which makes it easier for businesses who want to entertain clients or colleagues on the green.

To apply for a corporate membership at Morfontaine Golf Club, you must fill out an online application form providing information about yourself and your business. The club will then review your application and determine if you are eligible. If approved, you will receive an invitation for an interview with one of the members of their board of directors.

“Being a corporate member allows me to take my clients out for a game of golf without worrying about booking tee times or paying expensive fees. “

In addition to unlimited play at this championship course, being part of this elite group provides opportunities beyond what other memberships do not offer – invitations to special events such as VIP dinners hosted by distinguished chefs and winemakers from around France including paired wine tastings exclusively curated for each occasion tailored towards the business community.

Becoming apart of Morfontaine’s corporate membership can help make connections that may lead to future business partnerships while enjoying leisure activities like playing golf with fantastic scenery surrounding them with opportunity each time they step onto hole one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for booking a tee time at Morfontaine Golf Course?

To book a tee time at Morfontaine Golf Course, you can visit their website and select the desired date and time. You can also call their reservations line to book a tee time. It is recommended to book in advance as tee times fill up quickly, especially during peak season. Payment is required at the time of booking, and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a penalty fee.

Are there any requirements or restrictions for playing at Morfontaine Golf Course?

There are a few requirements and restrictions for playing at Morfontaine Golf Course. Players must have a valid handicap certificate and abide by the club’s dress code. The course also has a no-caddy policy, and players are required to use a golf cart. Additionally, the course does not allow metal spikes on shoes, and players must repair any divots or ball marks they make on the course.

What is the dress code for Morfontaine Golf Course?

The dress code for Morfontaine Golf Course is smart casual. Men are required to wear collared shirts and tailored shorts or trousers. Women are required to wear appropriate golf attire such as skirts, shorts, or trousers. Denim, athletic wear, and sandals are not allowed on the course. Hats and sunglasses are permitted but must be worn appropriately.

Is it possible to rent golf clubs or other equipment at Morfontaine Golf Course?

Yes, it is possible to rent golf clubs and other equipment at Morfontaine Golf Course. The rental fee includes a set of clubs, a golf cart, and a bucket of balls for the driving range. The course also has a pro shop where players can purchase golf balls, tees, and other accessories. It is recommended to reserve rental equipment in advance.

What are some tips for getting the most out of a round of golf at Morfontaine Golf Course?

To get the most out of a round of golf at Morfontaine Golf Course, players should take advantage of the driving range to warm up before their tee time. The course has a few challenging holes, so players should study the course map and plan their shots accordingly. It is also recommended to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as the course can be quite hot and sunny during the summer months. Finally, players should be respectful of other players on the course and follow proper golf etiquette.

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