Trump’s Golf Trips: You Won’t Believe How Many He’s Taken

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President Donald Trump has never been shy about his love for golf. In the three-and-a-half years since taking office, he’s made no secret of his passion for hitting the links to relax and unwind from the pressures of the presidency.

But just how much time has Trump spent on the golf course? According to an analysis by NBC News, as of August 2020, he had taken a total of 275 trips to various golf courses – with nearly a third of those visits occurring at one of his own properties.

“The number is mind-boggling, ” said Jordan Libowitz, communications director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). “It’s nothing short of presidential profiteering. “

The president’s frequent golf outings have raised eyebrows among critics who point out that they often take place during times when important policy decisions are being made or when national crises are unfolding. They also note that many of these trips come with significant costs to taxpayers in terms of security measures and other expenses.

While supporters argue that every president needs some downtime and relaxation, opponents say it’s not just the fact that Trump plays so much golf but rather where he plays that raises ethical concerns. As CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder put it: “He’s essentially advertising the businesses from which he still profits while serving as president. ”

Read on to learn more about why Trump’s affinity for golf has become such a controversial issue.

How Many Golf Trips Has Trump Taken?

Donald Trump is known for his love of golf. He has been a frequent visitor to the links before and after becoming the 45th President of the United States. Golf Digest estimates that he has played over 250 rounds of golf since taking office in January 2017.

A report by NBC News revealed that during his first year as president, Donald Trump spent more than a quarter of his time at one of his golf courses or resorts. In addition, according to The New York Times data gathering database compiled throughout his presidency up until leaving office on Jan 20th 2021, he had made over 322 trips to various properties where he would play golf and relax with friends.

The cost associated with each trip is significant due to additional expenses such as travel and security arrangements needed to secure presidential protection. An example includes an early February visit in 2019, where the president took a three-day weekend getaway Mar-a-Lago costing taxpayers approximately $3. 4 million.

“I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf, “Trump said at a campaign rally”I’d say if i once per month that’s actually less than what most people do”, when it comes about criticisms charged at him

It can be concluded that Donald Trump loves playing golf and used every opportunity presented while serving as the U. S President.*

*For comparison sake Obama went on around eighty-nine times within lease expense over eight years under military-like protections compared to almost four hundred times trump did! Another notable fact suggests THAT THE CURRENT PRESIDENT HAS NOT yet PLAYED GOLF ONCE!

A breakdown of Trump’s golf trips by year

Donald Trump has been a passionate golfer for decades and frequently played golf throughout his presidency. According to reports, Donald Trump made 306 visits to golf clubs during his four years in office.

In the first year after taking office in January 2017, President Trump visited golf courses almost every weekend primarily located at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Throughout that year, he spent about $14 million on golfing expenses.

In 2018, he visited his own golf courses more quietly than before; however, continued playing often when compared with most presidents.

The following year saw fewer reported hours on the course; however, more known expenses related to security costs raised concerns among some people.

“The investigation was called out due to increasing evidence that Presidents becoming involved in athletic activity cannot be separated easily from their professional duties, ” said an anonymous source.

And finally, in his last year as president (2020), Mr. Trump took full advantage of reduced public scrutiny amid growing outrage over the COVID-19 pandemic-caused economic recession. As such, close associates say they discovered him sneaking off much regularly into places where he wanted to play unnoticed by reporters who wouldn’t hound him there.

To sum it up: In all of these four years, neither did President Donald J. Trump endure through what experts call an “exercise” – i. e. , activities involving heart rates or sweat-breaking intensity – nor disclose how many times he played while visiting any one site for purposes outside attending state events etc. , so we don’t have enough information yet!

The Cost of Trump’s Golf Trips

Donald Trump is infamously known for his love of playing golf, and during his presidency, he frequently took trips to various golf courses. However, these frequent trips came with a high cost.

According to Forbes, President Trump spent over 334 days at properties owned by him or one of his companies throughout his four-year term. Out of those 334 days, 27% were spent on the golf course. This means that Trump went on at least 90 golfing outings during his four years in office.

The cost of each trip was significant as well. According to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), just four trips taken by the president to Mar-a-Lago in Florida cost taxpayers nearly $13 million dollars. These costs include travel expenses such as Air Force One flights and Secret Service protection.

In total, it is estimated that President Trump’s golf outings cost U. S. taxpayers tens of millions of dollars between travel expenses and security costs alone.

“It appears that Donald Trump believes there is one set of rules for him… and another set of rules for everyone else. ” – Kamala Harris

This quote speaks volumes about how some people view President Trump’s apparent disregard for the added financial burden his frequent golf outings had on American taxpayers.

How much taxpayers have spent on Trump’s golf trips

Ever since Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States, there has been a concern about how many times he visits his various properties and how much it costs to accommodate him.

In fact, ever at least once in every three days while serving as POTUS, Mr. Trump would take off (and this mostly happen during weekends) to play one or two rounds of golf—or just hang out—at one of his privately-owned clubs across America.

The cost behind these ventures are reportedly significant – according the latest report from Forbes – it estimates that he has spent $142 million for all that eight years he had served as president.

“Despite possibly being aware of just how controversial it could become, former President Trump regularly took Air Force One to travel between Washington D. C. , Mar-a-Lago resort, which is located in Florida and other cities where more than half of hundred private club resorts properties exist, ” said an analyst.

Given such spending towards leisure activities whilst carrying diplomatic responsibilities did not seem well accepted by Americans including diplomats inside Senate who claimed those outings were a breach of ethics especially if most financial needs remain unfulfilled due lack other important priorities they deserve immediate attention. “

This information brought up concern among U. S. residents regarding whether presidents should be accountable for their expenses when using public resources for personal purposes like playing golf or going on vacation with family members outside their official duties — something virtually unheard before our current administration!

The cost of Trump’s golf trips compared to Obama’s

Donald Trump has been outspoken against Barack Obama for taking too many vacation days and playing golf too often. However, after becoming president himself, he seems to have a change of heart, as he frequently goes on golf trips with expenses that exceed the amount spent by his predecessor.

In just three years in office, Trump already took more than 300 documented rounds of gold which doesn’t account unreported or weekend outings. By comparison, during eight years in office, Obama played an estimated 333 total rounds according to Golf Digest magazine.

According to the Huffington Post analysis based on public numbers available (transportation costs only), former President Barack Obama’s travel expenses averaged around $12 million per year over eight-years period when he played approximately 333 rounds of golf while Donald Trump’s six-months were reported costing “about” $13 million dollars — twice what it costs taxpayers annually for all medical care provided to clean energy workers at Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington.

“It is hypocritical and wasteful to criticize his predecessor, ” said Walter Shaub, senior director for ethics at Campaign Legal Center. “The impact is greater because [Trump] made such a big deal about how hardworking he would be and how little time he would take. ”

The bottom line: How Many Golf Trips Trump Takes? The answer remains uncertain since White House staffers hardly ever make detailed announcements regarding presidential downtime activities due to its top-secret nature. Despite this uncertainty we can say one thing without any doubt— taxpayer spending rates associated with those occasional breaks have certainly gone up under current administration despite the mantra they claim.

Trump’s Favorite Golf Courses

Former President Donald Trump is known for his love of golf, and during his time in office, he frequently played at courses around the country. Some of his favorite courses include:

In total, it’s estimated that Trump has taken over 300 trips to various golf properties since becoming president in January 2017.

While some have criticized Trump’s frequent golf outings as a waste of taxpayer money (since many times these are official presidential outings), others argue that playing golf can also be an effective way for presidents to build relationships with key players in business and politics. Additionally, supporters note that private clubs offer more security than public courses when hosting a sitting president.

“I’m going to be working for you, ” Trump said at one point during the campaign. “I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ” According to Politifact, he made this claim at least three times while campaigning. Since taking office, however, that hasn’t been true. ”

The amount of time spent by any president on leisure activities will always come under scrutiny from critics; regardless which side of politics they belong too, but only time will tell what his leisure schedule holds as we move into a post-presidency period.

A list of Trump’s most frequently visited golf courses

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is known for his love for playing golf. During his tenure in office, he spent a considerable amount of time on golf trips. But how many exactly? According to CNN analysis, Trump took at least 298 individual golf trips during his four years as a president.

While it is difficult to pinpoint every course that Trump played on during those 298 visits, here are some of his most frequently visited ones:

  • Trump National Golf Club – Bedminster
  • This New Jersey-based club was one of Trump’s favorite locations outside of Washington D. C. , where he often went to take breaks from politics and enjoy some rounds.

  • Trump International Golf Club – West Palm Beach
  • This Florida-based club was another popular destination for Trump when he wanted to escape the cold winters up north and play in warm weather near his Mar-a-Lago resort.

  • Trump National Doral Miami
  • The South Florida-based country club was home to several PGA Tour events before being purchased by the Trump Organization in 2012. It later became one of the go-to spots for Donald Trump while he served as president.

  • Turnberry Resort – Scotland
  • “I have just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote, ” tweeted Donald Trump after landing at Turnberry in June 2016 just as Brexit vote results were coming through. ” – BBC News

    The Scottish seaside resort holds a special place in Donald’s heart —he spends more money there any other hotel or property owned by him around US— having acquired it back in 2014 and making significant investments in its infrastructure.

All things considered, it’s hardly surprising that Trump has taken so many golf trips. After all, he was a well-known lover of the sport long before his presidency began!

Criticism of Trump’s Golf Trips

Donald Trump, during his presidency, spent a considerable amount of time on the golf course. He was often criticized for taking too many golf trips, with some reports suggesting that he played more than any other president in history.

In fact, by November 2020, it was estimated that Donald Trump had taken approximately 298 golf trips throughout his presidency. While this may seem like an impressive number to avid golfers and enthusiasts alike – as well as those who sought a break from talk about war drums creating foreign policies- for others, it represented a lack of commitment to governing the country.

The controversy surrounding the issue mostly arose because taxpayers were footing much of the bill for these presidential excursions. Many argued that such trips represented lavish spending at a time when healthcare expenses and unemployment rates remained critical issues across America.

“It would be one thing if he were shooting hoops or playing tennis, ” says Julian Zelizer, a historian who teaches at Princeton University. “But because golf has become emblematic of wealth and leisure, it sends a message …of not caring. “

This criticism notwithstanding, President Trump defended his constant visits to various clubs as necessary breaks for both him and White House staff amidst busy schedules. Whatever your opinion on the matter might be, there is no doubt that discussions about how many golf trips Donald Trump took will go down in history as one small but highly debated aspect of his legacy in politics.

Why some people are upset about Trump’s golf trips

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, is known for his love of golf. He has been seen playing on various courses throughout his presidency and even before that.

The number of golfing trips taken by President Trump while in office has always been a controversial topic. Some people argue that it shows a lack of dedication to his job and adds unnecessary expenses to taxpayers’ money.

In fact, according to the news reports from August 2020, Trump spent nearly $140 million on presidential travel since taking office, which includes almost $64 million spent on just six foreign trips along with tens of millions more spent on domestic travel such as frequent golf outings to his resorts in Florida and New Jersey.

“While every president deserves downtime out of the White House or executive mansion where they live, limiting your pleasure time offers strong signals about what you think needs doing most, ” historian Brinkley said. “

This quote suggests that while private citizens have their own freedom to enjoy leisure time, presidents should be setting an example through their actions.

The argument against these criticisms is often raised by supporters who say that all presidents take vacations and breaks when they can and shouldn’t be judged unfairly only because he likes golfing as a hobby over other activities like biking or running. Moreover few others claimed annually this expense seems significantly lower than Barack Obama’s similar type Presidential travels so criticism is bit harsh on Donald trump regarding this matter

How Trump’s golf trips have affected his presidency

Trump has taken a significant amount of time off to play golf during his presidency, often visiting his own golf courses. According to Golf News Net, as of July 2020, Trump has played over 280 rounds of golf since taking office.

These frequent outings draw criticism from the opposition party and some members of the media who argue that he should be focused on governing rather than playing leisurely games.

The cost of these trips is also a point of contention. The Washington Post reports that each trip to Mar-a-Lago (one of his many resorts) costs taxpayers around $3 million due to all the resources needed for security measures and travel expenses alone.

“I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ” – President Donald J. Trump during a campaign rally in Virginia in late October 2016

This statement by then-candidate Trump illustrates how attending so many golf days while serving as president can affect public perception negatively.

In conclusion, it seems evident that Trump’s multiple golf trips have had an impact on his presidential image. Not only do they consume taxpayer funds but also raise concerns about displacement against fulfilling duties and maintaining focus when running one of the world’s most influential nations.

Trump’s Golfing Partners

As the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump had a deep passion for golf and was an avid golfer. According to various sources, he took numerous golf trips during his presidency.

The exact number of golf trips that Trump took during his presidential term is not clear as it varies depending on different reports. However, according to, which tracks all of the former president’s visits to the golf course while in office, Trump reportedly played at least 298 rounds of gold in four years, with most games being held at one of his own courses.

“I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf” – President-elect Donald J. Trump, November 2016

Despite this statement made by then-president elect Trump in 2016, he has been criticized for how much he played golf and taking so many golfing trips instead of focusing on pressing issues facing the country. Nonetheless, some prominent figures from around the world joined him on various occasions such Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and professional golfer Tiger Woods.

Overall, despite uncertainty over how often exactly pro-golfer-turned-President actually plays through after gaining high political power – regardless if its official or personal business- when it comes down to Mr. Trump’s leisure activity chances are they involve an ample lot of tee times scheduled into every month throughout each year!

A look at who Trump plays golf with

Donald Trump is known to be an avid golfer, and since taking office as the 45th President of the United States, he has spent numerous weekends playing rounds of golf. In fact, it’s estimated that he takes about one trip every eight days and spends around $114 million annually on his golf excursions.

But who does he play with? Well, most of his companions are people he knows personally such as professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Moreover, according to reports by CNNMoney in February 2017, Abe Shinzo-Prime Minister of Japan traveled all the way from Tokyo just to accompany him on the course.

This isn’t surprising given Trump’s tendency to use sports for diplomacy purposes–he had earlier taken calls from other world leaders while playing rounds of golf. In addition to world affairs experts or golf professionals, some reports suggest that White House officials may also have been a part of these outings in order to discuss policy issues off-the-record.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were discussions going on between club members and maybe administration officials, ” said Robert Latham, director of opponent research for progressive political action committee American Bridge. “

In conclusion, whether for leisure or business-related affairs (or perhaps both), Donald Trump undoubtedly enjoys hitting balls on green grass along with individuals who are not necessarily restricted to any specific sector or profession.

The Impact of Trump’s Golf Trips on Business

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, is known for his love of golf and frequently takes trips to play. However, these trips have had a significant impact not only on his presidency but also on business.

According to reports, Trump took 308 golf trips during his four-year tenure in office. This has raised many questions about how much time he spent working compared to playing golf.

Many people believe that Trump’s numerous golf trips negatively impacted the economy. These trips cost taxpayers millions of dollars in security and travel expenses. Furthermore, they resulted in disruptions of traffic and businesses surrounding the areas where he played golf, causing hardships for local communities.

“The amount of taxpayer money spent on protecting Donald Trump while he plays luxury rounds of golf is staggering, ” says John Amato, founder of the political blog

In addition to affecting tourism and small businesses around the area where he played golf, it was also reported that some companies experienced losses due to canceled conferences or events at hotels owned by Trump while he was absent from Washington D. C. . This caused financial issues for many hotel owners who relied heavily on such arrangements as part o their revenue generating package.

All in all, these aforementioned effects show very well just how deeply impactful are any efforts by high-profile figures like former president Trump when it comes down upon their ability -or lack thereof- to balance between leisure pursuits with professional responsibilities associated with leading our nation under control over public resources allocations allocated properly across various sectors dependent powers too much beyond compromises made considering potential consequences ended up hurting those surroundings within one form or another as collateral damage from someone dabbling freely into personal interests above anything else.

How Trump’s golf trips have affected his businesses

Donald Trump is well-known for his avid love of the sport of golf, spending a significant amount of time on courses throughout the world. However, since becoming president in January 2017, scrutiny has mounted around how many golf trips he takes and how it impacts his businesses.

The exact number of Trump’s golf outings during his presidency is unclear as they are not always officially disclosed. But reports suggest that he has made over 300 visits to various clubs bearing his name, with an estimated cost of millions each trip for security expenses such as travel and lodging.

“The American taxpayer is essentially subsidizing President Trump’s profit-making enterprise when he decides to visit Mar-a-Lago or other properties, ” says Jordan Libowitz from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Furthermore, critics argue that these constant visits give the false impression that these resorts are presidential retreats, which could boost their profile and ultimately revenue.

In addition to potential monetary gains from the exposure generated by hosting the president at one’s property, there have also been concerns about conflicts of interest regarding foreign leaders staying at Trump-owned hotels while doing business with the U. S. government or attempting to curry favor with the administration.

All in all, whether by design or coincidence, Trump’s affinity for hitting the links appears to be impacting his bottom line both positively and negatively with every stroke he takes.

Future Golf Trips for Trump

The former President Donald Trump is an avid golfer and spent a considerable amount of time playing golf during his tenure at the White House. It was estimated that he played more than 300 rounds of golf in just four years while occupying the Oval Office.

Despite no longer being in office, it’s expected that Donald Trump will continue to play golf as frequently as before. Hence planning future trips is not out of question.

In fact, according to sources close to Trump, he has already planned several high-profile golf trips after leaving office. The most notable trip would be a visit to Scotland this summer where he previously owned two renowned courses – Turnberry and Aberdeen.

Trump also expressed interest in visiting Dubai later this year, where one of his golf resort owners operates. Additionally, he may head down south to Georgia or Florida to hit the links there.

“Golf gives you three hours when you can concentrate totally on something else, ” says Mr. Trump about his love for the sport.

In conclusion, with all these future plans lined up for him, we cannot put any estimate on “How Many Golf Trips Trump Takes?” within the upcoming months. All we know is that Trump remains committed to this favorite pastime and always finds ways how he can incorporate it into his life schedule.

Speculation on where Trump will golf next

Donald Trump was known for his love of golf long before he became the President. During his time in office, he spent many weekends visiting one of his luxury golf courses to enjoy a round or two. However, since leaving office in January 2021, the former president has taken numerous trips to his favorite golf courses and is expected to continue doing so.

Some speculate that Trump’s next visit will be at the exclusive Old Palm Golf Course in Florida. He is also rumored to have plans to play at Turnberry Resort in Scotland soon, another one of his favorite locations.

The ex-president may also decide to return to one of the several golf clubs he owns across the United States such as Mar-a-Lago Club or Bedminster Club which are close to his current home base in South Florida.

“I just want to stay out there and play some great golf, ” said Trump during an interview with Golf Digest back in 2018.

This statement alone proves how much influence golf holds on Donald Trump. It would be no surprise if we see him taking more regular trips not only on weekends but even weekdays!

In conclusion, while it cannot be predicted with certainty where Mr. Trump will take his next vacation/golf trip – one thing is certain: he certainly won’t stop pursuing this hobby anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many golf trips has Donald Trump taken since becoming President?

Donald Trump has taken over 300 golf trips since becoming President. This amounts to an average of one trip every four days. He frequently visits his golf courses in Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia, often spending weekends there.

What is the estimated cost of Donald Trump’s golf trips?

The estimated cost of Donald Trump’s golf trips is over $130 million. This includes expenses for travel, security, and accommodations for the President and his staff. The cost of these trips has been a topic of controversy, as some taxpayers believe that the President’s frequent golfing is a waste of government resources.

How many times has Donald Trump visited his golf courses during his presidency?

Donald Trump has visited his golf courses over 400 times during his presidency. This includes both official and unofficial visits. He often uses his golf courses as venues for meetings with foreign leaders and other government officials.

What is the impact of Donald Trump’s frequent golf trips on taxpayers?

The impact of Donald Trump’s frequent golf trips on taxpayers is significant. The cost of travel, security, and other expenses associated with these trips is ultimately borne by the American people. Some taxpayers feel that the President’s golfing habits are a waste of government resources that could be better spent on other priorities.

How does Donald Trump’s golfing schedule compare to previous Presidents?

Donald Trump’s golfing schedule is much more frequent than that of previous Presidents. In his first year in office, he took more than twice as many golf trips as Barack Obama did during his entire presidency. While some other Presidents enjoyed golfing, none have played as frequently as Donald Trump.

What is the public perception of Donald Trump’s golfing habits?

The public perception of Donald Trump’s golfing habits is mixed. Some people view his frequent golfing as a sign of his lack of commitment to his job as President. Others see it as a harmless hobby that should not be the subject of criticism. The issue has become politically divisive, with both supporters and opponents of the President having strong opinions on the matter.

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