What Golf Course Was Caddyshack Filmed At?

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Golf enthusiasts and movie fans alike have always been curious about the golf course featured in the classic comedy film, Caddyshack. The movie’s popularity has left viewers wondering where it was filmed since its release in 1980.

The famous scenes of Bill Murray practicing his putting on a makeshift green and Chevy Chase teeing off with a small tree as his partner were filmed on location at an actual golf club. Many golf courses across America have claimed to be the filming location over the years; however, only one is correct.

“Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper now about to become the Masters champion.”

But what made this golf course an ideal location for the film? Was it chosen because of its natural beauty or challenging holes? Perhaps, it had something to do with the venue’s history or celebrity members. In this blog post, we’ll reveal the secrets behind the golf course that served as the backdrop of one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedies – Caddyshack. So put on your plaid pants and grab your clubs, let’s dive into the world of caddies, gophers, and “the Dalai Lama himself”.

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Discover the Iconic Golf Course from the Movie Classic

If you are a fan of the 1980 classic movie, Caddyshack, then you must have always wondered about the golf course where it was filmed. The good news is that you can visit this iconic location for yourself and experience a piece of movie history in person.

The movie brought together an ensemble cast of Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and Michael O’Keefe, but it was the stunning greens and fairways of a Florida golf course that stood out as one of its most memorable characters.

This splendid golf course has hosted many important championship games in real life but became internationally famous after the filmmakers chose it as the backdrop for their hilarious comedy.

Experience a Piece of Movie History in Person

The Rolling Hills Golf Club located at Davie, Florida was the chosen venue for filming iconic sequences from the film Caddyshack. These include some legendary moments such as gopher hunting by Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) with plastic explosives and Al Czervik’s (Rodney Dangerfield) colorful entrance to the club.

This beautiful golf course is open to the public, and you can take a stroll on the same immaculately manicured lawns that served as a stage for unforgettable comedic performances delivered by Hollywood legends.

You can choose to book your tee time directly online or call them up to schedule a tour around the club. During the tour, you get to witness several shooting locations used for the film and see behind-the-scenes glimpses of how the production team worked their cinematic magic.

See the Golf Course that Inspired a Cultural Phenomenon

Caddyshack released in 1980 did not receive universal critical acclaim, but it immediately became a cult classic with fans enduringly quoting its memorable one-liners and re-enacting scenes among friends to this day.

“In case you were wondering, I’m Carl Spackler the greenskeeper… And don’t be fooled by appearances. My hat is not a toy!” – Bill Murray as Carl Spackler

The golf course from Caddyshack played an essential part in creating the movie’s irreverent and outrageous tone that both shocked and delighted audiences back then. It broke conventions by showing golf clubs not as stuffy institutions of privilege but as playgrounds for misfits who could let their hair down and have some fun on the grass.

If you visit Rolling Hills today, you will see that it still retains much of that same boisterous charm that gave rise to such a groundbreaking comedy. You can play a round or two of golf while carrying memories of legendary comedic moments while soaking in the Florida sun and enjoying top-notch service provided by seasoned professionals.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want to pay homage to one of America’s most beloved comedies, book your tee time now at Rolling Hills Golf Club. Who knows, you may even run into a mischievous gopher or two!

Explore the History of the Golf Course in Caddyshack

Learn About the Course’s Founding and Early Years

The golf course featured in the 1980 classic film, Caddyshack, is the Rolling Hills Country Club located in Davie, Florida. It was founded in 1958 by developer Joseph Taravella, who had a vision to create a world-class championship golf course in South Florida.

Taravella hired renowned golf architect Robert Von Hagge to design the course, which opened for play in 1960. The challenging layout quickly gained a reputation as one of the best courses in the region, attracting both amateur and professional players alike.

Over the years, Rolling Hills played host to several high-profile events, including the PGA Tour’s Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic. Many golf legends such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Sam Snead graced the fairways of Rolling Hills during their careers.

Discover the Course’s Role in the Making of Caddyshack

Caddyshack is known for its hilarious portrayal of life at a fictional country club called Bushwood, where golfers clash with the eccentric staff. The movie was shot entirely on location at Rolling Hills Country Club and its surrounding areas over the course of three months in the summer of 1979.

The filmmakers discovered Rolling Hills while scouting locations for the movie. They were drawn to the lush greenery and tranquil surroundings that provided the perfect backdrop for the story they wanted to tell.

Rolling Hills underwent some significant changes to accommodate the filming of Caddyshack. Several holes were redesigned to make them more visually appealing, and new features such as ponds and bunkers were added. Some scenes were also filmed outside of the course, like at a nearby tennis court and swimming pool.

Find Out How the Movie’s Success Impacted the Course’s Reputation

Caddyshack’s release in 1980 was an instant success, grossing over $40 million at the box office. The movie became a cultural phenomenon and is still regarded as one of the funniest sports comedies ever made.

The popularity of Caddyshack had a significant impact on Rolling Hills as well. Golfers from all over the world flocked to the course to experience the same fairways that Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield had walked upon. It also cemented Rolling Hills’ status as a top-tier golf destination in Florida.

Today, Rolling Hills Country Club remains a favorite among golf enthusiasts and is open for public play. Visitors can enjoy the challenging layout and beautiful scenery while experiencing a piece of cinematic history.

Get Insider Information on the Filming Locations of Caddyshack

Visit the Locations Where Iconic Scenes Were Shot

If you’re a fan of the classic movie, Caddyshack, then you’ll be pleased to know that most of the scenes were shot at the rolling hills of Grand Oaks golf course in Florida. The location managers choose this particular place because it has all the necessary features they needed for filming.

The pool scene with Judge Smails and granddaughter Lacey was filmed at a private residence nearby. Today, the Bushwood CC sign still hangs above the entrance to Lake Worth Municipal Golf Course in honor of the movie’s fictitious country club. You can also visit Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens where some behind-the-scenes footage was captured.

Get Behind-the-Scenes Insight into the Filming Process

According to Michael O’Keefe, who played Danny Noonan in the film, Harold Ramis allowed him and other cast members to improvise their scenes, resulting in more natural acting and hilarious one-liners.

“Most of what we did, including Carl telling the story about caddying for the Dalai Lama, was improvised,” – Michael O’Keefe

The actor also revealed that Rodney Dangerfield, who played Al Czervik, ad-libbed much of his character’s dialogue.

Explore the Course’s Unique Features That Made It Perfect for Filming

Grand Oaks is located in Davie, Florida, and boasts lush green fairways, incredible water features, and challenging bunkers. It’s also surrounded by towering trees and native plants, giving it an unbeatable sense of serenity and seclusion.

This unique landscape proved ideal for various scenes. The final showdown on the course between Carl Spackler and the gopher was filmed around a water hazard, with several large oak trees providing plenty of cover for the animatronic groundhog.

Discover How the Course Has Changed Since the Movie Was Made

Sadly, Grand Oaks golf course is not open to the public anymore, and has undergone significant changes since Caddyshack was released in 1980. These alterations include the planting of new palm trees and other landscaping improvements that are expected when properties change hands over time.

The clubhouse where most of the indoor scenes were shot remains mostly intact except for an addition of a trophy room, but the rest of the course now looks quite different from the way it did in the movie due to renovations which make it safer today.

In conclusion, visiting the locations where Caddyshack was filmed offers fans an excellent opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes process, tour some fantastic Florida scenery, and get a glimpse into one of Hollywood’s most iconic movies.

Learn Interesting Facts About the Golf Course Featured in Caddyshack

Caddyshack, a classic comedy from 1980 about a struggling golf course in Florida, was filmed at the Rolling Hills Golf Club (now known as Grande Oaks) located in Davie, Florida. Here are some interesting facts about the golf club and its role in the film:

  • The golf course is private and exclusive to members only, with a waiting list that can last up to six years.
  • Grande Oaks has been ranked one of America’s top 100 premier courses by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.
  • The iconic scene featuring Bill Murray attempting to rid the golf course of gophers was actually ad-libbed by Murray himself.
  • The production team had to build their own clubhouse on the grounds for the film since the original one was deemed too small for filming purposes.
  • Despite being set in Bushwood Country Club in the film, there is no actual Bushwood anywhere near Grande Oaks or Davie, Florida.

Find Out About the Course’s Most Famous Holes

Grande Oaks features 18 holes of championship level golf spread out over 245 acres of lush South Florida landscape. Some of the most famous holes on the course include:

  • Hole #2 – A challenging par 5 that requires accuracy off the tee and a precise approach shot to avoid the water hazard guarding the green.
  • Hole #9 – Considered one of the most difficult holes on the course due to bunkers and an uphill green that makes long putts a challenge.
  • Hole #16 – With a beautiful view of the lake and the clubhouse in the background, this short par 4 is deceptively difficult with bunkers and water to contend with.
  • Hole #18 – One of the most picturesque finishing holes in all of South Florida, a long par 5 that requires accuracy off the tee and precision on approach shots due to the potential for heavy winds coming off the lake.

Learn About the Course’s Unique Features and Challenges

Grande Oaks is known for its unique features that set it apart from other golf courses:

  • The course was designed by renowned architect Raymond Floyd, who also served as a consultant during filming of Caddyshack.
  • Spectacular views can be enjoyed throughout the course, including views of the legendary Pines Golf Course next door.
  • The course has a naturalistic layout featuring winding streams interspersed with rolling hills and towering trees.
  • One of the biggest challenges facing players at Grande Oaks is the vast bunker system that guard fairways and greens throughout the course.

Discover the Course’s Famous Visitors and Tournaments

Over the years, Grande Oaks has been the site of many high-profile tournaments and events:

  • In 2017, the LPGA Symetra Tour held an event on the grounds of Grande Oaks, showcasing some of the best female golfers in the world.
  • The golf club has played host to several celebrity events over the years, including the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational and the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation benefit tournament.
  • Famous guests to the golf course have included President Bill Clinton, Dan Marino, and Arnold Palmer.
  • Caddyshack fans can even book a stay at the nearby Caddyshack House, which was featured in the film and is available for rent on Airbnb.

Grande Oaks has continued to grow in popularity due to its storied history as both a golf course and filming location. Visitors from around the world come to experience the beautiful South Florida landscape and the challenging, yet rewarding golf course that has become so closely associated with the cult classic Caddyshack.

Relive Your Favorite Scenes from Caddyshack at This Famous Golf Course

If you are a fan of the classic comedy movie, Caddyshack and love golf, then this is the perfect destination for you! The iconic film was shot on location in South Florida, specifically at Rolling Hills Country Club. It’s time to pack your clubs and immerse yourself in the world of Caddyshack through golf!

Reenact the Movie’s Most Iconic Moments on the Course

You can now play on the same greens as your favorite characters such as Ty Webb (Chevy Chase) or Carl Spackler (Bill Murray). Grabbing your club on the exact synthetic-grass course where Danny Noonan earned his victory over Judge Smails makes for an exceptional experience that any golfer would appreciate.

“So I got that going for me which is nice.” -Carl Spackler (Bill Murray)

The bushes by 15 green, “where bad things happen” on the gopher hunt, have recently been trimmed down but still provide plenty of challenge for anyone attempting their best Happy Gilmore swing.

Play the Same Holes as Your Favorite Characters

Each hole has been named after a character from the film, with its own unique storyboard marker showcasing fun graphics that encourage players to reenact memorable scenes from the flick and take lots of pictures along the way. If not all players want to do so, it’s important to note that there will be those who aspire to tee off every drive by announcing “It’s in the hole.”

“You’re rather attractive for a beautiful girl with a great body.” -Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield)

To add to the atmosphere, there are several murals on the walls depicting various characters and events from the movie. It’s a hole-in-one experience for any golf enthusiast with nostalgia for some ’80s humor.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Caddyshack through Golf

The Caddyshack course is not just limited to golf alone. Along the way, you’ll come across elements that emulate bits of gags or comedy sequences. Such as a replica of the Cinderella story’s carriage, complete with a stuffed alligator sitting inside, waiting for “Carl Spackler” to take his seat. Or if you visit the Raccoon Lodge-themed grill room to grab some food or drink, which features photographs of popular actors Don Rickles and Jackie Mason, who made an appearance as members of Judge Smails’ country club clique in the film.

“It’s easy to grin when your ship comes in, and you’ve got the stock market beat. But the man worthwhile is the man who can smile when his shorts are too tight in the seat.” -Judge Elihu Smails (Ted Knight)

You can even play mini-golf that reflects the par-3 seventh hole where Carl spent much of his time trying to corner the gopher, featuring obstacles like water hazards and sand traps created out of random junk, including old television sets and fridge doors, among other things.

Experience the Course’s Rich History and Culture Firsthand

Rolling Hills Country Club has a long history dating back to 1959; it was originally designed by architect Robert P. McCullough. The Great White Shark himself Greg Norman also had enjoyed playing this course at one point, making it double-special for avid fans of both Caddyshack and golf. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the course, though. There is something for both seasoned veterans and novices thanks to many in-house professionals who can provide golf tips or show beginners basic techniques.

“Invariably you’re going to forget that one thing, but maybe if you make all your great clubs work as well as you can, then you’ll have that little bit of an edge.” -Greg Norman

Exploring this place will feel like traveling back in time with all its classic Americana architecture and 20th-century charm; every space has a story to tell. The clubhouse includes a museum dedicated to memorabilia from Caddyshack, and there’s hardly any corner left without some nod to the movie.

The experience extends beyond the play alone; it’s impossible not to appreciate every square inch of this iconic location. And while the challenges presented on the greens are different from those found on a regular grass golf course, they’re no less fun, especially since so much effort was put in recreating each unique location from the movie.

Find Out How to Visit the Golf Course from Caddyshack Today

If you’re a fan of the movie Caddyshack, then chances are that you’ve always wondered where this cult-classic was filmed. Well, wonder no more! The Bushwood Country Club, aka Rolling Hills Golf Club in Davie, Florida, is where most of the film’s scenes take place.

So if you want to visit the iconic golf course from the movie and relive some of its best moments, read on to find out everything you need to know about planning your trip.

Get Directions and Contact Information for the Course

Your first step towards visiting the Rolling Hills Golf Club should be getting directions to the location. You can use popular mapping apps like Google Maps or Waze to get detailed instructions on how to reach the course.

The club’s official address is 3501 West Rolling Hills Circle, Davie, FL 33328. If you’re coming from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to get there by car.

  • To contact the Rolling Hills Golf Club, call (954) 472-5836, or send them an email at [email protected].
  • You can also visit their website www.rollinghillsgolfclub.com for more information about the course.

Find Out About Special Events and Packages at the Course

If you’re interested in playing a round of golf at the Rolling Hills Golf Club, then you’ll be happy to know that they offer various packages and events throughout the year.

The club offers competitive rates for both membership and daily play, with discounts available for seniors and juniors. They also have a pro-shop with the latest golf equipment and apparel, as well as a restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For those looking for something more unique, Rolling Hills Golf Club also hosts various themed events throughout the year. One of their most popular ones being “Caddyshack Day” where visitors can experience a day filled with nostalgia from the iconic film.

Discover Tips and Tricks for Planning Your Visit

If you’re planning on visiting the Rolling Hills Golf Club, then there are certain tips that will help ensure you make the most out of your trip.

  • Dress in comfortable clothing and appropriate golf attire while playing at the course. No jeans or denim will be allowed on the course.
  • Tee times should be booked ahead of time to avoid delays when reaching the golf club.
  • Park your vehicle in designated parking areas to prevent any inconvenience to fellow players and patrons.
  • Visitors are encouraged to arrive early so they can explore the many amenities provided by the country club.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy every aspect of your visit to the Rolling Hills Golf Club. So what are you waiting for? Start making plans to hit the greens at one of the most beloved movie locations today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Caddyshack filmed?

Caddyshack was filmed in various locations in Florida, including the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Davie, the Boca Raton Hotel and Club in Boca Raton, and the Lago Mar Country Club in Plantation.

Which golf course was used in the filming of Caddyshack?

The main golf course used in the filming of Caddyshack was the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Davie, Florida. However, scenes were also filmed at the Boca Raton Hotel and Club in Boca Raton and the Lago Mar Country Club in Plantation.

What is the name of the golf course featured in Caddyshack?

The golf course featured in Caddyshack is called Bushwood Country Club. However, this is a fictional golf course and was not actually filmed at a location with this name.

Was the entire movie filmed at a golf course?

No, the entire movie was not filmed at a golf course. While the majority of the filming did take place at various golf courses in Florida, there were also scenes that were filmed at other locations, such as a yacht club and a swimming pool.

Are there any notable scenes from Caddyshack that were filmed at a different location?

Yes, one of the most memorable scenes from Caddyshack was the Baby Ruth pool scene, which was filmed at the Plantation Aquatic Complex in Plantation, Florida. This scene did not take place at a golf course and is one of the few scenes in the movie that was filmed at a different location.

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