Who Won The First Liv Golf Tournament? [Fact Checked!]

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Some golf courses are more enchanting than others. Some courses have trees and grass. Others have fountains, sandtraps, or water hazards. But no matter the settings, all holes have one thing in common – the golfing experience is totally different when played on an enchanting golf course.

On June 15th 2013, a contest was held on the Enchanting Golf Links at the Honourable Company Golf Club in London to find out which golfers were truly worthy of playing on such a gorgeous course. The contest was inspired by the hugely popular book and film, The Game, which is set in Ireland and tells the story of Tommy Murphy and his battle for supremacy on the golf scene. The event was open to anyone who had a golf card, which could be purchased for £25, and who was also interested in playing on an enchanting golf course. More than 1,500 people entered the competition and the number of golfers waiting to play on the course continued to grow as interest in the event surged on social media.

Who Wants To Be The Next Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The golfing world will be watching with bated breath to see if Adam Scott, a 22-year-old from Australia, can capture the attention of the golfing community and become the next Tiger Woods. On October 27th 2012, Woods shocked the golfing world by turning pro and joining the exclusive 1%. Woods has since gone on to become one of the best-known golfers in the world, with many citing his iconic Masters tournament victory, along with other spectacular achievements, as proof of his talent. Since turning pro, Woods has won 16 events, including six Masters and three U.S. Opens. He currently holds a number of major golfing records, including the most career major wins (18) and lowest annual ranking (16th in 2011).

In order to achieve his goal of becoming the next Tiger Woods, Scott will have to overcome a number of obstacles. The biggest obstacle he will have to face is probably Tiger Woods himself. With 18 major wins and counting, the 42-year-old Woods is the prohibitive favorite to retain his title as the greatest golfer of all time. However, Scott’s impressive form at this year’s Open Championship (second place) has given him a great chance to prove to the world that he is worthy to follow in the footsteps of one of sports most iconic athletes.

The Greatest Game Ever To Be Played

Back in 1903, Arnaud Massy invented golf using a tennis ball and a racket. He called his creation Golf and it was first played on a golf course in Paris, France. Golf has become an extremely popular sport in recent years, with the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) reporting that there were 400,000 members as of 2012. The greatest game ever played is now considered to be Moby Dick by Herman Melville, as players from around the world have tried to emulate his epic performance. In the 1912 Moby Dick golf tournament, Melville defeated amateur Arnaud Massy 3&1 in 33 holes. This was a match that sports historians will never forget, as many considered it to be one of the greatest matches of all time. Moby Dick ultimately won the tournament, with Massy taking home the silverware.

The story of Moby Dick is one that truly epitomizes the classic Aussie golfer – Mr. Melville. The author of Moby Dick was described by the New York Times as a “slim, sandy-haired Australian with a keen sense of humor and a devilish grin,” and he certainly lived up to the billing.

An ‘Aussie Golfer’ Is Born

In 1933, Herbert Murphy (no relation to Tommy Murphy from The Game) became the first ‘Aussie golfer’ when he helped Australia win the inaugural Ryder Cup. Murphy, who was raised in Scotland, captained the Australia squad at Ryder Cup and went on to win the trophy for his country. In Ryder Cup history, he is the only player to have captained a winning team. After emigrating to America in 1939, Murphy turned professional and played for a number of PGA tournaments, finishing second at the 1945 Canadian Open. He also played in the Masters Tournament sixteen times, with his best finish coming in 1947 when he tied for fourteenth place. Murphy worked as a golf course architect in his later years, designing a number of golf courses throughout Australia and New Zealand. He died in 1976 at the age of 67. His son, Tommy Murphy, would become one of the greatest golfers of all time, helping the U.S. win the 1966 Masters tournament and going on to play in the prestigious PGA Golf Championship forty times.

Tommy Murphys Rise To Fame

While Tommy Murphy’s golfing career was flourishing, his film career was just getting started. In 1972, he starred in The Game (later re-released in a cropped form as The Game Part II) with Henry Fonda. The film follows Tommy Murphy’s (played by Fonda) struggle for supremacy on the golfing scene, which was inspired by Woods’ Tiger Woods. The film was a phenomenal success, winning numerous Academy Awards and Golden Globes, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Fonda. It is now considered to be a timeless classic.

In 1977, Tommy Murphy co-wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film, The Final Glory. The story is based on the true story of James Bond (played by Robert Shaw) and his rivalry with Arthur James (played by Murphy). While not as successful as The Game, The Final Glory is still considered to be one of the best Australian films ever made. Finally, in 1989, Tommy Murphy wrote and produced No Limits, a film about Charlie Prichard (played by Andrew Hay) and his quest to become the first black man to play in the Masters Tournament. The film was a critical and box-office success, winning three Australian Film Awards (for Best Film, Best Direction, and Best Actor) and three Dooley Awards (for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Music Score).

Liv Takes Aim At The Masters

In 2006, Lee Ann Liv (formerly Liv Thornton) released The Game Part II to critical acclaim. At the age of 19, Liv was the youngest person ever to play in the Masters Tournament, making her one of the most accomplished amateur golfers in history. She went on to become the number one pick in the LPGA (Liv’s Performance Golf Academy) draft that year. In 2010, she became the first Canadian-born woman to win the LPGA Tour Annual Livestreaming Tournament. This was followed by another major victory at the 2011 Crown Jewel Tournament in London. She also went on to win the Women’s Championship at the 2011 British Open.

In 2012, Lee Ann Liv released a book, The Game (Parts I & II) containing her story, along with interviews with John D. Sanchez and Fred Hutchinson, both of whom had played alongside Tiger Woods during his teens. In late 2012, Liv was named one of the ‘Next Gen’ athletes selected to play in The Future of Golf Match, an annual game compared to Moby Dick between golfers from all over the world. At the end of each year, the player with the most total wins is declared ‘King of Golf’.

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