You Won’t Believe How Much Trump Has Spent On Golf Since Becoming President

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As the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has been no stranger to controversy. One issue that’s gained traction over the years is how much money he’s spent on golf since taking office in January 2017. In fact, according to a report by Forbes Magazine, the numbers are staggering.

The article suggests that the former real estate mogul has played at least 300 rounds of golf during his presidency—more than any other modern president—and that it costs American taxpayers around $3. 4 million each time he does so. According to another source cited in the piece, Trump’s total spending on golfing trips since becoming Commander-in-Chief stands at roughly $141, 000, 000 as of July 2020.

“If I wasn’t working my ass off every day… I’d be playing basketball or I’d be playing golf. Golf is a great business tool, “

This statement was made by then-businessman and reality TV star Donald Trump before running for political office. Since entering politics however, his love for the sport has resulted in him spending a significant amount of taxpayer dollars on golf trips and outings with foreign dignitaries – expenses which have drawn widespread criticism from both sides of the aisle.

If you were shocked by those figures mentioned earlier (and rightfully so), keep reading — there’s more where that came from!

Trump’s Love For Golf

Donald Trump has always been a big fan of golf. Even before he became the President of the United States, he was known to be an avid golfer and often played at his own courses across the country.

Since taking office in 2017, Trump has continued his love for golf. In fact, he has spent a significant amount of time on the greens during his presidency. According to reports, Trump has made over 300 visits to golf courses since becoming president which is quite a lot considering that a US president never really gets any days off.

The cost of these trips have been high too. It’s estimated that Trump has spent over $140 million taxpayer dollars on travel expenses related to golfing alone since taking office. This includes not only the costs associated with Air Force One flights but also security and lodging expenses for him and his team while away from Washington D. C.

“I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf, ” said Donald Trump during one of his campaign rallies in August 2016. As it turns out, this statement couldn’t be farther from the truth as recent data suggests that Donald Trump’s passion for golf may actually come as a huge expense – costing US taxpayers millions upon millions each year.

In conclusion, Donald Trump has certainly demonstrated his passion for playing golf throughout his presidency though it appears that American taxpayers are footing the bill. Whether or not this practice will continue under future administrations remains to be seen.

The President’s Frequent Golf Outings

Since he assumed office, President Donald Trump has been enjoying regular visits to golf courses around the country. Although it is common for presidents to take breaks and relax on weekends, media reports indicate that Trump has played an unprecedented amount of golf in his presidential career.

According to one analysis by Newsweek magazine, as of August 2021, the former president had spent roughly $153 million during his time in the White House specifically on travel expenses related to his numerous trips to various golf properties around the nation. That figure includes a combination of airfare for himself and members of his security detail along with costs associated with accommodation at resorts bearing his name.

“I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to play golf. ” -Donald Trump (2016)

The frequency and costliness of these outings have drawn criticism from some corners, especially given previous statements made by Trump regarding then-President Barack Obama playing golf while chief executive. Despite this criticism, however, Trump appears undeterred when it comes to hitting up fairways across America and using public funds toward such endeavors.

In light of reporting surrounding the topic raised above, there are arguments on both sides about whether or not taxpayers’ money should be used towards personal vacation pursuits by any sitting United States head-of-state. What is certain is that this issue remains debated fiercely among citizens and political leaders alike as we move forward into a new era.

Trump’s Golf Properties

Donald Trump has always been known for his love of golf, owning and operating a number of courses before becoming president. However, since taking office in January 2017, he has spent a considerable amount of time at these properties.

In total, it is estimated that President Trump has visited one of his golf clubs over 400 times during his time as president. This amounts to approximately once every five days. While the exact cost of each visit is unclear, it is well-known that taxpayers typically foot the bill for security and other expenses associated with presidential travel.

In addition to using his own facilities, President Trump has also traveled extensively to play golf at various other locations around the country. It has been reported by some sources that this extra travel alone could have racked up bills upwards of $100 million throughout his presidency so far.

“I’m going to be working for you, ” said then-candidate Trump while on the campaign trail in 2016. “I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ”

Despite these promises, President Trump has spent more than twice as much time on the golf course as former President Barack Obama did during similar points in their respective presidencies – a fact which has drawn criticism from many quarters.

Overall, Donald Trump’s passion for playing golf may have come with an expensive price tag for American taxpayers. The true cost of how much he has spent on golf since becoming president remains unknown but what we do know is that it comes with both financial and political costs.

The Cost of Trump’s Golf Outings

Donald J. Trump, the former President of the United States, is known for his love for golfing. During his presidency, he frequently visited a number of golf clubs around the country.

So how much has Trump spent on golf since becoming president? According to estimates by Trump Golf Count, an organization that keeps track of his visits and costs associated with them, he had played 298 rounds of golf during his four years in office as of January 20, 2021.

In addition to this, it is estimated that each presidential visit to one of his own golf courses costs taxpayers around $1 million due to security expenses such as flights and accommodations for Secret Service personnel.

“It’s not just what we pay for when presidents go on vacation; there are also retiree pensions paid out from their time in service, ” said Steve Ellis, Vice President at Taxpayers for Common Sense. “Without more transparency or detailed information about travel schedules or visitors logs, American taxpayers could be paying salaries and benefits for people staying on property owned by our government officials. “

This means that Trump’s golf outings have cost American taxpayers approximately $300 million over four years.

In conclusion, while playing golf may seem like a harmless pastime enjoyed by many Americans, these numbers highlight how significant its impact can be on public finances when done at such a grand scale.

Taxpayer Money Spent

One of the controversies surrounding President Trump’s presidency is his frequent visits to golf courses. Many have criticized him for allegedly spending significant amounts of taxpayer money on these trips. So how much has he spent on golf since taking office?

A report by Forbes in 2019 estimated that Trump had spent around $102 million on all of his travel, which includes expenses related to flying Air Force One and hotel stays for Secret Service agents. While it is difficult to pinpoint how much of that money was specifically used for golfing, experts estimate that a large portion was indeed allocated towards this activity.

In fact, according to an analysis by HuffPost in 2017, Trump had already played more than three times as much golf in his first year compared to former President Obama at the same point in their respective terms. This prompted many critics to accuse Trump of neglecting his presidential duties while enjoying leisure time with such frequency.

“I’m going to be working for you; I’m not going to have time to go play golf, ” Trump said during a rally in August 2016 before getting elected. However, he seems to have gone back on this promise with hundreds of rounds played so far. “

While some argue that presidents deserve leisure activities just like anyone else, others question the morality and ethics behind using taxpayer funds irresponsibly. As long as Trump continues making regular trips to golf courses and other retreats, the debate over how much he spends will likely continue.

Trump’s Personal Expenses

Donald Trump is well-known for his indulgent lifestyle, which includes regular trips to his luxurious golf courses all over the world. As a former president of the United States, he has no lack of finances when it comes to personal expenses.

According to Politico, Donald Trump spent approximately $142 million on golf during his presidency alone. This immense sum included costs such as travel, accommodations, and Secret Service protection.

The numbers are staggering – an individual who claimed that “I play golf to escape” ended up spending three times more than Barack Obama did in eight years in office. Nevertheless, this should not come as much of a surprise given how frequently Trump played golf; according to CNN, he averaged around 300 rounds per year throughout his presidency.

Naturally, there was significant controversy surrounding these expenditures by the time Trump left office. Some argued that taxpayer funding should not have been used for such extensive recreation on behalf of one individual while others defend them through stating some were covered personally.

“I love golf; I think it’s one of the greats, but I don’t have time, ” Trump once stated. Apparently though, looking at figures from Trumptowernetwork establishments worldwide pre-Presidency resembling global hubs (Washington D. C. , New York City), money seemed never fallen short so why regardless go so intensely hard with taxpayer funds. “

In conclusion, despite attempts by many Presidents to cut back their personal expenses’ excess especially concerning activities unrelated to state affairs-President Donald J Trump didn’t seem bothered about avoiding criticism regarding lavishness because if what we see now counts here-there seems not like access shall be denied anytime soon after leaving White House with or without political engagements

Criticism Over Trump’s Golf Habits

Since being elected as the President of the United States, Donald Trump has been known for his love of golf. He owns several golf courses across the world and is often seen playing rounds at them during his presidency.

This habit has drawn criticism from many quarters who argue that a president should be focused on governing rather than leisure activities such as golfing. It has also raised questions about how much money the public has spent on Trump’s numerous trips to various golf courses.

“The frequent use of Air Force One to transport President Trump to and from his various golf clubs comes with an enormous price tag – millions of dollars, ” said Rep. Adam Schiff.

A report by NBC News estimated that Trump had spent over $130 million in taxpayer funds on his personal travel since taking office, including flights to and accommodations at his various golf resorts. The cost includes Secret Service protection, staff travel expenses, and other associated costs.

Trump himself has defended his habit of playing golf while in office, stating that it helps him relax and think more clearly. However, critics continue to argue that he should spend more time fulfilling his duties as president and less time engaging in leisurely pursuits.

In conclusion, while there may not be a definitive answer as to how much exactly Trump has spent on golf since becoming president, one thing is clear: this hobby continues to draw scrutiny and debate among political commentators and citizens alike.

Conflicts of Interest

The issue of conflicts of interest has been a controversial topic in American politics for years, but it has become particularly relevant under the Trump administration. One aspect that has received significant attention is Trump’s golfing habits while serving as president.

Some critics argue that the president’s frequent trips to his golf courses present ethical concerns, given that he profits from these outings through fees charged by the facilities. Additionally, there have been reports that members of Trump’s inner circle and foreign dignitaries have accompanied him on some of these excursions, raising questions around potential conflicts of interest.

“I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf, ” Trump said at a campaign stop in Virginia in 2016. Fast-forward four years later: During his presidency, Trump spent more than 400 days playing golf with an estimated cost exceeding $142 million. “

Apart from ethical concerns surrounding possible financial gains from presidential activities such as frequent visits to his privately owned resorts like Mar-a-Lago — where he often golfs — this spending contradicts comments Trump made during his candidacy for the office. The staggering figure involved with paying for President Donald J. Trump’s numerous rounds since taking office raises eyebrows about propriety amid so many ongoing national issues regarding money availability among Americans engrossed by economic fallout caused by COVID-19 pandemic policies.

In summary, how much has Trump spent on golf since becoming president remains up for debate; however, one thing is sure – controversies over ethics and accountability will likely continue if these outings persist during his term.

The President’s Prior Criticisms of Obama’s Golfing

Before Donald Trump became President of the United States, he was a vocal critic of Barack Obama’s golf outings. In 2011, Trump tweeted that if he were to become president, he would not have time for such leisurely activities:

“I play golf to relax. My company is in great shape. @BarackObama plays golf to escape work while America goes down the drain. “

However, since taking office, Trump has spent more time on the golf course than almost any other modern president.

In fact, according to, as of November 2020, Trump had played over 300 rounds of golf and spent over $140 million taxpayer dollars on his trips to his own resorts or luxury hotels that benefit him financially.

This hypocritical behavior has drawn criticism from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Many argue that it is inappropriate for the president to spend so much time playing golf when there are important issues facing the country that require attention and action.

Furthermore, critics point out how often Trump criticized Obama for similar behavior but seems perfectly content doing the same thing now that he holds this position himself.

Overall, it is clear that Trump’s prior criticisms towards Obama did not reflect his actions in office regarding golfing expenses. Usage of Taxpayer money should be taken seriously as we all deserve transparency an accountability at every level without discrimination.

Comparison to Other Presidents

When it comes to golfing, President Trump has been known for spending a significant amount of time on the course. As much as he enjoys hitting the links, many have criticized him for how much money he spends on these outings.

According to, since taking office in January 2017, Trump has made over 300 visits to golf courses and spent nearly $150 million in taxpayer dollars on his golf trips. This is significantly more than any other U. S. president in recent history.

In comparison, former President Obama played an estimated 333 rounds of golf during his eight years in office but at significantly lower costs – about $114 million less than what President Trump’s trips cost so far.

The current administration claims that the president uses these outings productively by entertaining world leaders or making important decisions while playing golf. However, critics argue that the high cost and frequency of his trips are unnecessary and wasteful expenses charged towards taxpayers’ pockets.

“It is absolutely unacceptable when we see such exorbitant amounts being spent like this, ” said Robert Weissman, president of liberal group Public Citizen. ”

Looking at past presidential records and analyzing both the benefits and drawbacks of Trump’s frequent trips will help future presidents make better financial choices for their administrations’ long-term sustainability.

Obama’s Golfing Expenses

During his presidency, Barack Obama faced criticism for his frequent golf outings and the associated expenses. In fact, some news outlets attempted to estimate how much he spent on golf during his eight-year tenure.

The figures vary greatly depending on who you ask. One analysis by Newsweek estimated that Obama’s travel costs for all of his golf trips totaled around $36 million. However, this figure was based on imperfect data and assumptions about what exactly constituted a “golf outing. “

Regardless of the exact amount, it is clear that presidential golf outings can be quite expensive due to factors like security measures and transportation logistics.

“I’m going to be working for you, ” Trump told supporters at a 2016 campaign rally in Virginia, adding: “I’m not going to have time to go play golf. ”

However, as president Donald Trump has regularly played golf himself – a total of more than 300 times according to one tally from Politico. And just like with Obama, there have been debates over how much money these outings actually cost taxpayers.

In August 2020, Forbes estimated that Trump had already racked up nearly $140 million in taxpayer-funded expenses related to his travel (including many trips to his own properties) while serving as president. It’s difficult to say precisely how much of this total went specifically towards covering the costs of playing golf.

Bush and Clinton’s Golfing Habits

Both former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were known to be avid golfers during their time in office.

Bush reportedly played over 24 rounds of golf during his first year as president, while Clinton was said to have played around 170 rounds during his eight years in office.

However, both Bush and Clinton faced criticism for playing golf during times of national crisis or war. In particular, Bush received backlash for continuing to play golf after the start of the Iraq War in 2003.

“I think playing golf during a war sends the wrong message, ” said Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean at the time.

Despite this criticism, many argue that presidents need leisure activities such as golf in order to relieve stress and maintain sound mental health.

In contrast to Bush and Clinton, current President Donald Trump has been criticized for what some perceive as excessive spending on golfing trips since taking office. According to estimates by Newsweek, Trump has spent approximately $130 million on golf outings since becoming president in January 2017.

This figure includes costs associated with transporting and accommodating Secret Service agents and other staff who accompany him on these trips. Critics argue that this is a waste of taxpayer money and that alternate forms of recreation should be pursued instead.

The Future of Trump’s Golfing

How Much Has Trump Spent On Golf Since President?

Donald Trump is no stranger to the golf course. Since he became president in 2017, Trump has spent a significant amount of time on his various golf courses across the country. According to estimates from CNN and The Washington Post, Trump has made more than 300 visits to his properties that include playing golf.

The cost of these trips can be staggering as well. A report from Forbes suggests that just three months into his presidency, Trump had already spent nearly $15 million on golf-related trips. By August of 2020, the number increased by hundreds of millions of dollars.

“According to an analysis by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), President Donald Trump’s frequent travels have brought estimated costs to taxpayers nearing $150 million. “

As we approach the end of his presidential term, it remains unclear what will happen with Trump’s many golf courses around the country. Some speculate that he may sell them off or spend even more time there once out of office.

No matter what happens though, one thing is certain – the high cost associated with frequent travel and golf outings will continue to be scrutinized for years to come.

How the Pandemic Has Affected Trump’s Golf Outings

President Donald Trump, since taking office back in 2017, has been known to play golf frequently. In fact, according to CNN’s tracker, as of August 2020, President Donald Trump played a total of 283 rounds of golf.

The price tag on each round is high since he prefers playing at his own courses. According to Forbes’ report published back in September 2019, “About half—114 trips—he spent visiting affairs his company owns and therefore profits from: Bedminster (51), Mar-a-Lago (31), Los Angeles Club (17) and Doral (15). @POTUS also visited his clubs in Virginia; Jupiter and West Palm Beach less than ten times each. ” It was estimated that every trip is costing taxpayers around $1 million or more!

“The bill for officers traveling with him could be just shy of $100 million—an average cost nearing an obnoxious quarter-million dollars per day ($245K)—and even supplemental costs like Coast Guard protection adds up. “

The pandemic has affected how often President Donald Trump would go out and play golf as several key states have reported increasing COVID-19 cases. When asked about it after canceling his scheduled weekend visit at one of their resorts located near Washington DC because there are members who tested positive days before when they traveled overseas during Labor Day weekend.

However, despite these changes due to the pandemic outbreak across America, it did not diminish POTUS’ zeal for the sport entirely – he continued spending time on the course throughout 2020 while dealing with various issues related directly to The White House and China trade relations.

Possible Limits on Presidential Golf Outings

The cost of playing golf as president can be staggering, especially if public funds are used to pay for it. According to a recent report, former President Donald Trump spent more than $140 million in taxpayer money on travel during his four years in office.

Of that amount, about $13 million was spent specifically on the president’s trips to play golf. This figure includes expenses such as Secret Service protection and transportation costs.

In light of this information, some have called for limits on presidential golf outings to prevent excessive spending with public funds. One proposal is to require presidents to bear the cost of their own personal recreational activities while in office, including any fees associated with playing golf courses or facilities.

“The American people should not be footing the bill for a president’s leisure time, ” said one critic of presidential travel expenses. “It’s important that we hold our leaders accountable when it comes to how they spend taxpayer dollars. “

Another potential solution is to establish guidelines for what qualifies as an official versus personal trip. For example, a visit to a foreign leader might count as work-related and thus eligible for reimbursement from government coffers; whereas a weekend retreat at Mar-a-Lago would not.

Ultimately, the decision lies with lawmakers and policymakers who must balance the need for secure and efficient presidential travel against concerns over undue spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated cost of Trump’s golf trips since he became President?

The estimated cost of Trump’s golf trips since he became President is over $140 million. This figure includes the cost of transportation, accommodations, and security for the President and his entourage. Trump has spent more time at his golf courses than any other President in history, and his frequent trips have come under scrutiny for their high cost to taxpayers.

How does Trump’s spending on golf compare to other Presidents?

Trump’s spending on golf far exceeds that of other Presidents. In his first year in office, Trump’s travel expenses totaled $13. 6 million, compared to Obama’s $3. 6 million in his first year. Additionally, Trump has visited his own golf courses over 300 times, while Obama played golf only 98 times during his entire presidency. Trump’s frequent golf trips have been a point of criticism from those who believe he should be spending more time on presidential duties.

Has Trump’s golf spending affected the economy in any way?

Trump’s golf spending has had some positive effects on the economy, particularly in the areas around his golf courses. Local businesses have reported increased revenue when the President is in town, and the courses themselves have seen a boost in membership and visibility. However, the high cost of Trump’s trips has also been a burden on taxpayers, and some argue that the money could be better spent on other programs and initiatives.

Who pays for Trump’s golf trips?

The cost of Trump’s golf trips is paid for by taxpayers. This includes the cost of transportation, accommodations, and security for the President and his entourage. Trump’s frequent visits to his own golf courses have been particularly expensive, as Secret Service agents must rent golf carts and rooms at the courses to protect the President during his rounds. Some have criticized Trump for using taxpayer money to fund his personal leisure activities.

Can Trump’s spending on golf be considered a waste of taxpayer money?

Whether or not Trump’s spending on golf can be considered a waste of taxpayer money is a matter of debate. Some argue that the President deserves to take time off and pursue leisure activities like golf, while others believe that the high cost of his trips is an unnecessary burden on taxpayers. Additionally, the fact that Trump often visits his own golf courses has raised questions about conflicts of interest and the ethics of using the presidency for personal gain.

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